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10+ Celebrity Look-Alike Apps: What Celebrity Do I Look Like?

Celebrity look like app

At present days, Celebrities have become an inspiration for each one. However, when  This trend grows, celebrity look alike apps are becoming more and more famous. In this type of application creates a celebrity look alike by using face recognition technologies. The thing is that only you have to upload a photo and select a proper filter to find out what celebrity look alike app suits your purpose best. 


Celebrities are now becoming the best source of inspiration for everyone. Do you to know which celebrity do you look like? Or do you want to know to find out which famous person your acquaintance look like? Don’t you think it would be fascinating to investigate what Celebrity do I look like?


Do you intend to launch a startup in the social media sector? A celebrity look alike app is something you should choose without hesitation. A popular idea of what celebrity do I look like is popular with people. Both Android and iPhone smartphone users can download these celebrity look alike apps. 


Are you looking how to find celebrity look alike apps. If yes then this blog will provide you all the proper guidelines its meaning, various type Celebrity look alike apps. 


What is a Celebrity look-alike App ?


Now a days people are highly preferring smartphones. Smartphones are handy and gives access to the internet and various apps. Around us we are seeing that there are many people who are craze of social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. People are looking forward to click pictures and share them across the network. 


Facebook is one of the most famous networking sites used by businessmen and common people.  There are various organizations that have launched various kinds of photo apps that have earned a lot. Face recognition technology and machine learning algorithms create a great pair. Celebrity look like apps work on the same and have won a lot.  


Celebrity look like app are one easy way to fulfill people fantasy of looking like a celeb along with getting endless fan following. People have a lot of fun with this apps. There are included various filters as well to attract users to use the app for a long time. 


The top 10 Leading Celebrity look-alike apps 


Famous of these celebrity look alike app is increasing at a high speed as people are enjoying finding celebrities that look like them across the world. People have more interest, in business and highly think with integrated technologies and functions within the apps. Moreover, when it comes to the mobile app there are various platform relevant to the particular domain. We are giving the list of top 10 celebrity look alike app. So not to waste time let’s deep dive. 



Gradient is a famous celebrity look alike app that have seen/download millions of the times on mobile devices. It is available on Android and iOS as a best unique idea. Few years ago a Ukrainian business with the same name came up. Software used a basic form of machine learning and created celebrities to look like it. The developers can use advanced the features and are still working to improve their service. 

The app provides a great user experience with AI and beauty effects. The celebrity look alike app also permits users to create collages with a series of images.


Features of Gradient App:-

  • Exceptional AI based portraits
  • Using a photo of the user this service create AI portraits for them to view online.
  • Can be share pictures among friends and family member
  • Anyone can generate wide range of hairstyles and which may be created with eye-catching hair collages. 



Reface is one of the most popular face swam mobile app that entertains people by swapping their faces favourites celebrities. However, users can enjoy the app by generating various images, videos gifts and all other just with few finger clicks.  If people who are looking for  how to find celebrity look alike app it simple you can download this app for free in google play store. There are many features for using this Reface app let’s check.


Features of Reface App:-

  • Quick result after uploading the image
  • Free to use app with all advanced technology
  • Best security and privacy policy 


My Replika  

My Replica app has professional editing capabilities. It permits you to touch, retouch and add all filters. The replica celebrity look-like app provides the best result. However, the app has a celebrity database includes singers, politicians, sportsmen, and acting stars. It is also known for its simplicity, accuracy, and fast results 


Features of My Replika App:-

  • It will fastly help you to find your celebrity twin.
  • You can edit the images with all advanced machine-learning editing features. 


Look alike  

Lookalike app is a free app that assists you in finding many celebrities. However, it helps you to find your matching celebrities from a different variety of celebrities.  The mobile app is available for free for both Android and iOS users.  Users like it because it’s very easy to use and also share your results on social media sites.


Features of Look Alike App:-


  • Lookalike app adds free and has advanced technology
  • HD technology recogninzes human faces in digital pictures. 
  • Compare any face to the most popular ones.



Celebs app is another well-known celebrity look-alike mobile app.  The software uses machine learning to assist users in finding the best closest celebrity look-alike. The app is both for Android and iOS. It provides celebrity look-alike filters that help you to look like your loved celebrity. It also permits you social media sharing. There are many features while using this Celebs celebrity look alike app. 


Features of Celebs  App:-

  • It is totally free to access
  • It has AI pictures which are stunning 
  • Camera apps list is best
  • The software permit users to search for celebrity match that looks just like them. 


Star by face   

Star by face is another app that is more famous, however, the name only says you what the app is all about. It is very easy to use only have to upload your photo to a website or app. You can also upload your images through the URL. The app is available on both the Google play store and the App store for people to download. 


Features of star by face  App:-

  • Large database of celebrities
  • Security for users friendly ui
  • You can download it for free
  •  Offers you edited images with high resolution 
  • It is celebrity look alike android app.



Y-star permit you to click picture and compare face features against the vast database. It gives fast results with best match among the collection of celebrities. The Y-star Celebrity look-alike app uses the front camera to take a snap and gives impressive results by analyzing facial points and face-mapping technologies. It has unique features let’s see.  

Features of Y-star App:-

  • Automatically generated using front camera data.
  • Innovative machine learning algorithm
  •  Celebrity appearance results are both accurate and of exceptional quality. 



Likestar is the best celebrity lookalike app for users. All have gone through this thought and to help such people likestar is the perfect app.The likestar app gives you perfect results to the users within seconds. You can use it with simple and easy steps. However, you have to add your image and name of celebrity you want to look similar to.  Only wait for few seconds and you will receive best-desired result quickly.  Users can also use this likestar celebrity look alike app on social media sites like Meta, Instagram, etc. 


Features of Likestar App:-

  • Quick result with high quality images
  • Resize the image
  • Database of celebrities and availability of in app purchase.



Looky Celebrity look alike app have to put no extra effort to use as they have only simple click a selfie or can select from the photo gallery. The app also permits you to share it over social media sites. If users are not satisfied with result he/she can repeat it any time they wanted. The app is also available for both iOS and Android users. However, if you are thinking to create a mobile app with celebrity look  alike app you can hire mobile app developer for Looky like app. 


Features of Looky App:-

  • Easy and free to use
  • Create frame, colleges, stickers, etc.
  • AI based face recognition process 
  • Celebrity look alike 
  • Facer app 


Celeb Twin  

First thing that Celeb twin is available for iOS users. Having unique features as compared to other that not only deliver one match for the submitted photo but also shows similarities between the three celebrities. However it also permit you to find the famous person. The thing is only you have to upload your photo for best results. 


Features of Twin App:-

  • Easy to use
  • Easily share images and pictures on social media sites
  • Primarily uses Face Recognition technology. 


Wrapping up 

The above article has covered all the necessary point for Celebrity look alike apps that you required to know. Before moving into the industry or creating an app like you should go through a best guide provided by us. To get more profit or have chances to grow and earn you must assist a famous mobile app development company. Here, coherent lab needs no introduction when it comes to a leading firm.


Having top mobile app developers with the knowledge of the latest technology and tools advantageous to build robust Ceelbrity look alike apps for your business. 


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