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How much it cost for Developing An application like Shareit or Xender

Developing An application like Shareit or Xender

Sharing you important file or any other file without any use of the internet is one of the great advantages for mobile users. App like Xender, shareit highly run on such a concept. It permits users to share the files in a wireless format mode without any data usage. Downloading apps like file sharing is getting more popular. It’s advantageous to invest in the development of apps like Xender.


People with the very brilliant business ideas are seeking for developing an application like Shareit and Xender. People can work smoothly and quickly send different types of files between 2 devices and moreover the process is completely free of cost. If you’re also looking to create an application like Xender or Shareit and searching for that how much does it cost to create an app like Shareit and Xender. Then first you are at the right place and then you should hire a top mobile app development company that has experience in successful file sharing app development.  


Many app development companies like Coherent labs work on apps like Xender, Shareit to help their clients.  There are many big business investors who are investing in multiple apps but thinking to develop an app that saves the audience money, time and increases the brand value.


In this blog, we will discuss in deep that what is xender, shareit, features of xender, various steps for creating an app like Xender and Shareit. So not to wait, lets have a deep dive into it. 


What is Xender?


Xender best file sharing app, can send and receive files between various devices and platforms. It includes Android, Windows phone, iOS, Windows and MAC PCs. However, Filesharing apps use the WiFi Direct technology to send and receive files between devices at about hundreds time faster than Bluetooth. These applications are highly available for all platforms, making it easier for users of any operating system or device. 


Xender can be used absolutely without mobile data usage. It can also be used for transferring all types of files like App, music, pdf, word, excel, zip, folder etc. it any place at any time.  Besides to transfer and share files between Windows Phone devices, Xender also permits to transfer files between WP and other platform devices like Android, iOS as well. 


What is Shareit?


Shareit is one of the file-sharing applications to help any users share any file without any restrictions of any kind between various devices like PC and Smartphones. This is free applications that make sure that all the files are transferred easily. There are plenty of media transferred using this tool that includes photos, videos, music, and any other file.


Shareit is also available for download and installation for your Android, iOS smartphones, windows and MAX PCs. It gives easy file and data managemetn services allows you to organize your data and even play media files with its built-in media player. Many more features that highly common with other file-sharing apps and specially Xender which make it most famous file sharing apps around. 


Benefits of creating an applications like Xender and Shareit 


Around us we see that people are highly interested for a way to transfer large files and data to other users because they face numerous obstacles. The internet and broadband infrastructure in numerous regions are sufficiently not or are under different transformative phase, making it difficult for clients to access or share content.If you are don’t have dependable app for sharing files you’ll run into the following issues. 


  • On Bluetooth, NFC and even some wired mechansims, data transfer is extremely slow. 
  • It is not possible to simultaneously transfer the data to multiple devices.
  • The physically there are very few distance limits.
  • During the transmission permits the largest files may be interrupted necessitating a new start. 
  • Due to the device platform or file system format incompatabilities data transfer is frequently impossible. 
  • Numerous devices are unable to use the cables which are frequently incompatible.
  • During the transmisson proces the largest file may be interrupted ncessitating an new start.
  • The operating system may prohibit certain APKs, installations file and games from being transferred. 
  • The security of the data transmission is always at a risk and it can be hacked easily and smoothly.
  • Bluetooth and NFC drain too important battery of the mobile bias, smartphones and tablets requring constant charging.
  • If you launch file sharing app like Xender or Shareit you will be able to reach a signifcant number of users who are in desperate needs of solutions like this.
  • These apps can transfer file at up to 20 MBPS thanks to use of Wifi direct rather than Bluetooth.
  • Not all players support all formats and codecs, it is necessary to have multiple video and audio players installed in order to play files received from other users. 


Know more about how much does it cost to develop an App like Xender 


Xender, shareit is an file sharing app. People can now send various type of files between 2 devices with high speed, and ease and process the whole process free. However, you should also required to know the its meaning, its features and all to make an app like Xender. If you’re trying to make a mobile app like Xender then you should know the cost of developing it. However, then first steps that you should get the whole idea about the app and then you should recruit an top mobile app development company with famous in file-sharing apps.


As above we have discuss the meaning of both Shareit and Xender. The users have also get the clear idea about the its features. What are the features when anyone go through developing an app like Xender. 


The cost of developing an app like Xender is not easy to identify. It requires to know the whole requirements of the client. However, the cost also can be identify the features the client say to add, number of employees hired, time taken, etc. so its the cost for the app like Xender difficult to identify. 


Features of Shareit and Xender:-


File transfer quickly:- Xender and Shareit helps you to transfer file quickly with up to 20 megabytes per second speed. Two hundred times faster than Bluetooth speed of up to 1 hundred kilobytes per second. Its transfer everything like pictures, music,  videos, apps, PDF, document, Zip, and even folders. 

Available For:- Xender is available for Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows and macOS, and Shareit is available for Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. 

Easy to use UI:- The user interface has a significant impact. There are many apps that provides the same services. It includes WhatApp, the Twitch app, Shareit and Xender. They are few because of their user-friendly design and ongoing efforts to make the app easy to use without sacrificing quality. With a basic connection point, it is simple in any event for not so tech savvy users to share files. People can also use the on-screen guidance and instructions for people to get started with the apps. 

Free of charge:-  The shareit and Xender apps do charge their users anything for using their services. They are free for download. They do not even make use of any mobile data to home or office through wifi to transfer files. Using pairing features available on a similar app on the devices that are required to be connected they establish a secure hotspot connection. The wireless connection is secure using the advanced WPS protocol.

Support all types of files:- Shareit and Xender users can share all type of files without any kind of restrictions. Starting these apps were built to transfer only for large files like photos and videos using a mobile phone. These Apps is highly support the sharing of all types of files types. It includes high-res photos, HD videos, Word documents, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, presentations, and much more. 

No size and number limits :- There is no limits on the number and the size of the all file that can be transferred with Xender or Shareit. However, you can transfer any number of files individually. The files can be as small as a few kilobytes in size and can be as large as large as dozen gigabytes.

All types of file support:- With Shareit and Xender users can share all files type without any kind of all restrictions. These apps were built to transfer only large media files that include photos and videos shot using mobile phones. This can be supporting all types of files that can be as Word Documents, PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, presentations etc.  




Now a days there are many client who in search of an app like Xender and want trusted solutions that offer the same services like Xender. Then you are at the right place Coherent lab is one place where all the services are provided in the proper manner according to the client's demand. To develop such an innovative app you need to rely on the services a team of passionate developers and designers. If you select other development services then hire Coherent lab


Mobile users who benefit from the ability to share files without the use of the internet. A concept like this is used in the apps like Xender. 


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