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Features & Cost For Developing Doctor Prescription Reader App - (Prescribe Anytime Anywhere)

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We had heard numerous things about the different app, yet the specialist doctor prescription reader app has you, thanks on the account of corona-virus outbreak—healthcare services where distance is a basic variable by all healthcare professionals utilizing information and communication technologies.

The prescription reader app makes healthcare immensely easier and smoother, and its endeavor to connect all of the patient’s healthcare providers, facilitates efficient and accurate decision-making.   As all know now a days handwritten prescriptions are outdated for all participants in the healthcare sector.

The use of smartphone devices by different health care expert has changed numerous aspects of clinical practices. Moreover, prescription software is the solution for the issue, whether it’s used as a standalone app or integrated into electronic health records or electronic medical records systems.

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Prescriptions go from doctor to pharmacist specialist to hospital administrator to back up plan accurately, rapidly, and easily without any problems. Due to the COVID-19 has expedited the utilization of digital systems in the healthcare industry, with more companies willing to invest in new patient care options. So, while all user’s appointments with the doctor might be necessary, everything else, to  prescriptions refill, insurance discussion, and all other services are handled online.  

Around the world, as technological advancements have been crucial in influencing so not have to leave the functioning of the healthcare industry untouched. The Doctor prescription reader application is profoundly useful, either illegible handwriting or the inability of pharmacists to perceive names in the doctor’s prescription. This app utilized tesseract as the optical character recognition library and tried to match partial-string with the drug name.

This helps not only doctors but also pharmacists minimize their doubts about selling the wrong medicine to the patients.  This will help the patients because it will give the best way to know more about the treatment they are about to take. It not only read but also help users to translate in other languages like English, Hindi, much more according to the user’s needs.

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Today prescription reader app is getting more popular as this solution is now being an interactive medium for connecting with different healthcare providers.  


Why is the Doctor Prescription reader application needed?

The first and foremost question is that in mind that why prescription reader application development is needed. As of now in the present situation in COVID, there are many people who are taking medicine from other country has faced many difficulties, so due to this prescription reader app is needed and sometimes some situation, patient and pharmacist are not able to understand the handwriting of a doctor. We all are staying in the digital world, so why healthcare industry can go through online and sometimes, manual mistakes can also put patient lives at risk.  

Prescription reader app is an ideal solution having an all process from the first to last means like to set up a significant association between doctors, patients, other prescribes, pharmacists, etc. however this will help interoperability across the medical healthcare system. The application development is acquiring boom in the market for the ease they offer.

It highly helps the users and the right prescription is given. Not only just this is also an environmentally friendly solution as one needs no paper for the same.  So, The prescription reader mobile application is the best solution facilitating an interactive communication channel between various doctors, physicians, pharmacists, etc., much more.

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Features of doctor prescription reader app:-    

There are many changes is going in every technology and industry as the healthcare industry introduce prescription reader app to make all activities very smooth and efficient manner. The app is highly beneficial to different health care sections and every individual like practitioners, doctors, nursing staff, pharmacists, and patients.  


Features for Doctors:-  

Doctor profile:-  Just like the patient profile page, the app should also feature a doctor profile, where users can see the whole profile of a particular doctor.  Doctors are free to enter all the details they feel are necessary.  The doctor profile can contain information such as an address, specialization, number of years of experience, and education. This will be helpful for the patient to check a doctor’s availability and all needed information. However, sometimes the patient checks the doctor’s license and proof their abilities, and the doctor profile is the good and ideal space to provide this information.

Calendar scheduling:- Calendar booking is currently a days important to the all doctor so they can oversee appointments with patient who has persistent sickness and get consultation requests. The app can also be used by doctors to set times for remote consultations and immediately see when an appointment is taken.

Prescription:- One of the important features that the app should have is the ability of the doctor to fill prescriptions for their digital patients. It also helps to save paperwork, but it also allows the doctors to re-issue prescriptions in case of chronic illnesses. Patients need not wait too long lines in order to keep up their medication. The patient can simply share their credentials with the pharmacist who can look up the details in a system and hand medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

Dose calculator:- This is section keeps the doctors informed about the calculated dose that needs to be given to the in-patient and out-patient both.

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Canceling Medicine:- It sometimes permits or needs to the doctor to delete some medicine that is prescribed to the patient and some new medicine to add. This is beneficial to both in-patient and out-patient can submit an e-cancellation request online.

Medicine database:- Best prescribing reader app offers a high amount of medicine database to handle these features make it is easier to search by brand, drug names, alphabetically, and favorite list can be created. It is also helpful to see whether medicine is available or not.

