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Everything about Developing a Fantasy Baseball App

Fantasy Baseball App Development Company

Fantasy Sports Apps are becoming the centre of attraction. Almost everyone who is a sports fan can be found connected to such an application. There are so many users who are earning a great amount of money through fantasy sports apps. Not only the users, but the companies also earning much money from such apps. It is like the future of sports. You can create your own virtual team for almost any sport including cricket, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, etc. One of the sports which have a very large audience is baseball. There are many companies which want to develop a fantasy baseball app to hop onto the trend. If you are of those, then here is everything about developing a Fantasy Baseball App.

Why Fantasy Baseball App?

Fantasy sports applications are becoming very trendy. There are so many fantasy sports apps that deal with various specific sports like cricket, basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc. Hopping up to this trend can become a tremendous advantage for any business, particularly if it deals with baseball. There are approximately 500 million fans who are crazy about baseball. So, it could help the business to reach the next level and gain a large audience.

How does this App work?

Just like any other fantasy sports app, a fantasy baseball application also works by creating a virtual team. To play through this app, the users have to select some players and create a team of their own. Once the team of real players is created, the user starts to earn points based on the performance of the players in the real game. On collecting sufficient points, the user gets to earn a set amount of money. This helps a lot of people to earn through live baseball matches.

What are the Benefits of Developing a Fantasy Baseball App?

Establishing a Brand Name

It is one of the main goals of any business to establish its brand name among the top competitors in the market. Launching a fantasy sports app that allows users to play baseball can be a good initiative to overcome the competition. There are not so many applications that are specially dedicated to fantasy baseball, so if you are able to provide an excellent app to baseball fans, then this could be a golden opportunity for your business to lead in the market.

Making your Brand Entertaining

You can increase the engagement of the users with your brand by making it more entertaining. A fantasy sports app development provides a good chance to take your business to an entertaining platform. People are attracted to entertaining activities and by launching this app you can give them this entertaining element to connect with your business.

Increasing Demand for your Brand

There are so many fantasy sports apps in the market but not every app provides top-notch services. By bridging this gap, you can increase the demand for your app among users. A fantasy baseball application is a very attractive option for all baseball fans. There are almost 500 million baseball fans all over the world so it is quite easy to generate the demand for such an app that suits the preference of a large part of the population.

Immense Monetisation Opportunities

One of the greatest factors that encourage businesses to move towards fantasy sports app development is the monetary element. One can earn a lot through a fantasy sports app and in the case of baseball, you find a large audience adding to the many benefits of a fantasy baseball app development.

Adds to Overall Business Growth

All the benefits mentioned above add to the overall growth of a business. The large audience of baseball increases the demand for the fantasy baseball app which eventually will bring more revenue to the business. All these factors increase brand reputation and make your business stand out from the competition.

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What are the Features you should include in your Fantasy Baseball App?


The registration process should be easy yet dynamic and secure. You can add the option of registering through existing social media handles or email accounts. This would provide ease to the user for the registration process as well as make the account authentic.

User Profile

The user profile should include all the important and necessary information regarding the user. It can include the user name, user ID, contact information, email ID, total credit points, etc. This could help the users to manage their profiles.

Player Information

This feature would allow the users to know about the specialities of different players so they can select the best one for their team. This section can include the details of all the players that are available for creating the fantasy baseball team. It is a feature that would provide the users with all the necessary information regarding the players and assist them in creating their own teams.

Create Teams

This is the section where the users select their desired players based on the information given by the app to create their own fantasy team. This is one of the most important sections and thus it should be engaging and fun to use. Creating teams is the basic requirement of any fantasy sports app, so you must make this entertaining for the users to increase the demand for your app.

Join Leagues

Here, users can join various leagues to score points. This feature should allow users to see the upcoming leagues and the ones in which they have competed. You can also add some amazing and fun animations to make this section engaging.

Live Scoreboard

This is a must-have feature for any fantasy sports app. Whether you are developing a world-class fantasy baseball app or just a basic one, there has to have a live scoreboard for the users to know their scores. This would allow them to see the live scores of the players they have selected so they can evaluate their team.

