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Top 15 Trusted Flutter App Development Companies in India

flutter app development

Mobile applications are gaining popularity at an alarming rate. The number of smartphone users has expanded from 16 to 70 years old, sparking the need to modernize visuals, provide a higher quality product, and create new applications to suit various objectives. To construct such apps, developers all around the world employ a variety of programming tools. 

Flutter, one of the most widely popular application development tools, has created an indelible impression on the twenty-first century. There are many top flutter app development companies that are offering quality services to their customers. 

We have mentioned all the details related to the flutter application you need to know and the top fifteen Flutter app development company that can help you with mobile application development. Read the article further to know about more areas like hiring a flutter app developer, cost of application development, etc. Including many more.

Let’s understand what Flutter is first. 

What is Flutter?

It is a cross-platform programming tool developed by Google that was released in May 2017. It is an open SDK developer used for creating native-looking Android apps. Using a single codebase, it is meant to generate native development for both iOS and Android mobile apps. Flutter began to influence once the beta version was released in 2018. Furthermore, it can assist developers in creating high-performance apps.

Darts are used to create Flutter applications. It is incredibly adaptable, perhaps one of the reasons most businesses have begun to utilize this fantastic technology. One must first understand the advantages of using Flutter to get the most out of this.

List Of The Trusted Flutter app development companies in India

1. Coherent Lab

Coherent lab LLP is one of the best offshore software development company with a team of experienced individuals, it can offer users seamless services such as cross-platform app development, flutter app consulting,  native app development, flutter for desktop, including many more. If you are trying to Hire Android App Developer then we got you covered. A coherent lab is a leading option in the industry and with flexible features and customer support you cannot miss the chance. 

Below the most significant features of the Coherent Lab are given to the readers. 

  • It can offer you a team of skilled developers.
  • Our 24X7 customer support service portal can help you in times of need with ease. 
  • With a seamless and excellent option for flutter app development, you can expect fully native mobile applications for your products and services. 
  • Coherent lab is a strong believer in offering quality at the best rates. So if you are trying to find an option that can provide you with the required services at budget-friendly rates then you know where to go!

2. BrainMobi

Brain Mobi is one of the most outstanding application development firms, focusing on high-quality Android, web, iOS, and gaming apps. BrainMobi was established in 2016 as a consulting, design, and development firm. With a staff of over 100 designers and engineers, Brain Mobi has shown to be one step ahead of the industry. In addition to mastering mobile app development, they meet their clients' expectations regarding quality assurance and timely project completion.

3. QSS Technosoft

QSS Technosoft, one of the top software development services providers, provides solutions that meet the client's need for an excellent result. QSS specializes in developing online and mobile apps incorporating technologies like Blockchain, Bots, Ml, Business Intelligence, cloud-based services, and so on. It is also listed as one of the country's most popular smartphone rating communities in 2020, among other accomplishments and certifications. The organization provides the best flutter app development services by meeting the client's cross-platform app development requirements. It develops them while hastening their market release and significantly lowering total costs.

4. Intelivita

Intelivita, founded in the United Kingdom in 2014, is a software development business focused on creating Mobile Apps, Mobile Games, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Web Development, and eCommerce solutions. They also offer B2B software development outsourcing solutions. Intelivita, founded in 2014, has successfully built a process for conceptualizing and deploying its customers' concepts to the market.

5.  GeekyAnts

GeekyAnts was created in 2006 and is well-known for its work in web and mobile product development with React, Typescript, React Native, NodeJS, Laravel, Google Flutter, PHP, VueJS, and other frameworks. The corporation is based in the southern Indian state of India and maintains offices in London and the United Kingdom. They are on a quest to provide world-class services in mobile and online app development. They promise to contribute to the open-source community by employing highly qualified engineers and designers.

6. Bacancy Technology

Bacancy Technology, founded in 2011, is regarded as a top flutter app development firm. Bacancy Technology, with decades of industry expertise, assists in creating user-friendly android and iOS mobile apps to adapt to the unique company growth project. They have worked in various fields, such as healthcare, real estate, logistics, etc. The firm leads in flutter app development in the nation, thanks to staff with deep expertise in MVC & Flutter mobile application development. The Flutter app development services offered by the firm provide viewers with stunning cross-platform apps with high-quality advanced native interfaces.

7. RipenApps Technologies

RipenApps is recognized for developing several hybrid mobile and web applications that provide end users with a profound user experience. The flutter app development and design team are passionate about creating functioning flutter apps. They approach each job intending to deliver on time for customers. Their engagement strategy is adaptable, allowing them to respond to their clients anytime. Ripen Apps assists its clients by developing rapid, dependable, and intelligent software solutions for cutting-edge cross-platform flutter app development initiatives.

8. Appinventiv

Appinventiv was established in 2015 and has been recognized as a Global Leader in Digital Inventions. The firm specializes in architecture, design, and development. Competent Dart programmers have lately entered the realm of Flutter app development. Initially, Appinvetiv was started with just 10 employees but looking at their success and popularity today proves their dedication. They quickly established themselves as one of the leading firms in the mobility market. They have also assisted a number of clients with the conversion of their React Native apps to Flutter apps. They constitute the backbone of its operations in the US, Europe, and APAC, with a staff of mobile strategists, UX/UI designers, and app developers.

9. Merixstudio

It is a full-stack web development firm founded in 1999, with a staff of 120+ specialists who design complicated digital products for clients worldwide. Their primary area of competence is developing high-quality, high-performance online applications and cross-platform mobile apps. They not only specialise in cross-platform frameworks such as React Native and Flutter, but they also offer full-service assistance throughout the project's life cycle, including project management, quality assurance, and product design services. They are also a one-stop software development business capable of forming long-term design and development partnerships.

