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Grocery App development Working, Features and cost 

Grocery App development

In today's period, all required all the things in a few finger clicks. The demand for grocery app development is constantly growing. After the covid-19 pandemic attack, the grocery sector has become a promising industry for the business. The grocery app development suddenly lifted the demand for the apps like Amazon, Walmart, Grofers etc. A delivery app also helps automate the task as it automatically connects you with the best delivery at any given time.

However, some years back, people made big grocery lists of their essential day-to-day needs. Walk into the best advantageous grocery app because of our grocery app development company. Serve your customers at their doorsteps with your personalised grocery ordering and delivery marketplace.

In addition, around us, we look 80% of online customers buying products once a week from online shopping. The solution that paves the best opportunity for the start-up, traditional grocery stores and tech companies to invest in their grocery app development projects. In this article, you will get the best knowledge about the grocery app working, its features and its cost of it. So not to wait let's starts.

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Working on Grocery app development

The functioning of a grocery app development is simple and easy. However, after searching for the specific product, the users can add them to their cart and then do the final checkout. In many apps, the users can select the best time of their order delivery. Here are the detailed steps.

  1. First, the customer has to download the app.
  2. In the second step, the customer/user log in with an email id or phone number and password.
  3. Search for the product that customers want to purchase.
  4. Add the correct and address details that need to the driver.
  5. Order confirmation by the customer and make an online payment. Select various payment gateway that is comfortable.
  6. Admin receives the request.
  7. Then this request gets sent to the grocery store manager.  The store manager responds either by accepting/rejects the request.
  8. The store manager generates the order.
  9. The order was successfully delivered to the customers.

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Features of Grocery app development

Super Admin panel: -

Dashboard: -

The dashboard is an important part of the admin panel. The admin handles the entire back-end operation. However, the admin can track orders received from customers, inventory management, etc.

User management: -  

The admin of the grocery app can add or remove users or change their active status. In addition to that, the admin can view the complete details of the admin like contact details, address, etc.

Manage store: -

This feature allows the admin to add/remove stores on the app. The admin can look at the active status of the store and manage them.

Assign order: -

Manually assign new orders to your store or let it be handled automatically.

Track order: -

This is a beneficial feature for the admin to keep an eye on each order that is placed and their fulfillment details.

Payment management: -

Accepting and managing payments through multiple payment gateways. However, this looks that the process will run smoothly.

Various product management: -

The features allow the admin to add products in bulk from the back-end.  However, the admin can enable and disable the products on their availability and also remove the product.

Push notification: -

Previous only discuss admin having all rights in the app Admin can get the notification of the emails, order delivered, drivers accepting, etc. many more things.

Report and Analytics: -

Deeper insights and analytics to see where you stand and help you to grow your business in a smarter way.  However, the admin also monitors what discounts are gaining traction, what products are moving fastly, and optimize their offering accordingly.

Users Panel: -

  • Signup/login: - The login process should be simple and easy. However, it also allows users to log in through phone numbers, social media accounts, email, etc. So, these features can be added to the grocery app development.
  • A quick search for products: - The users can easily find the best items with intuitive search, filtering, and sorting. This is a very useful feature however it will save a lot of time for users.
  • Schedule delivery: - Customers will have to choose the proper time and day to receive their orders.
  • Push notification: -This feature permits you to transmit information about the discount, offers, and coupons on the customer's screen. However, this push notification is highly helpful to give latest updating of the app.
  • Order tracking: - Get real-time order tracking details, and users can look at the real updates of the product.  These features help real-time location and help with the tracking details.
  • Add Wish list: - Get a quick shopping wish list so users can save it for a later purchase.
  • Multiple payment options: - This is the main feature in grocery app development. The users can choose the best suitable option to pay the way that they want. It includes credit/debit card, net banking etc.
  • Order history: - This option facilities the customers to make the repeat order to choose a product from the past history, thereby providing a seamless users experience.
  • Rating/ Review: - Users should be allowed to share review or give rating for a particular stores, delivery man. However, this feature is highly helpful for the improvement in future if needed.
  • Delivery person Panel

Delivery person Login: -

The same features is the same as users' login where the customer has to log in same process delivery person's login in this process. However, the delivery person can also log in through their social media login id or email address.

