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How to Create a Video Streaming App like Netflix?

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Netflix is not new for us now, many people spend their weekends watching web series, movies, etc. at Netflix all day. It has brought the terms like – “Netflix and Chill”, “Binge Watching” and so on in our day-to-day slang. Now, you have understood the impact of this video streaming platform and know-how sleekly it is penetrating into our lifestyle.

According to the study, Netflix has 167 million paying subscribers over the world. By developing compelling original programming, assess its users’ data to serve subscribers better and beyond all methods providing people content in the ways they want, Netflix forced cable companies to change the way to do business. If you’re impressed with this, here is given an ultimate guide on How to Create a Video Streaming App like Netflix so as to get an actual business strategy and model.

  • As of 2019, 21.9 million American households have canceled their cable connections 2019 and the number is expected to reach 34.9 billion by 2023.
  • The remaining 86.5 million households were paying for cable in 2019, predicted to decline to 72.7 million by 2023.

So, if you want to create your own video streaming platforms like Netflix here is given some steps to follow-

Develop a Business Model to Ensure Grand Success 

A digital asset is a reason behind the success of Netflix. The platform follows a subscription-based business model in order to generate revenue. If you are in the search of how to create a video streaming app like Netflix, you need to follow the same model. It involves three subscription plans, such as – basic, standard, and premium which propel your product’s value to billion-dollar revenue. Users are seeking Novel content, TV programs, and in-house shows nowadays. You can build up the business model by considering these three elements, such as –

  • Accessibility – The video can be accessed on multiple platforms and operating systems, which is the prime strategy for increasing the fan base. It means users’ can get access to video through any device, i.e. mobile app development, computer, tablet, mobile browser, Smart TV, etc. this is what makes Netflix generate high revenues.
  • Original content – Exclusive web series, award-winning shows, and some real or knowledgeable content attracts users to subscribe to Netflix.
  • No Advertising – However, ads also generate income for your video streaming app. But a complete ad-free feature lets users and independent publishers browse content, these benefits are with premium subscription.

Hence, by these business approaches, you can also make a good amount of profit. Developing a video streaming app like Netflix is not more impractical nowadays.

Features Required to Create a Video Streaming App

  • User register – It is the foremost feature while building a video stream app, without which it is impossible to do so. Registration for users should be simple and easier, they should allow registering via social media or any Google account.
  • Design – Keep your design simple yet attractive. Often users alienate themselves from the apps that seem to be hard to use. Hence, on your journey of how to create a video streaming app like Netflix, keep the design simple and effective. It will attract users to visit your site and explore its benefits.
  • Platform – When it comes to building an app, it is also important to decide the platform, either iOS development or Android. Although, there is no such major difference between both of them still choose one among these OS at the initial stage of the product. After this, you can choose to build the app on both versions of the mobile operating system that will turn out more users.
  • Payment – If you’re using Apple or Google OS, there is no requirement of integrating a separate payment gateway into the app as both of the platforms have their own mobile platform systems that enable them to make purchases through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in just a few clicks. Along with this, users only need to pay at the time of account registration, however, for other purposes, there are some different payment gateways, such as – Braintree, Stripe, and PayPal.
  • Block Screenshots – From the viewpoint of protecting copyright, the screenshot option should be blocked as this way users cannot take images from the content.
  • User profile – It encompasses adding much information about users, i.e. most liked series and movies. Here, they can also add friends and relatives to watch together with their own content. Netflix has this feature.
  • Chat and comments – It makes communication easier with the user, you simply need to leave a comment.
  • Push notifications – Users will receive notifications when a new movie or video has come.
  • Support multiple languages – The app you’re building needs to support all types of languages so that many people can have it on their phones.
  • Content search - Users will be able to search any video or content easily they’re looking for.

How Much Does It Cost to Build An App Like Netflix? 

Emerging a video streaming application like Netflix requires an overwhelming backend framework with extensive support. You need to persistent information without hassles in order to make better client encounter. All this can put a huge impact on the development cost of a video streaming app. To provide assistance in deciding the cost to develop a video streaming app, we have shortlisted some factors, such as –

  • Application highlights – It’s a straightforward element that affects the cost of developing an app like Netflix. The higher the number of features you add, the higher costs it will. Hence, it is important to consider a few aspects to create the variants of your application, for example – incorporate necessary features initially. Then you can add on the other variants in later versions of the app- all top developers suggest this.
  • Application plan – A mobile application that makes the configuration complex, doesn’t spur individuals to acquire it. You need to focus on alluring people to regularly use the app. By keeping this in mind, make your outline straightforward and natural; it ensures your clients get direct access to the entire application.
  • Application platform – Usually, video streaming apps are built on iOS and Android platforms, but there is a huge contrast between the development stages of these operating systems. Accordingly, expenses differ. The process of android app development is different than iOS and more costly than iOS because the platform requires a noteworthy scope of goals, equipment, and setups. All these things play a crucial role in deciding the cost of a video streaming app.
  • Area of application engineers – The developer’s fee is also changing as per the arena and location. For example – are the app developers’ lives in the US? If so, the expenses will be high. If you hire ios developers someone from India, the app development costs will be lower. Moreover, differences in time zones prompt the costs as well.


As the trend of creating a video streaming application is becoming worthy day by day. The aforementioned guide on how to create a video streaming app like Netflix enables business owners to develop an effective and robust application as well as make them generate higher income. Although, Netflix wasn’t built overnight; there is ample space for newbies to come with a profitable video streaming app. The only thing entrepreneurs and individuals to focus on is – prepare a valuable business strategy and partnering with the right service provider that has a lucrative liver streaming business, you want to run.

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