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15+ Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps for Android & iOS in 2023

Intermittent Fasting Apps

Intermittent fasting Apps have become more famous all over the world. It is one of the important and popular diet regimes which permit an individual to limit the time of eating in a day to a certain window. Nowadays, Health also becomes one of the important things in human life. But unlike other fad diets, there are various best free, intermittent fasting apps that are effective for weight loss, and leading a healthy lifestyle. The Fasting app demands strict planning, intense temptation resistance, and firm commitment. 

Second, If you are a professional dietitian or fitness and wellness startup and planning to enter the best fasting apps world. If you are planning to adopt intermittent fasting apps but not having a proper idea whether to move ahead with the idea or not then you are properly landed on this page.  

There are many famous fasting apps that let you keep a track of your weight and help you with graphs and journaling. However, sometimes it is very difficult to manage the routine and that’s where intermittent fasting apps come into the picture. First, it is time to know its meaning and benefits so do not wait let’s move forward and know in depth. 


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What do you mean by an intermittent fasting app?


Intermittent fasting is one famous weight loss diet that generally describes a simple concept. You have limited the hours of eating in a day to a specific window beyond that window you eat nothing. In simple its diet reprograms help to maintain the whole body structure and help you lose weight. 

Moreover, intermittent fasting required strict scheduling, firm commitment, and strong temptation. Anyone not only commits to the chosen diet but also allows your body to get all the necessary nutrients. Nutrients are also important things to our body.


Benefits of Intermittent fasting apps  

Intermittent fasting is one of the best cycles of eating and fasting. This is a pattern where you consume or withhold food. Several studies prove intermittent fasting has a positive impact on promoting autophagy.


The benefit of intermittent fasting apps include 


  1. Reduce risk of disease - Intermittent fasting lowers the risk of diseases like Heart, disease, diabetes, cancer, and many more. 
  2. Cellular repair - Intermittent fasting state speeds up the degradation and recycling of cellular waste.
  3. Weight loss - This intermittent fasting greatly helps in losing weight by doing exercise, norepinephrine which aids in burning fats. 
  4. Hormone balance - Intermittent fasting maintains normal hormone balance in the body and promotes health. 
  5. Protects brain - Autophagy enhances well being of the mind and guards the brain. 


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Best Intermittent Fasting Apps 2023


1. Zero

 A simple intermittent fasting app zero that helps users sync an intermittent fast with their biological clock. The fasting apps for Android are available today. However, the fasting apps feature the user’s location and figure out when the sun will set in their area. This highly covers all topics like fasting when under quarantine, improving your sleep quality, and what to drink while fasting.  So, you can always monitor your activity, sleep and weight with Zero.

If you want to select the best fasting app then one of the awesome free fasting apps for those new to intermittent fasting. Zero also works with seasoned fasters. It is one of the best intermittent fasting apps for Android and iOS.


 2. Fasting

The second one is the Fasting app. If you are looking for a way to track your fasting window and diet, Fasting is one of the best intermittent fasting apps. It permits you to maintain a record of the food you eat. Having plenty of space for your journal, access your information in the app. Tracking is highly needed when you do intermittent fasting because it always keeps you motivated, and this app is best for use.


3. Fastic

Being one of the best intermittent fasting fastic is a guarantee to produce individual materials for your requirement and objectives.  It is an applicationor if you are thinking to improve your eating habits. Fastic has some supplementary features like community following and a stop counter that lets you share your progress and motivate each other.  However, this fastic fasting app consists of over 400 recipes that feature healthy and filling ingredients that give you all the nutrients your body needs. Moreover, Fastic is a free fasting app that you can install on Android and iOS. In addition, fastics offers various other functions also. It consists of a best free intermittent fasting apple water tracker and step counter also. 


4. DoFasting

DoFasting offers you package deals.  Dofasting is a fasting app which highly used by beginners or experienced people who select intermittent fasting. It is a very easy-to-use fasting tracker and monitors your water and calorie intake. The app gives various famous fasting plans and constant professional advice from nutrition and wellness experts. 

If you are unsure about the progress examine your weekly health report that displays weight, calories, water consumption, and also how many steps you took over the day.  It also has some features like a full-fledged fasting guide, multiple fitness tips, a visual dashboard that shows your fasting patterns. However, this Dofasting app is highly available on Android and iOS for free. 


5. BodyFast

Bodyfast app is a Germany-based intermittent fasting app. With its innovative and various fasting plans it has been among top app for intermittent fasting. It permits users to choose a coach and follow his meal-planning tips. The user can upgrade and take weekly challenges to stay competitive and keep you highly motivated.  Bodyfast gives coaching based on data input like your age, weight goals, etc. This is free app for Android and iOS and also keeps a tab on your weight, body, measurement, and state of hydration. 


