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Horoscope App

This application as per your horoscope helps you to know about the upcoming events of your life.

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Mr. Money Bagz

Notified about the handbag

MMB is a well developed application bringing you the latest trend in hand bags.

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Codify Automotive

Best Platform Car Shoppers

Codify is a platform where you can find all car dealers who consistently lead their market.

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E Diary

Education App

E-Diary app make school mobile apps to enhance performance communication with parents.

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Job Portal for Freelancer

Fixnhour is one of a virtual site where freelancers and project owners meet to get the job done.

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Terex Pro

Prediction App

“TerexPro APP”, where fantasy helps wins in real money and entertainment!

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E Libary

Orbit Web portal is an e-library where student can access the e-book.

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Edu App

Education App

Edu apps make school mobile apps to enhance performance communication with parents.

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bharat advertisers

marketing agency

Bharat advertisers is marketing agency of local, national companies, organizations.

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Friend Place

Photo App

User Will able to create the perticuler event with perticuer friends.

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the cape town


It is a place conceived, designed and crafted for enjoyment an celebration for every one and revel.

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Kp School

Education App

This is a teacher and parents app whare both connect each other with information.

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Viral Basket

Gaming App

Viral Basket is a nifty little app, which actually let's you experience what the basketball players.

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Lazy John

Gaming App

Lazy John is a fun app centred around our character, John. who dance for you or repeat your words.

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fashion App

Closito is Clone of Instagram app, user will be able to post their pictures related to fashion.

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meter dekho

Tracking Energy

The Meterdekho System is the server & Software Platform for accumulation tracking of electricity.

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Airport Rush

Gaming App

You are stuck in a traffic jam or tied up at work or have some things to deal with.

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ICE TV Africa

Video App

There are many features like category of channels, trending videos, like, comments, User Profile.

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