Five features of Car Parking App

car parking app

Almost for every aspect of today’s society, the need for an app is important. Just like other aspects, the need for a car parking app is also very important. There might be questions like, why do we need a car parking app? What is the need for it?

Living in cities and commuting sometimes becomes very hectic, especially when you are using your own vehicle and need space for parking. The traditional way of driving around searching for a parking area takes a lot of time. But car parking helps you with saving time and the other cost-effective android developers.

When you have a car parking area and are moving towards a certain destination, it will help you with the nearest parking area available. The mobile car parking app not only helps you locate the free parking space available but also how to reach there easily.

A car parking app helps you with the exact location of free space available in real-time. Fighting over free parking space is also avoided when one is using a car parking app. A car parking app ensures your space in the form of booking.

In cities, the number of cars is increasing continuously, while parking spaces are limited. The drivers spend plenty of time searching for a parking space. Luckily, modern technology can provide a solution.

Car parking apps bring relief to people since they can save time and nerves. The primary uses of such applications are finding and booking spaces available nearby. However, the apps can also offer GPS, cashless payments, and more.

How does a car parking app work?

A few basic things needed are kept in mind in a car parking app development process. First of all, there should be a few basic features or the steps like:-

Search for space – This is where the user searches the space available over GPS by entering the location or the address and this needs to be integrated into the app.

Compare – In a car app, the user should get several variants of parking spaces available along with their proximity. With the use of a filter, a user would be able to find the exact distance and price to find the perfect place to park their car as per their budget.

Make a booking – The next step would be for the user to book the preferred parking space and get an access code to park the vehicle at the booked parking spot, but this only happens after the payment is done.

Make the payment – Then is the next step, where the user makes the payment by using any financial card services or wallet money or even a Unified Payment Interface (UPI). Sometimes there is also the option to pay it in cash while accessing the area.

Drive-in – In this step, the car parking app helps the user by providing the easiest and fastest way to reach the parking area using GPS and interactive map integration.

Park the vehicle – This is the final step where the user finally reaches the parking area, finds the parking area booked already, and book the car without any hassle and update the providing system of availing the space.

Car parking app development fundamentals

Car parking app development is a very important part of a car parking app. While developing the app one needs to strictly follow a few steps to make the app a very effective one. The following should be kept in the account.

  • Create a business plan – While developing an app the first and most important step that should be kept in the account is creating a business plan for the car parking app. While doing so, will give you an idea as to how to move ahead with the next steps.
  • Study the competitors – the next step which is very important is to understand your competitors. Their USPs (unique selling points), their revenue model, their marketing model, their support models among many other things. By doing so you will be able to get an understanding of the market and its requirements, what makes it buzz; And thus can build the best app in the market.
  • Hiring the best and experienced developers – It is said that an app is as good as its developers and the development team. So it is of the utmost importance that you hire the right people for the right task. While hiring iOS developers to build a car parking app make sure that you choose the best developers with good experience. It will not only help in your car parking app development but also make your app the exclusive one.
  • Create an intuitive design – The look of an app is as important as its functionality. The design of your car parking app should be intuitive and creative.  It should be very easy for the user to handle and navigate through the different panels. having provisions for notifications, alerts, help, and guidance.
  • Combine advanced features – Make sure to include some advanced features in your app. That will set your app apart from others.  An integral part of the car parking app development process. This will make your car parking app one and unique.
  • Launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – It is said that the ‘early bird gets the worm’. Next, you should move very fast with the development process and launch the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with vital features as soon as possible.
  • Regular Updating – In order to stay ahead in the market you should roll out updates and software patches at regular intervals. This also reminds your users that they have an awesome app in the crowd of innumerable apps on their mobile devices.

5 Must-have features in a car parking app.

With the plethora of features that the popular car parking apps provide the following are some of the must-haves.

