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10 Best Android Frameworks for App Development


Last few years the mobile app development, especially the Android App Development processes got its highest space. In recent times maximum organizations and users depend on Android app. In the last few years, maximum companies have developed so many Android Mobile Applications for the users. Users also are now more dependent on the mobile app. Due to the pandemic situation mobile app development and its uses got the highest space.

Recent research says presently more than 2 million mobile apps (Android) are available on the Google play store. It indicates organizations are empathizing on developing mobile applications for Android. Developing an Android app takes major tasks. It has many frameworks or processes. Different companies are using different frameworks. Each framework has unique features. Let us discuss the Android app development frameworks and understand the process.  


There are several android app development frameworks in the market these days to create mobile applications. Primarily based on the Mono project, Xamarin used to be received through Microsoft in 2016, and due to the fact then, it has been built into the .NET platform. But now firmly a member of the .NET/C# Family Xamarin is the most famous toolset for multi-platform mobile improvement and is used for developing Android apps. Also, the features, improvement tools, and factors are nearly similar. But when it comes to Xamarin, it is distinct from other frameworks. It gives developers C# codebase support, which is shareable throughout go platforms, like Windows and Mac OS. Xamarin is the first-class choice for you when you are searching for time-saving and cost-effective equipment or framework.  


  • Xamarin offers one hundred percent code sharing between unique platforms, or write once and is used everywhere.
  • The framework affords assured non-stop developer help as nicely as full technical backing with the aid of Microsoft.
  • Xamarin decreases your time devolve in the market. It is quintessential when you boost a surprisingly aggressive industrial app, and you’re on a tight deadline.
  • With Xamarin, you get a degree of overall performance as apps made with Xamarin uses an array of native factors and applied sciences for fantastically optimized results.
  • With a visible studio app middle (a Xamarin insight), customers would be aware of the whole lot about their app crashes, personal activities, devices, and more.


JQuery is an HTML-5 based totally consumer interface framework. Apps can be constructed on the pinnacle of the jQuery Core Javascript framework which is specially designed to make responsive and strong websites and purposes for mobile, desktops, and different devices. Developers can construct apps for Android, or others with the assist of JQuery mobile. It has an easy syntax and can produce lovely flash-like animations. JQuery cell features flawlessly even if there’s no Adobe Flash installed.  

Features of JQuery

  • It affords tremendous neighborhood support.
  • The framework makes DOM manipulation painless.
  • It makes the primary animation a cakewalk.
  • It presents plugins.
  • The bugs get recognized constantly and quickly.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK, in general, is a cross-platform android app development framework perfect for growing mobile and computer apps and video games for mobile units and computing device systems. With the assist of LUA-based frameworks, a lightweight, powerful, and effortless to analyze scripting language, over one thousand built-in APIs, a huge decision of plugging, and Corona native extensions (C/C++/Obj-C/Java) you can deliver your app goals into reality. One can without hindrance display the initiatives on more than one gadget with the assistance of live builds. Corona speeds up the improvement process, update your code, retailer the changes, and see the consequences immediately in the instantaneous replace simulator as soon as you geared up to take a look at actual devices, create or install your app and see the code replace automatically, on your neighborhood network.  

The Basic Features of Corona SDK

  • The framework is absolutely free, with no hidden fee, charges, or royalty.
  • With Corona, it’s convenient to get commenced with something you can see and play with.
  • Easy to work out layouts with dynamic gadget sizes.
  • Easy to construct cross-platforms: Android.
  • Right from the OpenGL photos to the lightweight scripting strength of LUA, Corona SDK is optimized for overall performance at a core level.

React Native

The most sought-after framework backed via hybrid nature and cross-platform support, which made it well-known in the tech arena. The android app development framework has eradicated the regular way of growing net and cellular apps, and the customers are no longer required to write the codes for Android one by one and two unique programming languages for each framework. We can shortly construct a hybrid app that offers a native-like feel. It is a truth that apps constructed on react native structures function quicker than apps constructed on any different platforms. Thus, save improvement time, as well as comes with cost-effectiveness. In this platform, reusable codes are the key points provided through the React Native framework. Moreover, 95% of its codes are sharable.   Features of React Native

  • It has a widespread rendering API to render applications.
  • Since react native apps work from the important UI branch, the purposes do no longer normally face overall performance issues.
  • As in contrast to React JS Native makes use of UI libraries rather than HTML and CSS.
  • It doesn’t have a steep getting-to-know curve, which is plenty useful for browser utility developers.
  • Its new release velocity permits the builders to share the code understanding and optimally make use of their resources.

Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is an effective mobile improvement platform to graph cross-platform cellular apps for Android structures by using a single Javascript codebase. It is an open-source Javascript-based SDK with over 5000 APIs for Android, and HTML5, permitting us to reuse 90% of the code, in case we are focused on more than one platform. The Titanium Mobile SDK is the range 1 cross-platform cell improvement answer in use today, with over 250.000 cellular developers using the platform. It incorporates bi-directional updates that allow seamless motion between graph and code. Additionally, Appcelerator Titanium can shortly and seamlessly create complicated customized outcomes such as dynamic animations. When it comes to growing cell organization apps, Appcelerator’s open-source, cross-platform improvement product, Titanium makes bendy improvement tools. Features of Appcelerator Titanium as android app development frameworks

  • It is an open-source, free software program improvement package (SDK).
  • It includes an imaginative code module that cuts down the more code.
  • Its native UI elements provide various performances.
  • The framework is free.


