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A Mentoring Guide to Build a Sports Mobile Application

Technology has carved its way to almost every space today. From enabling people to watch their favorite sporting event from virtually anywhere to reserving their seat from the comfort of a sofa, technology has a big role to play in the sports industry.Viewers around the globe follow sports passionately. They religiously devote themselves to certain franchises or clubs. This love sprouted during school days continue for life.

While this seems to be timeless participation, entrepreneurs see it as a money-making opportunity where they appoint the best Mobile App Development Company to build a platform that’s loved by sports fanatics and driven by funds aggregated from media sales.
While, sports aggregator mobile applications like ESPN, Live Score and the Score rule the sports domain, e-sports is something that’s currently on the rise. According to a report by Newzoo, global e-sports revenue will grow to $1.65 billion by 2021. Though revenues at the moment are smaller than traditional sports, the trend shows that they are only going to gain momentum.

Why build a Sports Mobile App?

If you are still exploring reasons to hire an application development agency to build a ground-breaking Sports Mobile App, then we have you sorted on this front. Check out our list of reasons below.

– It’s not about just scores anymore
Not just real-time score updates but things like stats about a specific player, team or club engages users more. A sports application lets you share real-time analytics about a match, team or player’s past performances compared to the most recent ones- everything on the go. It not only gives users a reason to download your app but to come back more often.

– It’s about interactions and discussions
Users like to discuss before, during and after the game. A sports application enables them to connect with like-minded individuals, initiate a discussion and share thoughts. This not only builds a community of sports enthusiasts but acts as a catalyst in marketing and promotion of your business.

– It’s about streaming all the time from virtually anywhere
A live streaming feature of a sports app gives users the liberty to stay close to the live action regardless of demographics and time.

– It’s about knowledge
Creating content that adds value is the need of the hour. Educate your users about the well-known and promising personalities through your app and they would show loyalty towards your brand by constantly showing up, provided you produce valuable content on a consistent basis.

– It’s about making money
Last but not least, your app can help you make money. After securing a loyal user base it’s about working around strategies that bring in money. In-app purchases, collaborations with clubs, teams and players, subscription and membership plans for avant-garde content and sponsorship brand deals are some of the ways you can generate hundreds of dollars.

What to include in your sports mobile app?
Now when you are aware of why is there a need to build a sports application, it’s time to explore the things you should be including in your sports app. For better understanding, we have divided the below section into two parts.
While the first section tells you about the essential features to ask your mobile app development partner to include, the other focuses on the ones that’ll give you an edge over other prominent businesses in the market.

Essential features your Sports Mobile App should have

1. News column
Include a news column that updates instantaneously. Do not include the entire article piece in there rather a news brief with just the main things. Make it easy-to-read and navigate. Make sure that text, images or videos embedded do not take much time to load. Try integrating push notification functionality so that users get notified as soon as the feed refreshes.

2. Score section
Real-time score update section is a must have. It is the fundamental feature of any sports app. It makes users come back to the app more frequently with the curiosity to know the current score.

3. User profile
Ask your users to login via email or a social account so that you can offer them a personalized experience by analyzing their habits and preferences. You can also ask their favorite team, club, franchise or player at the time of sign up. As per the Avaya report, 70% of the users like offers on food and merchandise dropping on their mobile devices and this enhance their game experience.

4. Discussion section
Give users a section for discussion, a place where they can pour out their thoughts about the game, player or for that matter a team, club or franchise. This section of the app encourages interaction, which also increases the number of time users spends on the app.

5. Social sharing
Do not forget to include social sharing options. Grant users the liberty to share news, live score, comments, discussions, images and more to different social networking websites or chatting platforms like Whatsapp, Messenger, etc. More the users share, more beneficial it is for your brand and business.

Features that’ll make you stand apart

1. Insights
Users like to know critical insights, past records, recent win percentage, ground conditions and other stats about a sports person, team or club. Hence it can be a useful feature to include in your app. It allows users to explore the game through different avenues just like a pro does.

2. Comparisons
A section where users can put one player against another for comparing their recent performances can prove to be a hit. It would keep users engaged and make them stay longer than usual.

3. Online streaming
It is a task to include streaming functionality in your app because all the major events are streamed by big media companies, on their respective standalone apps. There is a service called Ustream that can come in handy here. You can ask your Sports Mobile App Developer to look into the details for optimum integration.

4. Interviews
You can start a short interview series to keep your audience glued. Being devotees to sports, they are always exploring to dig into their favorite players’ lives. And this move of yours will not only give you an edge over your competitors but also make users fall in love with your app.

5. Ticketing
Besides offering above-mentioned things, you can partner with events and venues to become a ticketing partner for different sporting events. This will help you generate extra cash.

6. Navigation
You can also guide visitors to different sporting events in a hassle-free manner by following the shortest and traffic-free route. The Sports Mobile App Developers can integrate basic navigation APIs offered by Google or other vendors to minimize the common problem of finding venues. Navigation feature comes in very handy when designated venues are situated in the outskirts away from the city.

How new-age technologies capable of impacting the sports domain?

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
An AR-powered app can indulge users in a breath-taking experience without leaving their comfort zone. Collaborating with the stadium officials, you can allow your users to enjoy the lively atmosphere of the ground, quite similar to what live audience experiences.

Additionally, a VR-headset can take the experience to an altogether new level. You’d feel sitting in the first row of the stadium cheering for your favorite team. It’s nothing less than a blessing for people who cannot make it to the stadium on the day of the event.

As a stadium-owner or a sports techpreneur, you need to look out for new possibilities in order to entertain and engage your users. Discover new avenues with a potent Mobile App Development Company which can level up the game for you and your users.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
We all enjoy watching highlights of a game that cover only the noticeable moments. However, do you have any clue of how much effort is put in by the editing team at the backend in selecting the pertinent moments?
There is a lot of data being produced whose simulation and translation demand much more than what a human mind does. This is where AI enters. It not only helps in easing the load of editors but producing actionable insights for the management and support staff to build on.
Get in the game
With technology taking a leap, it is only a matter of time when the sports domain will shoot up. Get connected to a sports mobile app development company to discuss your requirements and enter the big game.

We, at Coherent Lab, deliver results. We have worked in this industry and know the nitty-gritty of the same. From building a sports aggregator app to developing a fantasy league app, we offer all. Write to us a and we’ll be happy to discuss requirements.

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