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Get intuitive, user-friendly, and interactive Fantasy sports websites and mobile apps with our world-class fantasy sports app development services. At Coherent Lab, we have years of professional and technical experience in developing exceptional fantasy sports websites and mobile applications for sports businesses, enthusiasts, and professional leagues. Our fantasy sports app developers use advanced and cutting-edge technology to develop feature-rich, eye-catchy, and ROI-focussed apps for all kinds of sports.

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Fantasy Sports App Development Features

With our fantasy sports app development services, you can get multiple general and advanced features in your web solutions. At Coherent Lab, our team is constantly working on developing high-quality solutions that can be customized and scaled as per your needs. Here are a few features that we provide in your web and mobile apps.

Fantasy Sports App Development Services

We have a dedicated and highly experienced fantasy sports app development team that develops, and designs sports apps and websites specifically as per clients’ requirements. We provide multiple fantasy sports services that offer immersive and unmatched experiences to users. Not only this, our 24*7 support and maintenance services, will help you keep your sports websites and applications updated and bug-free. Here are a few of our fantasy sports app development services.


Fantasy Sports Web App Development

Since our inception, we have developed hundreds of web apps for clients of different industry verticals. Coherent Lab is known as the most reliable and professional Fantasy sports app development company around the world. We can develop dynamic, customized, responsive, and immersive Fantasy sports web app development solutions.


Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development

Planning to develop a fantasy sports mobile app for your users? Our intensive and high-quality sports mobile app development services can help you develop native and cross-platform mobile apps that are not only fast, and responsive but also offer features that will attract more and more users to your business.


Social Fantasy Sports App Development

Other than web and mobile apps, Coherent Lab also specializes in developing social media apps that will keep all the sports enthusiasts connected with businesses, sports start-ups, and sports brands all in one social networking community. Our social fantasy sports app act as a bridge to connect users and fans in a sports community.


Fantasy Scoring System Development

A proper scoring system is very essential while playing a game. Our expert team at Coherent Lab develops multiple types of fantasy scoring systems that will keep your users engaged and in a competitive spirit while playing the game.


Fantasy Analytics Development

At Coherent Lab, we develop customized, in-depth, and statistical fantasy analytics software that you can use to display the real-time information of team and players along with accurate game statistics. Keep track of everything in one easy-to-use and engaging analytic software solution for your fantasy sports.


Fantasy Sports AR Development

Being a leading fantasy sports app development company, we also keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies like Augmented Reality. To help you attract more users to your sports app, our team can effortlessly integrate it with AR technology. We also develop custom and innovative Fantasy sports AR solutions as per your requirements.

Fantasy Sports App Development Services

Well-known for producing captivating fantasy sports apps, Coherent lab is a web development company consisting of best fantasy app maker. Our team of competent and trained fantasy sports app developers has produced various fantasy apps for clients worldwide, demonstrating our hands-on knowledge and ability to meet the demands of modern users. To make the app entertaining and engaging so users stay on it for extended periods of time.

Thanks to our business-centric approach, our cutting-edge fantasy sports app development services assist you in achieving corporate goals and generating incredible profits.


Fantasy Sports App Development Features:

You can acquire a variety of basic and sophisticated features in your online solutions with our services for developing fantasy sports applications. Our team at Coherent Lab is always trying to create top-notch solutions that can be scaled and modified to meet your requirements.


User Login and Signup:

Enable one-click login options (e.g., Google, Facebook) for quick access. Include traditional signup methods via email and phone number for users who prefer those options. Implement a secure authentication process to protect user accounts.


Paid and Practice Contests:

Provide practice contests with dummy credits to help users improve their skills. Offer a seamless transition to paid contests with real cash. Clearly communicate the rules and entry fees for each contest.


Live Score and Updates:

Integrate real-time access to live match scores. Include expert advice, match previews, and team selection ideas to enhance user experience. Ensure that the information is updated promptly during live matches.


Multiple Payment Methods:

Support a variety of payment options such as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and other popular payment gateways.Ensure secure and encrypted transactions to protect user financial data.


Private Contest:

Allow users to create private groups for playing with friends, family, or specific groups. Implement privacy settings to control who can join private contests.


Invite & Earn:

Create a referral program to encourage users to invite friends. Provide rewards for both the referrer and the new user upon successful sign-up and participation.


Admin Signup:

Implement a secure admin registration process with proper authentication. Consider multi-factor authentication for enhanced security.


Admin Dashboard:

Provide a comprehensive dashboard with clean visuals.Display real-time data on live contests, revenue generated, user and game statistics, and app analytics. Include interactive charts and graphs for a quick overview.


User Management:

Allow the admin to add, remove, and modify user profiles.Provide search and filter options for efficient user management. Include user activity logs for auditing purposes.


Contest Management:

Enable the admin to manage live and upcoming contests. Display detailed statistics, data, and contest details. Allow modification of contests if necessary, ensuring flexibility.


Reward Points Management:

Provide a section for the admin to manage and monitor user reward points. Implement the ability to adjust reward points based on specific criteria.


Revenue Management:

Consolidate and display revenue generated from multiple matches and leagues. Offer filters to view revenue data for specific time periods or types of contests.


Advance Features:

Allow users to create or modify their fantasy teams until the start of the second inning.Implement a notification system to alert users about the approaching deadline for team creation.


Fully Automated Backend Panel:

Develop a robust backend system that automates player and team mapping.Implement auto-league creation based on predefined rules. Automate withdrawal processes to streamline user transactions.


VIP Subscription:

Offer a premium subscription plan for users with added benefits.Include advantages such as referral bonuses, discounts on joining new leagues or games, and exclusive contests.


Full Scorecard:

Provide users with a comprehensive scorecard displaying detailed statistics for ongoing or completed games. Include information such as runs scored, wickets taken, goals, etc., based on the specific sport.


Advanced Affiliation Program:

Create an advanced affiliate program to incentivize users who bring in new registrations. Process commissions for affiliates when their referred users sign up and participate in games.


Commodity League:

Introduce a unique feature where users can win surprise gifts or prizes at the end of a league or tournament. Ensure transparency in prize distribution and communicate the criteria for winning.

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According to a survey, the most popular fantasy sports globally includeFootball/Soccer, American Football (UK), Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Baseball.

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