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Top Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Frameworks 2022

cross platform app development

It has established itself as the universal preference with its various merits, creating apps for multiple platforms using a single codebase top of the chart. In today's world, we look around that life is fast-moving and has become necessary for business owners to be on each platform. Around us, we see that developers highly look for a framework that may make their job faster and easier and reduce the time and expense associated with application development. Cross-platform app development framework has emerged as the unmatched decision on a worldwide pace for organizations in trend-setting innovation. It has established itself as the universal preference with its various merits, creating apps for multiple platforms using a single codebase top of the chart. 

Cross platform mobile app development is the future of digital business. Cross-platform app development has its own merits that play an essential role in its current popularity. Several cross-platform mobile app development tools and frameworks started to float in the market, slowly and then all at once, along with every other mobile app development company trying their hands at this interest. Using single-code, we have covered everything that you require to know about cross-platform mobile app development.  However, there are lots of cross-platform mobile app development frameworks available pick one of the best according to your requirement. 

In this article, we will discuss what is cross-platform app development framework, its advantages, and the best seven cross-platform mobile app development framework in 2022 that highly used by the developers. 

The post will also round up the top cross-platform mobile app development frameworks 2022 and their features. Let’s start.

What is a cross-platform app development framework?

Cross-platform app development is a type of software that can run on multiple computing platforms. A cross-platform app framework is highly used to develop apps for the various operating system from a single codebase.  With cross-platform frameworks, developers can easily code applications once and deploy them to run effectively across different platforms like Android, iOS, and windows. Developers use various programming languages to develop cross-platform applications. However, some of the most common toolkits like Javascript, HTML, Java, and CSS.  One of the best benefits is that one kind of technology embedded in the cross-platform permits the developers to code once and use that code and app to run effectively on various platforms. 

Obviously, its save time and increase productivity for app development companies. So now we move to how a cross-platform mobile app development framework provides us various advantages. 

Advantages of Cross-platform mobile app development framework

Reuse of the code

The best advantage of cross-platform mobile app development framework can be code reuse. Programmers should compose code once, and the generated version may be used to run the program on other platforms. It is typically said that Write once and run anywhere is used. Composing once and running anywhere decreases repetitions and operational costs. Moreover, by utilizing a typical code data set, you may easily add another platform in the future. 

Resources and costs are cut

By using a smaller team with a single skill set and source code for different platforms. A cross-platform too most famous cross-platform mobile app development frameworks mobile app development framework assists in striking a compromise between quality and costs. However, cutting back on resources and time immediately affects project costs. 

Easy deployment and maintenance

Programmers just have to make and keep a solitary source code since computerized stages have a solitary code information base. Installing, and updating become quick and simple as a result. In addition, it saves time and resources when updating the code since it is immediately synchronized across numerous stages and gadgets. 

Trending  cross-platform mobile app development frameworks

There are various cross-platform application development frameworks that have its own features, pros and cons. Obviously, everything relies upon the programming language you wish to utilize and the systems you need to utilize. So, not to wait, let’s go to every cross-platform mobile app development framework. 


Google built and released flutter in May 2017, its free and open-source mobile UI framework. It permits you to develop natively complied apps for mobile, desktop as well as the web in one go with a single codebase. The tools facilitate the app development for iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and windows from a single codebase. The unique thing about Flutter is that it comes with a built-in graphic engine. However, this means that the hassle of generating various interfaces for iOS and Android is solved when you use flutter.

Flutter also permits apps of functions on multiple platforms with a uniform and dynamic approach. There are various apps built using flutter. It includes Google Ads, GPay, Alibaba, Reflect, etc. Let’s discuss some of the best remarkable features that make flutter an ideal cross-platform mobile app development framework among developers.

Features of Flutter

  • Flutter supports utilizing a convenient GPU which renders UI powers and permits it to work with the expert connection point.
  • Flutter reactive structure disposes of the need to refresh the UI content physically. The main thing that flutters application designers need to do currently refreshes the factors, and the UI changes will show up. 
  • Flutter cross-platform mobile app development framework is a great decision for delivering a minimum viable product since it speeds up the improvement interaction while at the same time being practical. 
  • Developers may rapidly and effectively reproduce a gadget tree and comprehend the code changes.
  • Flutter also comes with in-built graphics engines.
  • If they followed this path, developers would not worry about creating distinct interfaces for Android and iOS. 

