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In modern times every single one cannot live without electricity. It has also become an important part of life not only in the city but in small towns also.  Everyone requires electricity all day long; today, nothing can take its place. In the past year, we have seen a huge development in web advancement and different versatile applications.

This is highly conceivable with the use of countless smartphones by a large number of individuals around the world. So, with the utilisation of this advancement in digitisation, all techniques get replaced with an assortment of online on demand electrician apps. Not only electricity but with the high demand for electrical appliances, the need for electricians has also increased.  

Here and then, households, much of the time, experience electrical failures. The latest technology has given rise to on-demand app development for electricians, which allow you to find the right and suitable electrician who will deliver your various necessary services related to electrical problems. Anyone needing to search for a certified and experienced electrician can be good and genuine, especially if the electrician is not acquainted with today's modern technology. 

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There are lots of problems found like fluctuating power supply, flickering lights, misfires or short circuits. This time of problem when we arise we need experienced and professional electricians to make things proper. For this problem, without wasting time in searching for an electrician in your area, choose an on-demand electrician app in which people can hire the nearby electrician whenever required.

You can go through on-demand electrician apps where you get the electrician with just a few finger clicks. The on-demand electrician app is comprised of 2 major sections, one for the user and another for the electrician panel.  

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Best Basic Features of an On-demand electrician app development.

 Now it's time to talk about the features of the on-demand electrician app. There is a list of various features which are helpful to the users and electricians both. Let us first talk about the major features of this on-demand electrician app.  


User panel:-

  • Login option:- This is the main section of an on-demand electrician app where users can log in, sign in, sign up. They can easily sign-in easily with the help of social networks, phone number or Email.
  • Selection of electrician:- Users can select or get the best electrician by utilising various services filters.
  • Request a service:- Once done, the users have to select some particular services which he/she needs at a suitable time, date and location.
  • Payment procedure:- Once done, the users can process the payment in order to get the services of the electrician. Users can select various payment options either by cash, cards or other payment gateways.
  • Check offer availability:-  It is not necessary all time you will get services users to have to check the available offers as well. There are various options to choose from, discounts running on various services and can avail them when required. 
  • Cancel booking:- If users sometimes do not need the services or due to some emergency wanted to cancel the booking at the users can cancel the booking.
  • Check on request history:- The users can check or view the order history as well order to book the desired electrician with just a single tap.
  • Give feedback:- When an electrician is given the best services the users have to give feedback or review and assign the rating to the electrician that service was good, bad or very good etc.

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Electrician Panel:- Not users get all benefits; it will also be highly beneficial to the electrician. The list is given below 

  • Registration:- An electrician can easily register themselves by using a phone number, email or social media account. It is somewhat the same as a users panel.
  • List of various services:- The electrician lists down various services with the different packages, discounts etc. 
  • Accept and reject appointments:- There are various requests aligned and the user location requirements; the electricians can accept or reject the user’s request.
  • Manage profile:- The electrician can easily set up or manage their profile according to their needs. 
  • Integration Google map:- Google map facility is given in-app so electricians can easily get the users to address and look how far the destination is.
  • Customer review:- In this, the electrician can view the ratings and reviews assigned by the users.
  • Chat and audio call support:-  Sometimes, the electrician can need a chat and audio support to guide the users to solve minor problems. 
  • Receive payment:- The electrician can accept the various payment mode options, either can be cash, debit/credit card, Paytm etc., according to the users wish how they pay to the electrician. 


Admin Panel:-

  • Manage dashboard:- All the necessary information about the on-board electrician app, which includes a number of bookings, pending works etc., all these activities, is managed by the admin.  
  • Users management:- All the users that are tuned on the on-demand electrician app are managed and verified by the admin.
  • Payment management:- The admin has the right to manage all the user transactions. Every transaction is handled and verified by the admin. 
  • Service management:- There are many services available on the on-demand electrician app which are needed and highly managed by the admin. 
  • Feedback management:- The feedback given by users or electricians is totally handled by the admin.
  • Electrician management :- All electricians that are tuned on the on-demand electrician app are managed and verified by the admin.
  • Reports:- Any kind of report related to the incoming orders, payments generated, various offers, peak hours when most orders are placed etc., are handled by the admin.

Extra and common Features:-     

  • Messaging in the app:- This is one main feature where the users and electricians can stay connected with the communication channel such as WhatsApp, SMS, email etc.  The users can talk with the electrician regarding all necessary things like timing, location, and other facilities.
  • Notification:- From the mobile app, the users get timely notification about the orders and payment confirmation and discount are delivered to the registered mobile number. It gives all information to the users by displaying the advent time of the electrician assigned and some of the important details to be given.
  • GPS tracking:- Through the GPS features, the electricians can track the path to reach the user's destination and can get the perfect location and real-time. 
  • Auto estimate arrival time:- With the help of these features, the users can estimate at what time the electrician will arrive at your location. These features are highly helpful to track electrician live locations and can also estimate the time that it will take to reach the user’s locations. It is also helpful for users to guide the electrician when they lose their way.
  • Payment models:- There are various payment models available in this electrician booking app like PayPal,  credit/debit card, net banking, GPay etc., to allow users to make easy digital payments. 

On-Demand Electrician App development working Process 

Before designing on-demand electrician app development, you must know the all working process of an on-demand electrician app. Let's go through each and every step in detail, the working of an electrician app.

  • The first and foremost thing to know is that an electrician can easily generate their profile by adding all the necessary basic information like name, location, mobile number, E-mail id much more.
  • In the second step, the electrician will list down the various services including the charges and packages. 
  • The users can also create their own account and choose whenever they need to search for the best electrician nearby by applying different filters, profile checking of electrician, charges, availability time and hiring them easily.
  • And the same an electrician can look at the request list and, as per the availability, accept/decline the request.
  • After all the requests, the connection of electrician and users easily connected via call modules, chat and do further discussion.
  • After the whole work is completed, the user can make the payment by selecting various payment methods available on the app. At last, the users can give feedback or reviews to the hired electrician.
  • So, simple and easy steps are to be followed, which save time and money both.

The Costing to develop an Electrician app:-

The cost of an on-demand electrician app is highly dependent upon the elements like app development and designing, back-end development, and various functionality needed.  The customer highly needs immediate solutions. This could be a great way to solve all household issues related to the electrical application in a few minutes. So why wait to choose the best app development services for electrician apps.

Every business and its requirement are unique; the cost of the development also varies. The on-demand electrician app development charge on per hour basis according to the demand and complexities of the business and clients.   The app development cost estimate can be known only after discussion of the project idea with on-demand app experts or android app developers. If you are looking forward to a reliable team that can help stand the test of time and take over the cut-throat competition, then we are just a click away. Reach to our expert team, which provides you with new ideas to transform your app idea into a working reality.   

Wrapping up:-  The on-demand electrician services app provides the best benefits to electricians like work, greater rich in the market, competitive compensation. They play an important role to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of both households and businesses. Not only beneficial for the electrician but also for users who get all-electric services with a few fingers click. So, do not wait to get an on-demand electrician app for your great business.

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