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9 Hidden Social Media Tools to Grow your Social Presence

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The Tagboard is a web application that uses hashtags to promote traffic to your social media platform.
You can sign in with the help of facebook or twitter in the Tagboard and connect your other accounts after sign up.
This is a powerful tool to increase traffic to your social media handles tagboard only access your public profile from social media handles.
The base price to work on tagboard is $500/month and you can connect with help center for premium or custom subscriptions.

Pic flow

Pic flow is a mobile application available for both iOS and Android.
Being interactive with your audience is most important to drive traffic to your social media handles, pic flow helps you to make the interactive slideshow for your Instagram profile.
In Pic flow you can schedule your posts, updating posts on the peak time is also important to generate traffic.
Pic flow is basically a free software but has In-App Purchases to access premium features.


Postso is a basically a posting and scheduling tool for social media handles.
We can use Postso to post on various social media handles like Facebook profile, page, groups, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest boards.
The plan for the subscription for Postso is depended on the number of channels you want to access to your account.
The basic Subscription plan stats form $14.95 for 1 channel per network. The other premium plans are $24.95 for 10 channels/network and 49.95 for 20 channels per network 10 team members.


Repost is also a Mobile application, available for both iOS and Android.
Repost for Instagram makes reposting easy. You can Repost your favorite post to your timelines by giving credit to original Instagrammer.
When it comes to pricing, the Repost is a free application.


IgersLike is basically a “management tool” that will help you to manage you to automate tasks, target audiences and provide analytics for the better process at work.
As the price is a concern, IgersLike is a free “management tool” to work upon.


InstaPort helps you to save posts from Instagram feeds and save it to your local drive
The InstaPost is free to use with Instagram.


Crowdfire is the best tool to improve your Instagram followers.
This helps you to discover and schedule your Instagram posts from one place.
Crowdfire is also a free tool to improve your Instagram followers.


Ink361 is basically an Analytical tool to track your performs in form of graphs and pie charts.
As the price is a concern, Ink361 is initially a free tool for Instagrammers.


Quick is a mobile application to posts your picture on Instagram in the blink of an eye.
Quick allows you to add impressive text to your pictures.
Quick is basically a free application but has In-App Purchase to remove the watermark.

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