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Mobile App Development

Requirements of Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We live in a world surrounded by technology. Using a mobile application is a part of our daily routine. There are numerous apps that are highly popular including social media apps, eCommerce apps, entertainment apps, search apps, gaming apps, payment apps, health apps, etc. The growing use of mobile apps increases the demand for mobile app developers. Thus, this is becoming one of the most opted careers in today’s world. Effective mobile app development requires to be abiding by some quality standards which can be achieved by following a systematized process. Here, we will discuss this process and a few other necessities for sound mobile app development.


Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the process of implementing certain technologies and methodologies to create an application to run on mobile phones and tablets. Two notable mobile platforms are Android and iOS. Most phones run on these platforms. Some apps are pre-installed on mobile phones, while some are required to be installed by the users as per their needs. Both types of apps are developed through an organized app development process.


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Process of Mobile App Development

Mobile app development requires lots of elements to consider. It also demands a proper and systematized process to make things done in an organized way. Following a standardized process can help the developers in crafting an excellent app. Here, we have drafted a simple process that can give you an outline to bring professionalism to your app development process. Let’s have a look.


The most important part of any development process is the plan. If you have an effective and powerful plan then you have won half the race. A good plan is a path to victory. This part includes identifying the methodologies and technologies to be used in the process. If you are not sure about how to plan things for your mobile app development, then you can hire a mobile app developer. A professional app developer can provide you with some great insights.


After drafting a plan, you need to execute it effectively. Executing a plan is as important as creating the plan. If you have an excellent plan but you fail to execute it properly, then your planning is of no use. So, execution is crucial during a mobile app development process to get a qualitative resultant. This section is all about executing the methodologies as per the app requirement and implementing the ideas according to the plan.


Once the application is executed as per the plan, the developers require to continuously review it and check its performance. It is also very important to create an exceptional app to regularly look over the changes that are required according to the various testing stages. This stage becomes more significant as it decides whether the application is ready to hit the market or not.  

Feedback and Maintenance

The task of application development is not finished once the app is launched in the live market. It requires frequent changes to keep up with the desires of the client and the users. It is the responsibility of the app developers to continuously update the app and maintain it to make it the leading one in the market.


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The planning process includes creating a strong strategy to help your application lead in the market. You can create this strategy based on the performance of your competitors to outrun them with the quality of your application. It includes the objective behind your application development, your business model, the marketing strategy you are going to use, the marketing trends you follow, etc. You can hire an iOS developer if you want to create an iOS app and an android one for the android application. This will bring specialization to your mobile app. It is all part of your strategy. Here, we have provided you with the points on the basis of which you can draft a strategy to enhance your mobile app development process.

Brainstorming the Ideas

The first step to strategizing your application is to brainstorm the ideas you can use for your application. You need to identify the trendy features and functions which you can offer to the users. For this, you can make a list of features that are engaging and wholesome. This is the part that can help you bring creativity to your application. It is a crucial part of the strategy as the end result of the application is based on it.

Research for the Tech Stack

Identifying the right technology for mobile app development is highly significant to execute the strategy effectively. A Tech stack is the combination of various technologies used for a particular project. It is the key responsibility of the developer to select the tech stack for the required application. It has to be selected by keeping the latest market trends in mind. For example, cross-platform app development requires technologies like React Native, Flutter, etc. So, you need to choose the technologies which suit your type of app.

Prepare a Plan

Based on the idea for your app and the technology you are going to use for it, you need to plan out the process. You are required to analyze your strategic advantages and draft a roadmap for your mobile application. Your plan is highly based on the strategy you have made. As it has been mentioned earlier that planning is a very important part, you have to coincide your plan with your strategy.

Build an Effective UX/UI Design

The UX and UI have to be extraordinary to fancy the expectations of the user. If you are able to provide the user with a top-notch experience and a simple, yet pleasurable, interface then there are high chances that you have got a user for the long run.


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Key components of app development

Any mobile application is developed from certain components. These are necessary to create a fully-functional application for the end users. Let’s have a look at these elements.

Frontend development

The frontend is the part that is visible to the users on their screens. The user should find the app interesting otherwise you are not adding any distinctness to the market. There are so many mobile applications in the market, but the key to attracting a good number of users is to provide them with something unique, something to cherish. The frontend includes the structure of the app and this should be a simple and amazing one. No application can rule over the users without good frontend development.  

Backend development

The backend is to provide support to all the things that are happening on the frontend. These are the activities that take place in the background while the user is interacting with the features on the frontend. It stores all the data which is necessary for the frontend to function properly, like sign-in and log-in records, passwords, user data, etc. To build an application with a stronghold in the market, the developers need to create a sound backend.


API (Application Programming Interface) is required to assist the communication between two or more computer programs. It is necessary to identify whether you want to purchase a ready-made API or have it built by your team. If you choose to buy API from outside, then you can have the ease to implement it in your app and you do not have to face any hustle in your app development process. On the other hand, if you choose to build your own API, you can easily include or exclude certain features from it. Both options have their advantages, you need to identify the one which suits your strategy.


Continuous Testing

Testing is a very crucial part of the mobile app development process. To make a robust mobile application with minimum to zero errors, the developers have to test the app countless times. There are so many stages in an app development process, and the application has to pass every stage through testing. If it fails the test this means that there is a need to make changes. The testing process includes functional testing, performance testing, documentation testing, UX/UI testing, configuration testing, security testing, platform testing, recovery testing, certification testing, etc. Your app needs to pass all types of tests to lead the market.


Top Mobile App Development Tools and Frameworks

There are so many mobile app development frameworks and tools which are used to build an application. Some are used for iOS, some for Android, and some are used to develop cross-platform apps. With a great abundance of these tools in the market, it is difficult to select the most reliable ones. Well, here are some of the top mobile application development tools and frameworks you can choose for the tech stack of your mobile application.

  • Ionic
  • Xamarin
  • Sencha Touch
  • Appcelerator
  • Android Studio
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Native Scripts
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Swiftic
  • Corona Labs


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Summing Up

The mobile app development process requires paying attention to every stage in order to build an excellent application. Any android app development company can ensure the quality of your android app, as they have the necessary specialization in the field. You can go with the iOS development company for an iOS app specialization. A well-reputed software company can provide you with an outstanding mobile application and you can enhance your business.

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