10. Zibtek

Zibtek is a well-known software development company managed by industry professionals. Their assistance has increased internal efficiency for several clients and created new commercial prospects. With their real-world expertise, they have assisted numerous current industries in reaching new heights of success, which is the fundamental objective of this organization. They have over 250 experienced engineers, managers, and technology experts and strive to work across their three worldwide locations to serve & connect again to its clients for just about any IT services.

11. Simform

Simform was founded in the year 2010. With more than 250 working professionals it is a good option that can offer the users flutter application development services. The hourly rates of Simform are  $100 to $250 but they may vary according to the size of the projects and the resources required. It is offering a global clientele in countries such as India and the USA which adds one more feather to the hat of success of this company.

12. Droids on Roids

Droids on Roids was launched in the year 2011 in Poland and can offer a variety of services to the clients such as backend services, full stack mobile, and web application services. The company has more than 200 professionals who can offer you skilled services to fulfill your needs. The average hourly cost for app development as per Droids on Roids is $55.

13. Binary Studio

The company originated in Ukraine in 2005 with a size of more than 50 working professionals. It is helping the customers at a global level. It can handle a project size of a minimum of $25,000+. With an ability to handle global clients one can get top-notch services at Binary Studio at affordable prices. In addition, one should note that the hourly rates of the company can vary according to the requirements of the clients.

14. Miquido

Miquido was founded in 2011 and has its origin in Poland. It can handle a variety of projects at hourly rates depending on several factors such as specific features, the number of developers and designers required, the complexity of the application, and many more. One should note that the prices can vary according to conditions and overall requirements of the project.

15. Designli

Design is a company that originated in the USA in the year 2013. The company has a qualified team of more than 50 working professionals. The hourly rates of Design are divided on the basis of the complexity of the app. The price of the basic app is $50 - 60, the medium app is $100-150 and a high-performing app is $200 depending upon the overall scenario of the project.

Why is Flutter the best choice for cross-platform application development?


In recent years the concept of cross-platform app development is gaining popularity day by day. Most of the experts believe that flutter is one of the best tools for cross-platform mobile development. Flutter is generated and supported under the guidance of Google and this increases its credibility. 

Below are some of the reasons mentioned which make flutter the best choice for the cross-platform framework.

  • Good performance of the application: 

Flutter uses a tool known as Dart which is an AOT compiled language that can create communication between the native platforms. This feature of Flutter helps programmers in creating complex apps with ease. 

  • Hot reload 

The hot reload feature helps the developers to regenerate the application instantly in much less time. In addition, it can make the work of the developers easy as they can restart their process of application creation from where they left, off instead of recreating the complete scenario. 

  • Unique widgets 

A flutter is a modern-day tool with its own set of widgets. This feature helps the programmers in implementing the Cupertino widgets for iOS and Material Design widgets for Android. Furthermore, one should note that these widgets such as Cupertino can work well with the iOS interface, so you can work freely to express your ideas.

Benefits of Flutter

Mobile application development is costly, time-consuming, and requires a lot of effort. However, with Flutter, all of these problems get solved. These are the benefits you can get with Flutter. 

  • Since Flutter is a cross-platform development tool, it may utilize the same basic code to create iOS and Android apps.
  • Hot reloading is a crucial feature of Flutter. This functionality lets you see the modifications made to the code on stimulators. This simplifies several tasks, such as introducing new features and correcting bugs.
  • Flutter has compatibility widgets, which explains why it has fewer compatibility issues and requires less testing effort.
  • Flutter has detailed documentation and substantial community assistance to assist clients with any problems.

Characteristics of Flutter 

The most significant characters of Flutter are given below. They are as follows: 

  • It is an open-source platform. 
  • The hot reload feature is one of the most advantageous features of Flutter through which developers can experiment and create useful apps. 
  • Presence of unique and rich widgets 
  • Single code base available 
  • Support from the Google firebase 

How much does it cost to build a flutter app? 

Flutter is a new generation technology that can offer a wide variety of features, the cost to develop a flutter app depends upon a number of factors and resources used in the project. 

The basic costs that most of the flutter app developers charge are as follows: 

  • Highly complex app requires at least $120,000 to $200,000 of funding. 
  • An app with middle complexity needs at least %60,000 to $120,000 of investments. 
  • Last but not least a simple flutter app needs $40,000 to $60,000 of investments. 

There are many factors that can affect the overall pricing of the flutter application projects such as the location of the developers, length of the project, requirements of the customers including many more. 

How long does it take to build an app on flutter? 

Generally, a highly functional flutter app requires at least 4-6 months for development. If you want to develop a mid-sized app then it may require 3-4 months for development. One can also hire additional developers to speed up the process of application development. 

Size of the app Time required for the development
Small sized app 1 Month
Mid-sized applications 1-3 Month
Large sized 1-6 Month



Now you know the advantages which you can get with the help of Flutter App Development. It is time for you to choose any of the above-mentioned companies for your business project. These were the best Flutter App Development Companies so if you choose any organization among them, you do not have to worry about the quality of the results. Being the top 15 companies, they provide you with the best of their services and contribute to the success of your business. These top companies handle thousands of clients worldwide and dominate the Flutter Application market. 
You can also contact Coherent Lab to hire some of the best Flutter App Developers for your projects. We assure the quality standards of the applications and the reliability of our services. 

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