React Native

 React native is one of the famous cross-platform mobile app development frameworks 2022 built by Facebook in 2015.  React Native to build apps on various platforms such as Web, Android, TV, iOS, macOS, Windows, etc. React Native combines the advantages of Javascript, React.JS, and having the ability for developers to write modules in objective-c, Swift, Java, etc. Moreover, it also allows programming features; developers can perform complex operations like Video processing, image editing, and other activities which is used native modules and libraries in React Native. 

  React Native mobile app development framework permits code reuse. React Native uses UI components that permit developers to build a user interface customized to the user's needs and platform preferences. In addition, to the native mobile app React Native has an in-built library. 

  Features of React Native: -

  • The app is compatible with third-party plugins like Google Maps.
  • Based on React, one of the top-in-class javascript libraries. 
  • Mobile apps developed with the React Native framework are called to have a pleasant UI/UX.
  • React native cross-platform mobile app development has one of the best responsive user interfaces.
  • The main advantage of cross-platform development is that it needs one-time coding (WORA) for developing apps for platforms as diverse as Android and iOS. 
  • It saves development expenses by up to 40% because the code is reusable. Moreover, the apps don’t require to be developed by two separate Android and iOS developers teams.         


Xamarin is one of the famous cross-platform mobile app frameworks among developers. It is a fantastic cross-platform mobile app development framework out there that has great features like large community support, pretty good compile time, native friendly interface, and many more.  There are some of the best apps built using Xamarin. It includes Outback, Story, Microsoft news, Microsoft Azure, and many more.  

  Xamarin is a streamlined framework primarily used for developing windows, Android, and iOS with the help of .Net and C#. However, developers use the code to create new platforms while using Xamarin. So, now let’s move to Xamarin.

Features of Xamarin: - 

  • Xamarin speeds up and lowers the cost of mobile app development. 
  • It permits the compile time checking that, in the long term, helps developers to attain well functioning.      
  • The tool is highly good at eliminating hardware compatibility issues.
  • The frameworks highly support the incorporation of objective-c, C++, and Java and make it easy for the developers to use the third-party code bases.
  • Xamarin cross-platform mobile app development that makes maintenance and updates simpler. The entire procedure keeps the apps constantly updated while saving time and money. 
  • It offers robust compile-time checking, allowing this facility's developers to witness fewer run-time errors and a well-functioning app

    Corona SDK

  • Corona SDK is one of the perfect 2-D gaming apps. However, it is an amazing open-source, cross-platform mobile app development framework. It permits developers to design mobile and game apps ten times faster. Corona SDK is built using an extremely lightweight language called Lua. Many famous apps is built using Corona SDK including Zip-Zap, Designer City, Tiny Boxes, etc. However, it is a free framework that supports real-time testing and works on MAC OS X and windows. 

    Features of Corona SDK: -

    •    It highly supports almost 200 plugins. It includes in-app advertising, analytics, media, and hardware features.
    •    As mentioned before, Corona SDK depends upon Lua programming languages, making the framework fast and powerful.
    •    1000 API programmed in it permits developers to sprite, music, animations, object, audio, native elements, Box 2D physics, and many more. 


     Ionic is a famous cross-platform framework that runs on AngularJS, and it’s been in the application development space for a long time. It allows developers to use native platform controllers using a combination of various languages. It includes HTML5, Javascript, CSS, and Cordova wrapper. The cross-platform mobile framework allows app developers to generate a unique and beautiful user interface and user-experience functionalities within the app. However, apps built with the framework are dynamic, and native-like Ionic is the best choice for PWA development. There are lots of features available using Ionic. 

    Features of Ionic: -

    •    Ionic is highly based on the SAAS UI Framework. 
    •    It’s an open-source front-end framework that means expert developers can change their code structure to suit specific needs while saving a lot of time.
    •    Ionic is built on AngularJS, which simplifies it to add HTML syntax extensions, fundamental functionality, and valuable yet engaging features and components to the program.    
    •    Ionic popularity among developers stems from the way that it gives applications a native-like experience. It also helps create a cross-platform mobile application and assures that they run smoothly across different stages. 

    Wrapping up

    Select the best cross-platform mobile app development framework. By permitting developers to develop an app for multiple platforms cross-platform app development frameworks support the great idea of universal compatibility and cost efficiency. It does not depend upon which platform you select, whether it can be a flutter, React Native, or any other cross-
    So what remains to decide which framework can be used to develop a cross-platform mobile app? However, there is no straightforward answer to this as your choice is subject to your business model and application requirement. The answer to these questions also depends on the functional needs of the app, business, budget, and time constraints. 

    Don’t hesitate to contact us to make the best decision with our skilled and professional developers with years of experience and the best mobile app development services


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