Ionic framework is an open-source UI toolkit to create performant, notable mobile and computing device apps with the usage of applied sciences like HTML, Javascript, and CSS. The framework is aimed at the frontend person experience or UI interplay of an app (controls, interaction, gestures, and animations). Moreover, it’s handy to study and can be built in well with different libraries or frameworks, like Angular. At present, Ionic has reputable integrations with Angular, React Native, and a guide for Vue in its development. The Ionic android app development framework is clean, functional, and easy and is designed to work and show fantastically out-of-the-box throughout all platforms.

Features of Ionic as an android app development frameworks

  • It gives quick improvement and reduces time to market as compared to other native Android apps.
  • The framework can be developed in general in the browser, barring for native cell phone functionality, which you have to debug the use of a phone.
  • It can be developed on each platform, i.e., Android or web (with some restrictions like platform guide and plugins).
  • Angular, HTML, CSS, and Javascript capabilities are all you want to get started.
  • There are lots of UI elements on hand and are convenient to use, like cards, buttons, toggles, segments, models, inputs, etc.

Adobe Phone Gap

Creating software for every platform like Android and greater requires exceptional frameworks and languages. PhoneGap solves this trouble through the usage of standards-based internet applied sciences such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and then deploys it to vary of cell units besides dropping the aspects of a native app. The android app development framework offers a pleasant in-category performance, enabling mobile android app developers to construct apps that, too, besides dealing with any hardware restrictions. Adobe PhoneGap helps in-built hardware aspects like Cameras, storage, GPS, etc. Features of Adobe Phone Gap

  • It has a sturdy backend machine that speeds up the improvement technique and minimizes the developer’s efforts.
  • The PhoneGap neighborhood compiles new codes and modules which are free due to the fact of its Open Source License.
  • It gives magnificent flexibility to the builders as they can construct any kind of mobile app painlessly.
  • Anybody with the fundamental information of HTML5/CSS/Javascript frameworks can leap into the foray of PhoneGap development.
  • It has a single code base for more than one platform, i.e., like-minded with Android and mobile web.

Native Script

The native script framework has been listed amongst the most famous and high-quality frameworks for the year 2020. Developers trust it as excellent for creating amazing hybrid apps for move range platforms. One greater benefit is the Native Script provides additional helps for Angular and Vue Frameworks. Moreover, with Native Script, we can get outstanding improvement effects from the use of plugins developed via the community.

Features of Native Script

  • It has a huge repository of plugins, for instance when you want to raise the improvement speed.
  • It offers a hundred percent day zero Native API access.
  • The framework does no longer uses any net view to render UI. Hence, provide higher overall performance in contrast to the Ionic or Phone gap.
  • With Native Script, we get 4 ionic choices, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, and Vue. Users can select the one they are cozy with and finally affords a seamless API.

Mobile Angular UI

It is a mobile UI framework, simply like JQuery mobile. It presents top-notch UI factors that consist of switches, overlays, sidebars, scrollable areas, absolute located highest, and backside navbars that don’t soar on a scroll. The framework depends on sturdy libraries such as fastclick.js and overthrow.js to reap a higher cell experience. Mobile Angular framework is one of the many buzz frameworks in mobile and web development beneath the MIT License, which makes use of an Angular framework in mixture with Twitter bootstrap to simplify the mobile app improvement process. Features of Mobile Angular UI

  • Built to cater quality to cellular UI improvement needs.
  • Accessible for those who recognize Angular and Twitter Bootstrap framework.
  • The framework makes the improvement system handy and convenient.
  • Provides out-of-the-box elements straightforward for your Angular project.
  • It is like an extension of bootstrap to construct exceptional consumer interfaces that are optimized for cellular viewing and interplay with neat overlays and switches that are less difficult to have interact with on cell devices.


Flutter is the most ideal for constructing hybrid apps. Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for constructing high-performance, high-fidelity apps for Android, web, and computer from a single codebase. It targets to supply high-performance apps that experience natural on special platforms. Moreover, we embody variations in scrolling behaviors, typography, icons, and more. There are many blessings due to which Flutter is stealing the exhibit like it helps you to be enormously productive, do extra with much less code, even in a single OS that is a modern and high technology enable approach. It creates lovely and rather custom-made end-user experiences and more. Further, Flutter consists of a present-day react fashion framework, 2D rendering engine, ready-made widgets, as nicely as improvement tools. These factors work collectively to assist builders design, build, as well as check and debug apps.  

Features of Flutter

  • Being a cross-platform solution one codebase can be run on each system (Android). This helps in saving a lot of improvement time.
  • Flutter is Free and Open-Source
  • The framework is primarily based on Dart – a fast, object-oriented programming language that is itself handy to learn.
  • Developers write simply one codebase for your two apps, protecting each Android platform.
  • The splendid benefit it gives, it doesn’t rely on systems as it has its designs and widgets.

  At last, we can say, there are many Android app development frameworks available in the industry. But organizations choose the framework as per their needs and structure.

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