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Best Backend language for Web development

Best Backend language for Web development

Today, with technological advancement, we’ve seen various websites and mobile applications becoming more user-friendly and innovative. For every beginner, the least you would have known is that web development is classified into two facts: front-end and backend. Web development is working with the combination of both frontend and backend development.  

Some of the backend languages include Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript, and C#. We will go through this one by one in deep. The backend earns a lot of attention, whether performance, data interactions, or setting the application/ program logic. The two types of programming languages are distinct from one another. However, both have their respective tools and technologies. Predicting the future of such a dynamically changing industry like software development is not an easy task. Several questions come to mind which is the best backend language for web development in 2022.  

Various things are required to pick out a backend language by considering multiple parameters, project requirements, performance, reliability, etc.   This article post will have a quick look at some vital backend programming languages that you must require in 2022. But, before moving further, first, let’s understand what backend development is.  

What is Backend Development?

  Back-end development refers to server-side development. However, web development activities are done at back end of programs which referred as back-end development. Backend developers build code which allows a database and application to communicate with one another. However, developer take care and manage the backend of a website that includes database, servers and apps.   For becoming the backend developer there are various skills required like web development languages, database, server etc.

Some Importance of Backend development?


JavaScript:- JavaScript is one of the most reliable backend programming languages. Moreover, JavaScript is denoted by “js” languages highly used for both server-side and front-end tasks.  However, JavaScript is preferred for both front end and back end development. It gives you huge community support and hence is considered one of the top programming languages in the industry. JavaScript is not the same as java they both are completely different languages.

In recent 2022, it has developed into a high level, multiple paradigm, and dynamic language. Most of the frequently used language runs anywhere, including cloud, mobile devices, browsers, containers, servers, etc.  

Python is one of the most popular languages for its compatibility with technologies like ML, data science, loT, etc. Python is an excellent choice for back-end web development because it is easy to learn programming language. It is very easy to learn for web development as it is mainly used for the development of scalable web pages and applications. Python is also an easy language choice for beginner coders.

Python for web development is its huge collection of standard libraries, making the python  developer's work comparatively more accessible and more efficient. In addition, there are various features of using python.

  • Huge collection of libraries and framework
  • Easy to learn
  • Better code readability
  • Easy integration with other various languages also.
  • Portability and versatility



PHP was developed in 1994. It has become the world's best server-side development language. It is also the best language for web development. It is good competition from other languages like JavaScript, python, etc. It doesn’t require a compiler either, and also it can run on almost every major operating system like macOS, Windows, Linux, etc. Compared to other languages, PHP is very secure as a server-side scripting language as there are various hash functions available in PHP. For the start-up, you can go with PHP developer for back-end web development.  


  • PHP is a highly productive programming language.
  • PHP is used for the web development
  • It is highly used in the web industry to build and deploy applications rapidly.
  • However, Facebook is one of the famous social media applications which is developed using PHP.

Advantages of using PHP

  • Easy to use in developing a web pages
  • Gives more offers of frameworks
  • Supports various automation tools for application testing and deploying
  • Supports functional and object-oriented programming paradigms 

JAVA:- Java was made in 1991, but it was officially published in 1995. Java is one of the most famous languages for developers who want to generate large dependable web applications that need high-security measures to keep data secure. Java is a versatile OOP language used for Android development and desktop and web application development. Java supports multithreading that permits the concurrent execution of 2 or more threads for maximum CPU utilisation. However, Java is one of the best languages for web development in 2021 that anyone should definitely learn.

  • Java is a multi-paradigm, feature-rich, interpreted and powerful programming language that gives high productivity for Java developers.
  • Java is a significant business application requirement.
  • The java Java Virtual Machine (JVM) runtime is among the best VMs in the IT industry.
  • Programming languages such as Scala or Python and Java have never introduced any major updates and changes.

Ruby:- Ruby is a general-purpose programming language that supports different programming paradigms like procedural, functional, and object-oriented programming. Ruby particular language supports almost every major platform, such as windows, Mac, and Linux, and lets us tell you this as well. Ruby is highly based on many other programming languages like Perl, Lisp, Eiffel, Ada, etc. Some of the developer’s rights consider ruby the best backend language for web development. Ruby is a fast and flexible programming language that has a famous Ruby on Rails web framework. Ruby permits you to create and perform tasks using less code.

However, ruby is so simple, that it’s often a good choice for beginners to learn and practice back-end development. Creating tasks and functions easily in RoR also speeds up the process of creating a piece of software that makes Ruby useful for quickly. It is also useful for making prototypes of projects and testing their basic functionality.  

C#:- C# is pronounced: “c-Sharp.” C# is, however, constantly ranking under the top 5 programming language at various standards for the last few years. C# is a programming language developed and introduced by Microsoft in 2001. C# was initially built by Microsoft primarily for the .NET Framework. In addition, C# comes with a large number of libraries that support developers in completing their projects faster and more efficiently. However, if anyone is looking for a programming language, it is better to use backend web developers C# is the best option.

C# is similar to C and C++, both very useful backend programming languages, so it is good to learn C#. Extensively C# is being used in various areas like as development of windows applications, The language gives you various enriching features such as faster compilation, interoperability, scalable.  

Go:- Google has been ranked as one of the most famous and loved programming languages in the world. Go is also refer as Golang. It is one popular programming language designed by Google by Robert Griesemer and Rob Pike. The Golang permits developers to build scalable and secure web applications efficiently. However, Go syntax is similar to the C language.  This Go has various features like easy to learn, compiled language, package management, high performance, etc.

However, having been developed by Google and mainly for Google, Go is the gateway to native cloud solutions. It is one of the great backend technologies for building high scalable databases and development.  

Wrapping Up:-

Backend language plays a crucial role in web development. So, choosing the perfect programming language is essential. In addition, the backend is what makes the website or application perform well, responsive, fast and functional. So, if you final about your requirement, decided platform to use, the next best step is to hire the perfect development company as one who help you get the full benefits of advanced technology.   If anyone needs help choosing the perfect backend languages, do not hesitate. We are always ready to support and find the best solutions to your problems.  


Which backend language is speedy?

There are various types of backend languages available; however, fastness also depends upon the kind of applications it includes.

Can I utilise Python for the backend?

Python is one of the most famous backend technology. However, it is highly used for web development, AI, machine learning, and data processing.

List the best top 10 backend languages for web development?

Java, node.js, Ruby, Python and more are the best top 10 backend languages for the web development.

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