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6. Ate Food Diary

Ate food diary is the best fasting tracker app which help you keep an visual food diary. This offers the best easy way to look at your food choices and what they make you feel. This fasting app permits you to share on social media, makes them look back on their choices and how they made them feel. It is one of the fastest and easiest food journal and makes users experiment with new habits to see what work for an individual.  This Ate food Diary is the best fasting app. 


7. Vora

First thing is that Vora is one of the best great weight loss app if you are seeing for a similar feature in an app. Vora is a cloud-based best fasting app as it permits users to generate, edit, and delete fasts. The app then presents you with all daily timing and your progress. This app gives daily weight loss goals, fasting hours, and whole-day progress. However, connecting with others in the fasting community via VORA may be its best feature. Vora is one of the free fasting apps for Android and Apple.


8. Life Fasting tracker

The life fasting tracker app is great for both new and second users. Among many famous fasting app, the Life Fasting Tracker app is a scheduling tracker, however, the life fasting app permits users to set their own start and end times, and goals for fasting periods.  This is a free intermittent fasting app that has the fasting tracker online and nearly recorded 7 million fasts to date. The apps also increase inspiration and motivation. However, you can also update your friends and followers on your progress in terms of accountability. Both iOS and Android users can get LIFE Fasting tracker for free. 


9. Fastient

If you’re looking for a straightforward intermittent fasting app that does nothing more download Fastient app.  It is a health-tracking app that allows you to record your food intake and evaluate your overall progress. The fasting fasting app has a nice opportunity to be accessed via smartphone or desktop. Fastient is the most preferred intermittent fasting app that let you adjust your fasting schedule to meet your long-term goals. However, Fasitent is available on both Android and iOS. 


10. Fasthabit

Fasthabit is an fasting app featured by GQ, The Guardian, and The Fast Company. FastHabit is one of the top most apps for intermittent fasting. The app is available for beginners and regular users who in need to change their app or start fasting utilizing an app. In addition, this is free fasting app that offers to report letting you monitor your streak of ten consecutive days of fasting to track your progress. The software permits you to track your weight, reminders to stay on track, drink water, and all your objectives. Moreover, the software also permits you to track your weight.  Fasthabit lets you reminders and notifies you of your fasting stats. You can also follow 5:2 for 1 week than in the following weeks, you can swap to 16:8 to alternate-day fasting as you wish. It is loved by thousands of users who are passionate about intermittent fasting. 


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11. Clear

Clear is not just an app, but that reminds every user about fasting time and much more.  It is possible that what we are interested in is simply an application that works as a timer. Clear fasting app is the best option and has various program already created and permit you to easily see how many hours you have been fasting and how many hours you have left to enter the window.

However, the Clear fasting app is a totally free app. For some of us, it is important that the applications adapt to the dark mode of our phones.


12. Simple

The Simple is an all-in-one fasting app that motivates you in all weight loss journeys. It is one of the free simple fasting apps to download. The best thing about this app is it generates a customized intermittent plan for you as per your body goals and requirement. However, this app not only helps you record the hours you eat but also gives 14-day meal plans.  It is one of the real helping hands in the case of vegans since following intermittent fasting can be a little bit more difficult to meet protein. In addition, this app can connect to your apple health app for weight, sleep cycle tracking, steps, and water intake. However, the app is totally free but if you are required to upgrade it to premium to get personalized insight, and articles then you have to purchase an extra plan for that. 


13. Rhythm

Rhythm is one of the best intermittent fasting apps that helps you to maintain your daily routines for your fitness and body to stay healthy. It is a fast app for tracking your IF schedule and progress. You can select from the various variants of intermittent fasting available on the app. It highly helps you to check daily fasting goals and checking your progress the day you start your weight loss journey. Having very advanced features to take from this Rhythm fasting app. 


14. Window

Window is perfect to begin your intermittent fasting journey. It is available for free for Android platforms. It also offers visual dashboards that permit you to evaluate your progress and keep your motivation level high. However, it comes with various features that you can schedule your fasting cycle, get notifications, track vital parameters with ease, etc. The Window Fasting app is available in a premium version. It also permits you to add photos, and notes, track weight, and much more. Window fasting app is also available on both Android and iOS for free. 


15. iFasting

iFasting app is the best and most suitable for those who are concerned about their slow progress. It permits you to fetch daily, weekly, and monthly reports to monitor your progress and take adequate corrective actions. iFasting is a free fasting app you can download anytime. It permits you to perform an informative analysis and switch to a healthier lifestyle. It has the best features of Google Drive backup, daily, weekly and monthly reports, effortless data sync with wearable devices, etc. However, it also offers a beautiful UI, a plethora of information about meal preparations, preferable food, and avoidable food during your non-fasting window.


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