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Problems faced while working on the web development projects

Is your last web development project is over budget or not in the timeline given to the client?

Here are some points a project manager needs to keep in mind.

1. Web development is not an easy task.

Normally a client ask for a 15 to 20 pages of the site with a payment gateway
and some of the plugins to look site great. In general, web development is an easy structure but there are things which lead to a complex structure and process. Payment gateway complicates the process as the servers needs to be active instead it takes a lot of time and time issues leads to a complex process. Apart from it, APIs also hinders the easy processing because it becomes tiring to go through each feature’s sub feature and sub feature’s sub feature. And also, sometimes clients’ requests look small and in reality are quite hard to implement.

Lastly, sometimes a simple request may even take a whole day to set up.

2. Involve whole team when you are in conference hall.

Involvement of the whole team is important from the aspect of leadership as well as compatibility in the conference hall.

This not only saves time but also helps the leader to maintain a smooth working in every stage of working. All of this ultimately helps each team member to know about their responsibilities and generates easy implementation of strategies.
It is very important for the team to know about the duty and time limit as it leads to efficient work generation.

3. The project may have ended, but your work is not done yet.

Unlike normal projects, web development projects are not easy to write off.
Once the site is done, you may have to work on it for quite a bit longer in order to maintain the site which includes; updating the site for SEO purpose. Sometimes we may face the bug problem immediately after handing over the site to belonging client and it takes quite a bit to solve and hand it to the client.

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