  1. User Panel
    This is the panel that is going to be used by the users and is the most important thing to have in the app. Some of the important sections a user panel should have are :
  • Register
    Users onboard the app by registering onto the app. There should be interfaces to register users.
  • Login
    Users will be able to get into the app through a login process and hence corresponding interfaces should be there.
  • Vehicle location tracker
    Getting the current location of the vehicle is a very important aspect of a car parking app. GPS systems implemented along with an interactive map interface enable users to know about their current locations. Also to mention it will enable the app to get the best parking spots within proximity.
  • Search parking spot
    With an integrated map of all the parking spots, users should be enabled to search for their preferred parking spot from a large collection of parking spots. This should be done through the Search interface. Also to mention this is the most critical part of the car parking app development process.
  • Interface for arrival & departure time
    On choosing the preferred spot for parking, users should be able to mention an arrival and probable departure time. This is important as it will help in the billing process and also create records for the waiting time of other vehicles.
  • Schedule a Booking
    Users should have the option of up-scheduled parking. This helps in time management for the user. Also, it gives a good outlook for the occupancy status of the parking slots.
  • Instant Booking
    During rush hours it is very important to book the spot as soon as possible, an instant payment interface and feature is an essential feature in this respect. This also means that there should be a settings interface that will store the payment options like Card Number and Billing name etc.
  • Early Departure
    An early departure feature is an essential part of the car parking app. This feature helps to manage parking slots by not letting space go to waste.
  • User Profile
    Every user should have an interface that enables them to manage their profile. the User Profile is meant for that. Users can manage their basic information like name, address, etc., vehicle information, billing information, preferences, and other personalized information through this interface.
  • Parking History
    The app should always have a parking history interface. Users need to know about the parking patterns and preferences. This also helps in the app suggesting the user for an appropriate parking space.
  • Payment History
    Payment history is a legal feature that all apps that involve payment options should have. In the case of a car parking app, where payment is an integral part, payment history must be there.
  • Parking spot ratings and reviews
    Review and ratings from the user on the parking spots are very important. This helps the other users to make informed decisions on their parking spot choices.
  1. Admin Panel
    The admin panel is where the overall app is managed and monitored. It is also sometimes called the backend or control panel and so on and so forth. Generally used and managed by the system admin of the app; the admin panel must have :
  • User Management Panel
    The interface will enable the system admin to manage and monitor the app users. that will include managing the account status, extract status reports, parking patterns, preferences, and other customer relations-related activities.
  • Revenue Monitor Panel
    This is the main artery of the app and a must-have. The revenue monitor panel enables the system admin to keep track of the revenue, prepare reports on the financial performance of the app, and also paves way for the future business improvement of the app.
  • Booking Management Panel
    This is the interface where the parking bookings are monitored and managed. Also, management of bookings like cancellation, postponement, and others may be managed from this interface. This panel acts as the control center for the whole parking operation and should always be present in any car parking app.
  • Offers Management Panel
    Offers are a very important part of the car parking business. To get an edge over their competition parking owners always give out discounts and offers to their customers. The Offers management panels are the control center of such activities.
  • Add New Parking Locations
    Every car parking app development should have the option to add new parking locations. This is very important for the business growth of the app.
  • Reports
    The importance of reports is undeniable. Hence the presence of a reports panel is mandatory in a car parking app.


  1. Parkers Panel
    The Parkers panel is a very important feature that all parking apps, it enables the app solution to have the option of managing the parking operations on the ground. The Parkers Panel should have:
  • Contact with Customers
    The ability to call the customers makes the app more interactive.
  • Spot Payment
    in the case of cash payments, the payment can be collected and recorded through this interface.


  1. Interactive Map
    Having an interactive map enables the user to track his / her path to the parking spot, also enables him/her to find his vehicle when he/she returns.
  2. Nearby spot  suggestion
    Another must-have feature, users need to get suggestions for the nearest and easily commutable parking spot.

To conclude
Other than the must-haves mentioned so far, there are several other features that if implemented will improve the overall acceptability of the app. Features such as Push notification, options for Multiple cities, Waiting lists, Heat map, Car Location tagging, and not to forget In-app communication will create great uniqueness in the app.

With the introduction of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence app development the car parking app development process has become much smarter. The end product is smarter, more interactive, and more intuitive. The hassle of finding the right parking space, and at times fighting for it with the other vehicle owners are a thing of the past now. Car parking is as easy as it could ever be.

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