Accept/reject delivery request: - This feature should be added in grocery app development. The provision of accepting/rejecting the orders depends on the customer's location and the time that it would need to be delivered.

In app calling/chat: - This features in-app calling/chat to make it easy for customers to communicate with delivery boys about orders or delivery.

Geo map services: -

Geo location services integrated with GPS features will help delivery staff track the location of users.

In-app navigation: -

A delivery person can arrive at their goal without much a stretch utilising the application's route feature.

Profile management: - Deliver person can alter their profile and add/delete the data about them whenever needed.

Store manager

  • Inventory management: - There is various products in the store that are highly received on a daily or weekly basis that can be easily managed. However, this can be tracked, both of which are in the process of being delivered or pending delivery.
  • Manage Payment: There are various payment gateways available with grocery app development, so it is possible to manage payment received as the orders are confirmed.
  • Accept/ reject orders: - Sometimes, due to some reason, the store may remain close or product not available at that the orders can be accept/reject.  However due to the driver accomplishing pending deliveries, they reject orders.
  • Order notification: - In this feature you will find request made for deliveries along with the order number and other various details need for processing.
  • In-app/chat calling: - This features the driver can communicate with customers with the app to fix the delivery time and find the exact location and routes.
  • Store pickup: - Sometimes customer prefer to pick up their orders from the store then they can. It will improve the offline grocery business of the customers.

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Advanced Features Grocery app development

  • Tracking: - The real-time tracking is the best feature for tracking updates to a GPS device mobile. This is helpful for all customers, store owner, admin.  The driver can deliver the product at the proper time and the customer doesn’t wait with uncertainty.
  • Push notification: - Push notification is an important advanced feature. Push notification is one type of alert message that highly appear on the screen when you are using this app. You can deliver the relevant message and personalized content to your customers at the most appropriate time.
  • In-app chat/calling: - There should be a feature of call/chat the delivery person by both store owner and consumer within the app. This helps to the delivery person if sometimes drivers not getting the proper location, then they can direct chat/call.
  • GPS tracking: - GPS tracking system in mobile gives a highly personalized experience to the users. However, it checks the user's geographic location and gives results like famous grocery stores, nearby stores, currency, various items to orders.
  • Real-time Analytics: - This advanced feature is an important feature. Real-time analytics is one type of data analytics as soon as data gets available. However, it helps to monitor the activity of the users, saving cost, profit, detecting frauds etc. This also helps to take your business in a real way and helps to make a better decision.
  • Rate and review: - Rate and review helps the business to know the customer's review/rate, feedback. However, it also helps the other customers to know the services of the stores by its rating.
  • Re-ordering: - Sometimes it may happen that customers wanted to place the same order which they order previously, this features highly useful at that time to see previous order history and re-order again the same one.

How much it cost to develop a Grocery app development?

The cost of grocery app development matters a lot. However, the cost to develop a grocery app development depends upon various factors. The more complex design and features the cost will be higher. You need not worry if you are wondering what would be the price of such features rich grocery app development. Let’s look some of points which effect the cost.

  • Features complexity:- There are various type of complexity of features and functionalities available in grocery app development.
  • UI/UX Design: - The cost also involved in the design the users interface of the app.
  • App platform: -There are various platform involved in the app you can select you want to build the app Android, iOS, or web.
  • Technology used: - You can select the best technology used to build the app.
  • App security:- The expenses incurred for the app protection and security.

However, the cost to develop such mobile app can be evaluated based on various factors it also depends upon the location you select. You can also hire android app developer for hourly, monthly, weekly basis according to your requirement.  

Wrapping Up: -

The grocery app development depends upon various factors. However, out of all these the grocery delivery app development has to be unique, and offer enriching experience to the user. Company have completed many successful applications. To get started with online grocery app development you can choose to hire mobile app development company that help customizing, user-friendly and efficient android app development solution.  

How much does it cost to develop a grocery delivery app?

Developing an grocery app development cost is highly depends upon the features you wish to integrate into your app. The more features you include the cost will be high.

What are the features of the grocery app development?  

Grocery app development are similar to the eCommerce application. The grocery mobile app development solution you’ll get the features of shopping cart, product catalogue, payment gateway, push notification, review etc.

Is the grocery app development compatible with iOS and Android?  

Yes, according to the client requirement, we shall assign the best developers to work on your application and develop it in Android and iOS.

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