User Dashboard

This is also a must-have feature for any type of fantasy sports app. The user should be able to see their fantasy team's scores along with each player's live scores. This would help them track their performance and compete with others easily.

News and Updates

You can also include this feature in your fantasy baseball app to make it stand out in the market. This section can include all the news updates about baseball as well as other sports. This can make your app a one-stop solution for every baseball fan.


Notifications are essential for any app. You must include this feature in your fantasy baseball application. These notifications will help the users to stay updated with their matches and any other updates regarding the app.

Payment Integration

Since fantasy sports apps allow users to earn money from the scores of real players, it becomes a basic requirement for the app to integrate payment methods. This feature would allow the users to easily get their rewarded money into their bank accounts or mobile phones.

Play with Friends

A feature that could help you make your app unique and outstanding in the competitive market. You can include the feature of “Play with Friends” so the users can challenge their friends and they can compete in the same live match to earn extra rewards. This is also a great marketing technique as the users would encourage their friends to join the app.

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Steps to Develop a World-class Fantasy Baseball App


The first step in creating any application is to create a concept. This is a very basic and the most important step in an app development process. Here, you define the goals which you want to achieve through your app.

Setting a Budget

The next step is to set a budget that you can afford to develop a fantasy baseball app. This is a crucial step as it defines the quality of your app development process. The more you can spend the more features you can add.

Deciding the Features

Once your budget is set, you have to select which features you can add to your fantasy baseball app. You need to select the features that make your app unique and also fulfil all the basic requirements. For this, you need to wisely choose the features that fit your budget as well as your ultimate goal.

Designing a UI

UI should always be attractive and engaging to increase its use among users. This can help you make the app more likeable than your competitors. You need to hire an excellent fantasy sports app development company that can help you create an awesome UI for your app.

Creating a Prototype

When you have decided on all the parameters for your fantasy baseball app, there is time for building a prototype based on those parameters. This prototype would help you to see the realisation of your concepts and you can easily make changes to it.

Testing and Improvisations

When the prototype is passed and all the changes have been done, the app needs to be extensively tested. The testing team needs to test the app on every parameter and improvise the app as required to give the most perfect app possible to the users.

Upload in App Stores

So, now your application has been completed and tested on various grounds, you need to launch it in the live market. There are many app stores on which you can upload your fantasy baseball app such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Everything is set and you can market your application now. You can promote it using various marketing techniques like advertising, social media marketing, etc. This would help you to reach a larger audience and increase the demand for your application.

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Tech Stack Required

Area of Requirement

Suggested Tech Stack

Front-end Development

  • CSS
  • HTLM
  • JavaScript

Back-end Development

  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Python

Cloud Infrastructure

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure

Database Management 

  • HBase
  • MySQL
  • MailChimp
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cassandra

Payment Integration

  • Paytm
  • PayPal
  • e-wallets
  • Net banking

Real-life Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • Gleam IO


How much does a Fantasy Baseball App Development Cost?

Developing a fantasy baseball app, in fact, developing any software app, can cost a lot of money. The exact cost of developing a fantasy baseball app depends on the requirement of the app as well as its complexity and features. As you increase the features and complexity, the cost also starts to increase. On average, it cost approximately US$10,000-$50,000 to develop a fantasy baseball app. But if you want to go to the advanced level and want to add more complex features, then the cost can reach up to US $80,000-$200,000. Thus, you first need to set a budget and then add features accordingly.

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Some of the Leading Fantasy Baseball Apps in the Market

  • MPL
  • ESPN Fantasy Baseball
  • MLB
  • CBS Sports
  • Yahoo Sports
  • BalleBaazi


Fantasy Sports apps are becoming very trendy and gaining a large section of the market. Launching a fantasy baseball application in such an environment can be a great opportunity for any business. It can provide you with various benefits and can enhance your brand image. This may be a costly and lengthy procedure but the returns are outstanding. If you are capable of developing such an app then you must go for it.

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