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Web development tools give a scope to the web developers to work with different types of emerging technologies. These include CSS, DOM, HTML, JavaScript, and various other components. Web development tools have traveled a long way since their inception. But with time the demand for web development has increased at a fast pace and to keep with the pace several web development tools have evolved to make tasks easier and faster.

The best Web development tools to use in 2022 are as follows:

Text and Code Editors Used for Website building

Visual Studio Code:  

Visual Studio Code was developed by Microsoft in 2015. When it is combined with its extension library, it has the capacity to meet any of the web development needs.

Sublime Text

Sublime is one of the premium tools used by web development companies all over. This tool offers the bare essentials, and a great User Experience (UX). The pleasing visuals, extendibility, and no-fuss layout make it favored by the developers.


Atom, a GitHub-developed app is considered to be a great code editor and is suitable for different applications. Atom can also be considered as the alternative version of Visual Studio Code. It is a very good tool for quick scripts and smaller projects.


Notepad++ is a Windows-only code editor. Notepad++ includes various development-specific features like Auto-completion functionality, tabbed and split windows, the ability to support around 80 programming languages, a function list that allows viewing all the functions used at one glance. It can be used for more extensive projects.

The JetBrains Suite

JetBrains Suite is one of the web development tools that top the list of every developer. The business model of JetBrains suite is clever and there are many other editors available from JetBrains, they are called the subsets of its marquee editor and IntelliJ IDEA.


Vim is a highly configurable text editor for building a perfect programming environment. The best part of Vim is that it can be used for every type of text editing from posting blogs in Markup to writing an email, editing HTML. Vim comes with 200+ syntax files. It also has integrations and comprehensive tag systems with Perl, Python, and TCL. Vim can also act as an OLE automation server.


Web Design and Prototyping Tools


Figma is that tool that a developer needs to design for the web. It is completely free and can be accessed from any browser. From wire-framing and diagramming to UI, UX, and graphic design, Figma is the all-in-one platform that your web design seeks. Figma is preferred by almost all web development companies around the world.  

Adobe XD

The latest in a long-range design tool by Adobe is Adobe XD. With Adobe XD you can easily sketch wireframes and mockups, create high-fidelity designs for any type of screen, and build interactive prototypes. Adobe XD makes your prototypes feel like a real thing without any coding.


This tool is highly favored by Xbox, Google, and Facebook. Sketch is very user-friendly and it offers a host of some very useful keyboard shortcuts. Sketch is lighting fast with the fact that what you throw at it, from working prototypes to social media designs or fancy icon sunsets. Sketch has a clearer layer organization and is easier to load large files faster.

InVision Studio

InVision Studio is also known as a screen design app. This tool makes sense and it is clearer to understand too. With InVision Studio you can expect all the standard features and functionality. InVision Studio has vector support and an intuitive layer-based editor.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer offers a silky smooth experience at an affordable price, web designers, custom-built with professional illustrators, game devs, and other creatives. Affinity Designer comes in a beautifully designed package. The biggest advantage is that there is no monthly fee, a web development company can own this entire tool with a one-time fee.  

CodePen or JSFiddle

CodePen or JSFiddle is an excellent substitute for other code editors. In CodePen or JSFiddle, you will get three text editors for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  


ProtoPie considers themselves as the easiest way to turn interaction designs into realistic prototypes. ProtoPie is a no-code creation tool that is used to create collective prototypes for web, desktop, mobile, or the IoT-Internet of Things. With keyboard commands and simple buttons, it simplifies the workflow. It might not be a very big tool like few, however, it is certainly a powerful tool.  


For those who are comfortable with codes, Framer is a wonderful tool for them. Framer permits developers to create highly customizable and interactive prototypes. Web development companies use this tool to build websites, apps, design systems, and also video game interfaces. Framer is also great if code isn't your thing.  


Toolset is a WordPress page builder that allows a developer to develop custom sites without using any codes. Toolset is a great option for web designers and developers who are seeking to finish complex projects quickly. Toolset has everything that a .NET developer requires to set up custom post types, templates, fields, front-end forms, searches, and others. And it comes at a reasonable price.  

Animator By Haiku

Animation by Haiku makes animation a little bit palatable. Animation by Haiku allows developers to bring motion design to production.

Frontend Frameworks


It is a leading open-source CSS framework and a full-scale tool. Bootstrap helps to customize and create responsive mobile-first sites.  Web development company prefers Bootstrap for developing mobile.apps.

Semantic UI

Semantic UI is a component framework used for theming websites. It is also known to be human-friendly HTML which means the tool uses classes and words as exchangeable concepts. Whether it is collections, elements, modules of behavior, views the entire spectrum of interface design is covered.


Foundation is referred to as one of the most responsive and advanced front-end frameworks around the world. Foundation is suitable for any type of medium, device, and level of accessibility. The features of Foundation help to build content focussed websites. It also provides users with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript templates for speeding up the process. Foundation can also be used for emails to craft HTML emails.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a front-end framework for a certain language that is a part of the core trinity of web development. Tailwind CSS helps to design the front end of a website without leaving HTML. Tailwind CSS develops style and structure at the same time. It is a quick and robust framework.


Just like Tailwind CSS, Bulma too hides the CSS and gives the developer the utility classes for HTML. Bulma is built with Flexbox, modular and mobile-first. with Bulma, a developer can mix and match frameworks as per choice


Svelte is a compiler and has gained a reputation in the web development community for being one of the best-known frontend frameworks. Svelte is very lightweight and Seo optimized and doesn't require heavy browser processing. Svelte has no virtual Dom. Svelte is ideal for smaller projects and developers.

To Conclude: These are some of the best and most used web development tools that are preferred and used by developers all over the world. Even a web developing company prefers to use these web development tools for a more productive output.

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