The Future Of Android Developers

future of android developers

The works of an Android developer include developing various applications for devices, which are supported by the Android operating system. They must pay attention to the compatibility of the application with different versions of Android devices. One can make a competitive income and build a successful career as a skilled Android developer. Nowadays, Android is the widely used operating system of mobile, and the demand for skilled Android developers is very high.

But anyone can be haunted by this question that “What is the future for the Android developers? Will they encounter any good scope in the time to come? Is choosing to work as an Android developer is a good career option?” So, let us first know about the important facts of this job, and then build a clear answer.

About market of android applications:

This is a fact known to all is Android Shares more than 80% of the world’s market share of mobiles. In addition to this, there are more than 3.5 billion of Android users, and also more than 3 million apps can be found only on the Google Play Store.

Android is the most powerful one among all the mobile operating systems in the market. Therefore, we can all see that Android applications will always be in demand.

Speedy establishment of Android:

Well-known companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Airtel, PayTM are investing a huge amount of money into third-party apps. These can be both native and third-party apps that are powered by the Android system.

Android developers will undoubtedly have the upper hand and a bright future of android developers in the current situation. Now, let’s see how Android is becoming established with good speed:

  1. There’s speedy progress in the number of Android Applications these days. The real-time applications are more in demand with their help in making secure payments or shopping online.
  2.  Google itself is focusing on smartphones and automated things by the usage of Artificial Intelligence.
  3. The Android Architecture by Google also helps in defining the best practices.  Thus, making the Android App development much easier to understand and use.
  4. There’re many new things to come on the basis of Android, such as-
  • Android for automated cars
  • Android Biometrix prompt
  • Android CameraX
  • Improved security through Android
  1. Powerful security for Android applications.

So, we can say with proper evidence that Android is going to have a good demand and business in the coming years. With this, it is also pretty clear that, in the future days, there are going to be lots and lots of opportunities for Android programmers.

Why does Android have a large number of opportunities?

The reasons for the increasing opportunity for all the Android developers throughout the globe are:

  • The Android applications always have good demand as a maximum number of users is comfortable with Android smartphones.
  • Android is Open Source and very easy to both understand and handle
  • As we always need more and more applications, there is a demand for a large number of Android developers.
  • While working with Android development low amount of money is needed, but one can get a high return on investment.
  •  Android has a development framework that is really great.
  •  It helps us in creating various new and interesting projects on the basis of the services that are already available on android devices.

Industries that can offer good opportunities for Android Developers

Here is a list of the industries where Android and Android developers have good demand:

  • Business Industries
  • Finance Industries
  • Medical Sectors
  • E-Commerce Industries
  • Gaming Industries
  • Travel Industries
  • Security Industries

After going through the list, we can say that almost every industry needs Android and Android Developers. In addition to this, there are various organizations that need Android day and night for their works. Some of those are- Google, YouTube, Intel, Deloitte, Hike, Yahoo, American Express, VMware, Uber, and many more, who are investing highly in third-party apps.

Now we will discuss what would be the future of Android and developers in the coming years while going through some important android application development trends:

  1. Rise of instant app powered by Android

With the help of Google Play, Android users can try out various new apps or games very easily. Those instant apps do not need the process of download; they can be easily used as a website and can be operated from the cloud directly.

Hence, those apps don’t consume extra space on your mobile device.

Google has recently launched some features for Android app developers to make their work easier to build smaller apps that have a faster downloading speed allowing the interested users to try out a new app without the process of installation.

2. Android Apps Architecture:

Google’s guideline regarding the architecture is one of the best practices in building an Android App which has good performance and robust features. Android architectural components can serve as a good start while building stable apps.

With the help of architecture components, android app developers can develop apps with less boilerplate code and focus more on the features to make the app a unique one.

Android app architecture will help the android app developers to build various types of stable apps and speedily reduce the confusion about the idle pattern of Android like MVC, MVP, or MVVM.

3. Era of new Technologies with Android:

The focus is now towards making Google smarter in handling AI in all types of fields, from self-operating machinery to smartphones. Google’s AI-focused strategy is now rapidly increasing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the development of the android application.

Google has already taken the required steps by introducing “Actions” and “Slices” at Google I/O, which helps the apps to integrate with Assistant directly.

Android App Development is taking a big leap with the amalgamation of AR/VR with AI by advancing in powerful technologies, in addition to the Visual Positioning Services (VPS). This is among the latest AR technology identifying the visual features in the surroundings of the users.

4. Android Enterprise:

Android devices are the most preferred and used devices in the field of work. A Google-led program, Android Enterprise, is good in establishing the best practices of the Android app in the Enterprise ecosystem while providing full control over various apps and data owned by a business enterprise.

The program provides APIs for android developers are able to offer integrated support for Android into the solutions of enterprise mobility management (EMM).

5. Android Jetpack:

Jetpack is a suite of libraries, tools, and guidelines that make engineers efficient in developing excellent applications. These segments can help them to follow best practices, free from creating standard code, and convert complex tasks into simple ones with the specific goal that helps them to concentrate on the framework they are working on.

Here are some of the top highlights of Android Jetpack:

  • Android for Cars
  • Benchmark
  • Biometrics Prompt
  • CameraX
  • ConstraintLayout2
  • ViewPager2


Yes, we can come to the conclusion that the future of Android Developers is very bright for sure. It is very clear that Android is definitely on the rise nowadays. Finally, we also are aware that there are various industries and organizations that work on Android. Hence, it is a good decision to hire an android app developer in India.

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