The ASL App

Now communicate easily using sign language with those who cannot talk or listen.


About The ASl app

Does this ever happen to you that you want to talk to someone but they cannot talk or listen due to their disabilities? Well, ASL is here to help you with that. Now you can easily communicate with these people through sign language which ASL will teach you.

Easy Communication

The ASL app makes it easy to communicate with the Deaf Community by making it convenient for the common people to understand sign language.

ASL Dictionary

The app has a dictionary of the signs to help you better understand the language.

Video Library

You can also select any lesson from the video library and improve weak areas of your understanding of sign language.

Bring People Closer

As the app makes communication between common people and the deaf community possible, it thus brings people closer and makes good relations.


APP Features

The ASL app is not just a common American Sign Language learning app but it is loaded with amazing features.


Practical Learning Lessons

This app provides lessons to help you learn ASL for practical use. There are special practical learning lessons in the app.


Personal Consultation

You can take personal consultations with the experts through this app and improve your learning game.


Vocabulary Trainer

There is a vocabulary trainer option in the application which can help you learn everything about sign language with perfection and accuracy.


Offline Mode

You can take your lessons in offline mode without the worry of internet connection fluctuations.


Customized Application

You can also easily customize this application as per your need and make it fully personalized.

APP Showcase

Here is a little preview of the application which can help you know more about the app in a better way.



Challenges are everywhere. Creating an application is not an easy task and requires facing many obstacles. Following are some challenges faced by the developing team while building the ASL app.

Adding Loaded Content

It was a challenge to add loads of content to the app to make it worthy of its use. This is one of the main features of the app that it has a built-in dictionary and video library so this was difficult to add so much content.


With such loaded content and features, there are chances for the app to become slow and getting crash. This challenge was successfully faced by the developing team and the app performs brilliantly.


This was a challenging task to keep the UX/UI design simple, so the users can easily learn the language. But our developing team has overcome that too.

Tech Stack

This was difficult to select the right technology for the app development. Our developing team has chosen the best possible and the most affordable software to build the ASL app.

Introducing App

ASL app is a very useful application to learn American Sign Language to communicate with the disabled.

  • Easy Learning of ASL

    This app provides a great opportunity to easily learn American Sign Language to make communication between the disabled and common people possible.

  • Build Strong Relations

    ASL helps common people to understand the feelings and emotions of the disabled accurately and thus build strong bonds bringing them closer.

  • Vocabulary Training

    ASL helps in improving your vocabulary in American Sign Language so you can express as well as understand every word of a disabled person without misinterpreting anything.

  • Interesting Features

    The app includes amazing features to make learning easy and fun. Anyone can learn sign language through the ASL app without any difficulty.

Technology Stack







Final Result

The ASL app has helped so many people in learning sign language. They have built strong relations with the deaf community by learning ASL through this app. A lot of people who cannot speak and hear have also benefitted as others can understand them now.


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