php 8.1

All you need to know about PHP 8.0

You will be thrilled to know that the new PHP 8.0 is now available for the users. This version is a major and special update of the PHP language, which…

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angular development tools

Top 10 Tools Used In Angular Js Development

2020 has been a tough year for all businesses. The Covid pandemic at its peak this year has pushed small as well as large businesses to rely on e-Commerce and…

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benefits of Angular JS

What is Angular Js development and what are the benefits?

First introduced in 2009, by Google, Angular JS is an open-source front-end framework, which has gained huge support for these years for the use of eliminating unnecessary code and ensuring…

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Relevance Of Php For Building Websites In 2021

In these recent times, technology is evolving and changing day by day and we can’t see the end of that development in near future. With this ever-changing field of technology,…

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How to Build a Job Portal Website on WordPress?

When you’re looking for an online business, a job directory site can be a great source of income. Since, people are always in search of the lookout for a new…

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