Top 10 Food Delivery Services in USA to Satisfy your Food Cravings

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Everyone loves food delivery apps because they allow us to get our favorite food delivered to us without any hassle. With this great technology, we no longer have to get ready to go to restaurants. We now can enjoy our favorite meals at home with just a few clicks. These apps have turned out to be a boon for everyone. The customers can enjoy their meals at their homes, the sales at restaurants have increased, and a lot of people have earned a livelihood by working for these companies. Thus, food delivery services have contributed a lot to the increase of the world’s economy. We have listed some of the best food delivery services in the USA, if you are searching for a good food delivery app, then you can have a look at it.

List of Top 10 Leading Food Delivery Services in the USA

The growing use of food delivery apps all over the world has increased their demand in the market. Thus, there are numerous companies that deliver food and snack to various locations. Some of the top food delivery companies are as follows:


It is one of the top food delivery apps in USA, available in almost 4000 US cities. You can order from thousands of restaurants and select from a huge variety of food options. It has excellent features which allow users to browse easily. There are more than 300k restaurants registered with Grubhub. This application supports multiple payment methods to attract all types of users. The GrubHub+ members can enjoy unlimited free delivery on every order. Its extensive reach has made this the most used delivery service among US citizens.


It is also one of the highly used food delivery companies preferred by US citizens. This app also serves more than 4000 US cities and offers a great range of cuisines. You can order any type of food and also schedule your deliveries according to your convenience. This delivery app offers frequent deals and offers to its customers. It also allows the customers to score the food quality, thus the restaurants work to deliver their best services to increase their ratings. This is such a great feature that helps customers get high-quality services every time they order food from the app.


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This is one of those food delivery services which are available in all 50 states of the US. It offers 24/7 services all over the nation and has an extensive reach to various restaurants. This is a perfect option to please every type of food craving at any time. Postmates has made it to the list of top 10 Food Delivery Services in USA because of its excellent services. With the help of this app, you can not only get food but groceries too and even alcohol delivered to your doorstep. This application can be accessed on both android and iOS.


Get fast and the best food delivery services from Seamless. This food delivery company is a subsidiary of GrubHub. It offers the easiest and quickest way to order food for both delivery and takeout. The services are available in more than 600 US cities and offer different payment options to customers for their ease. Seamless offers high-quality delivery services with a contact-free option if you want. You can order from local restaurants as well as from national chains to get your meal of the day.


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Uber started as a ride-sharing application to offer mobility services. Later, it also dived into food delivery services, named UberEats, and is now one of the best food delivery companies in USA. UberEats serves 24 countries worldwide and supports all types of cash payment methods. It is integrated with Uber and offers special deals with EatsPass membership. You can order from a wide range of restaurants and cuisines, and get fast delivery to make your day. You can also get a discount of $30 on your first order. It offers an amazing option for creating a business account which can help you to place a bulk order for your employees.

This is not particularly a food delivery application but offers a wide range of delivery services and food delivery is just one of them. The service quality offered by is so good that it has helped the company to make its place as one of the top 10 Food Delivery companies in USA. The best part of this app is that you can order any type of food along with groceries, alcohol, gifts, and even your laundry. You can also earn delivery points on every order from which you can earn free rewards and credits. A very special feature offered by is that it allows you to group orders, so you can split orders with your neighbors.


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If you want your food to reach you within 15 minutes, then Caviar is the best option for you. This food delivery company focuses on local restaurants and hence delivers your food in a very short time. A small drawback of this service is that it is available in only 28 US cities. But this drawback is neglected when you get your food in just 15 minutes. You can enjoy your meal within a short while after ordering it. Caviar also allows customers to track their orders through real-time GPS and ask for contact-free delivery.


Here is another food delivery app that focuses on local restaurants and delivers high-quality services within a short region in the nation. ChowNow serves only 18 cities in the US but still counts as the best meal delivery service in USA. It not only delivers your food to your doorstep but can also place an order for you to take away at various restaurants. There are no hidden fees in ordering from ChowNow and you can enjoy commission-free ordering. There are several apps that can allow you to order food from national and multi-national chains, but ChowNow offers you food from local restaurants allowing you to explore your locality.


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It is a food and goods delivery company that provides great delivery services in the USA. You can order snacks, alcohol, medicines, and even cleaning supplies, along with contactless delivery, if you want. This app is preferable for snacks rather than a full meal. GoPuff is a very good option for every time snacks. You can order from this app whenever you want and enjoy your time staying at your home. This application is available on Android as well as iOS, so your phone’s OS is not a barrier to your food ordering.


All the food delivery services discussed earlier provide you with great services to deliver every type of fast food to your doorstep, but you cannot have fast food for every meal. Well, here is Instacart to help you deliver groceries to your doorstep and keep you healthy. This does not mean that Instacart does not deliver fast food, you can order that too but groceries are the specialty of this app. You can easily order your groceries from any local store you like.


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Wrapping Up

Food delivery apps are becoming a common part of our lives and we are using them on a daily basis. These were the top food distribution companies in USA that can provide you with excellent food delivery services throughout the nation. You can get your favorite meal delivered to your doorstep in just a few taps. They can deliver your food within a short time and from any restaurant. You can also earn great offers and deals to get discounts on your purchase. Choose any app and order your food to satisfy your food cravings. Bon Appetite!

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