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How to Build a Job Portal Website on WordPress?

How to Build a Job Portal Website on WordPress - coherent lab

When you're looking for an online business, a job directory site can be a great source of income. Since, people are always in search of the lookout for a new job, whether they want to switch to new fields, find better opportunities or start a new career, a site that lists all these features will surely help them to find new jobs while generating passive income revenues for you. By having your own job portal site, you can charge from companies and businesses for listing their job requirements as well as from job aspirants to apply for a position and submit a resume. By considering this, you may also want to know how to build a job portal website on WordPress. It is the platform where you don't need to spend many hours learning how to code or go beyond your budget to hire developer.

With these statistics, you'll get to know why to invest in an online job portal site –

  • 9.8 new jobs are added by the second.
  • 100 million job resumes are available on job portal sites.
  • 75% of people who wants to change career or job, go online.
  • 83% of active mobile users are registered on job searching sites or have an app on their mobile.

The static is would grow in the near future as people are getting technically advanced day by day. So if you want to build a job portal website, here's given complete guidance-

What is a Job Portal Website?

Earlier from the age of the internet, jobs used to be founded in newspapers, job boards in post offices, or bulletin boards established anywhere. But the time has changed now, we can do anything with the help of mobile and computer devices, searching for jobs as well. Basically, a job portal website is a platform where individuals and companies come to search and post jobs. Although, it may sound simple, but quite tricky when it comes to real-time implementation.

What to do before Building a Job Portal Website?

  • There is intense competition in the online world; one cannot survive successfully without having a proper plan, so you've to manage these few tasks before developing a job portal website, such as-
  • Choosing a domain name – Acquire a memorable domain name that is unique and grab potential visitors' interest.
  • Signing up for a hosting plan – Your web host is a key for your website, so choose it carefully. Slight your focus – Decide the type you want to create, either it will be niche? General? or for company-specific only?
  • Apart from this, you also need to decide the platform for developing the website. While consulting or searching for how to build a job portal website, you'll get to know various platforms, but the most popular is WordPress. WordPress is an open-source platform that enables developers to build an amazing website, app ideas, or blog. Reasons to use WordPress are – it is very simple to get started with and offers endless customization possibilities in the form of plugins. If you want your website to ground off quickly, WordPress will be the best.

Features to Include in Job Portal Website

  • Sign-up/ Sign-in –– For job seekers and companies, initial sign up, then further sign-in through Google accounts so as to access the website. There are several job portal website that allows companies to link their accounts from Linkedin and Facebook thus, many people can reach towards the job.
  • Profiles – There are numerous websites available on job portals, some are visible to employees. For example- like in a Linkedin profile that displays all the information to employees and may be shown the candidate's professional life. Besides this, many job portals display only relevant information of candidates, and the resume upload option is separated. Rather than this, the type of profile you go for should be "fill out and edit". Make the editing option fast and one-click action. It will be a big perk for busy applicants. Moreover, allow users to set their profile either public or private. It is necessary like users can private their profiles when they're not searching for jobs and don't want to delete the account.
  • Job Search – Of course, it is the core of any job portal website. You need to ensure that the job search functionality is easy to spot and intuitive. Moreover, we often recommend the "search suggestion feature" when employees put the first letter of desired job position or company name as well. Another feature is filtering and categories as "advance feature" that will include the following elements, such as – industry, position, level (entry, middle or senior level), desired salary, employment type, location, and so on.
  • Search for applicants – This feature is for companies where they can search for employees to offer jobs. Naturally, some features will differ, likewise – Industry, position, level, employment type, total experience, location, education, languages, certifications (if any), and so on.
  • View companies' profile – Job seekers should be always able to view the company's details, where they're applying for. Likewise, you can offer shortened profile displays on search result pages. This feature will be appreciated by many. If you planning to apply, you can consult with current and former employees of the company. When a job seeker feels to fit in the job, they want to connect with the employer; keep this process as simple as possible like going company's website or composing mail. Hence, place a simple contract form.
  • Bookmarking – Sometimes, job seekers are not sure about the job they're applying for. Usually, users either leave the page or save the link, say Evernote. But providing them the option of bookmark on job search platform is really useful. It enables applicants' to think and search about the position and company without leaving the site. A similar feature is also useful for employees, by allowing them to save profiles of job aspirants for later.
  • Vacancies – Job posting should be easier and intuitive. To do this, hire PHP developer an efficient development and designing team in order to create easy to understand forms that make employers easily post jobs and get candidates accordingly.

Conclusion The job search industry has potential growth and success, but creating an appropriate job portal from scratch to end isn't easy. When you're planning on how to build a job portal website, you must choose a niche, determine target audiences- prepare a board for a specific location and professional. At the initial level, a niche site will help you to save money and aids to launch the site gradually, finding bugs, and altering the emerging trends effectively.

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