History of patient prescription:- It stores all medications prescribed for patients. It is used to sort and organize with the help of robust tools by dates, status, drug name, and more. It can help to do changes in dose, for discontinued medications and there is lot more thing.

Communication:-  The doctors can be given access to various tools to get easy access to their patients. This involves call chat and video conferencing. On and off chance that you are coming up low on budget, it is great to execute a one-to-one doctor-patient messenger with a photo-based consultation. So this is also the best way to communicate with a doctor if you are not able to come and visit the clinic.  

Features for Caretakers and Nurses:-

This is also an essential feature for the caretakers and nurses as nurses who are having responsibility for the care of in-patients, and this is highly helpful to them in managing the proceeding in a good manner way.  

  • History of medicine:- The nurses see all the history and medicine to be taken by the patient and so they can become more clear about the dosages that have been taken by the patient and other important features.

  • Medication timing:- The timing and schedule is given by the doctor to take medicine and this msg alert will receive by the nurse that which medication is needed to be taken by in-patients.
  • Medication doses:- With these features, the nurses and caretakers will get a clear idea about the medication dosage that needs to be given to the patients with appropriate dosage calculation.
  • Patient allergies to know:- Every patient is not fit with all things, so this feature is helpful for the nurses aware of the known allergies of each in-patient, so they take care about it.


Pharmacist panel:-  The features that are helpful for the pharmacist panel are both in-patient and out-patient.

  • Patient details:- All the needed information of the patient is found in the system so the pharmacist’s work becomes too easy.
  • Doctor details:- Prescription reader app information such as physician information such as physician information for reference, insurance, personal details also permit referring the current patient status. The record of the past can be filed and seen easily and presented.
  • Prescription image or text:-  The main thing doctor prescription is received by the pharmacists in text or an image.
  • New order:- The new orders request can be received from the app itself.
  • Payment received:- Prescriptions app reflects the details of the payment received when the drug is delivered.
  • Drug Database: Having a huge drug database, it is easier to search for pharmacists to check the medicine by the brand that is available or not and can generate another favorite list.
  • Prescription history:- The past order of the history can be checked from this section.

Features at patients end:-

  • Patient registration:- This is the first and foremost step in the app where the aim of the registration section should be to keep in very simple and easy manner. Patient should be able to log into app by giving minimum details like name, mobile number, email and can also registered through social network. The registration page needs few number of steps to complete to prevent users from being put off.
  • Patient profile:- It’s the same profile as the doctor profile. Here, the patient has to write all personal information, including all essential details like name, age, gender, symptoms, and insurance information. The details are required to a minimum and enable the patients to upload documents that will contain all the information needed by the physicians, such as insurance or medical history.
  • Integration of calendar:- One of the important features is the integration of the calendar as a patient usually don’t want to have to remember when they have their next meeting with the doctor and want all information ready at their fingertips in the reader app. The reconciliation of schedule push notifications will permit that patients can now able to depend simply on their smartphones to recollect all physician appointments.
  • Geo locations:-Utilizing google maps to accurately determine where the patients are located can be used while building the app.  The patient location is not only helpful for the patient but also pharmacies close to the patient give directions and also estimate the expected time of the arrival at the hospital.
  • Filters: This feature greatly shortens the time required for a patient to find the information they are looking for, i.e., the best eye doctor near their location.  Filters also help sort the enormous amount of information available in the app and let the patient navigate the app faster.
  • Payment:- There are various payment methods is available; the patient should be able to pay with a credit/ debit card, PayPal, or the now popular other different digital payment gateways.
  • Feedback/Review:- The patient can give a rating of who received healthcare benefits from a particular clinic can rate that clinic or doctors. On the off chance that the application utilizing the aggregator rating system, it will be more straightforward for new clients to find the doctor best suited for their necessities.
  • Notifications:-  The notifications are highly useful to accomplish a wide variety of tasks like reminding patients about their appointments with doctors to a prescription refill.  Moreover, users can get various alerts and explanations through these features.


Cost to develop a Doctor Prescription Reader app:-

After all, going through the whole benefits, why is it essential to determine the cost of developing a doctor prescription reader app, after all, it’s a vast system that takes a lot of integration like payment gateways, etc.   Many factors affect the development cost like basic features, advanced features, etc., so all the things highly depend upon the client’s needs which type of requirement is looking for.  


Wrapping up:- Developing a prescription reader app means taking a step forward in an increasing digital health sector. Patients want faster processes, and healthcare providers wish for efficient and cost savings. If anyone is ready to enter the market with such an app, hire the best prescription reader app team and help you lead the market as you like.  On top, you can go with all features that must meet stringent regulatory requirements.

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