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Fantasy Cricket App Development: Features, Cost, and other necessities

Fantasy Cricket App Development

When it comes to Cricket, every Indian becomes an enthusiast. There is a special place that Cricket holds in every Indian’s heart. Though it is not the national sport of the country, still it has the capacity to bring every citizen together. Indians have a separate sentimental value for Cricket. It’s only a little less than religion. This craziness for this sport intensifies the popularity of the Fantasy cricket app. The idea of selecting their own team in Cricket makes Indians so excited. This is the reason why apps, like Dream 11, have become so popular among Indian Cricket fans.

So, why not discuss the Fantasy Cricket App Development and some other aspects of it? If you are also a huge Cricket Fan, then let’s join us on the knowledge tour about these fantasy apps.

Fantasy cricket app

A fantasy cricket app is an online application that allows users to select players and create their own teams. These players who are selected for the teams play in real-life cricket matches. This application permits hardcore cricket fans to create their virtual team of 11 players and track the scores. These fantasy apps work in coordination with the ongoing real-life performance of the cricketers in the match they are playing. The excitement about this app is so high because it permits users to compete and win amazing prizes. A fantasy cricket app also allows users to earn actual cash for every match they win, increasing the eagerness among the fans of this app. There’s no doubt how this industry has grown into a billion-dollar market and how can any fantasy sports app development company can earn huge profits.

Functioning of a Fantasy Cricket App

In this section, we will discuss how exactly a fantasy cricket app works and allows users to earn cash prizes. The process of playing through a fantasy gaming app is a simple and easy one. Let’s have a look at the whole process so you can also participate and have the amazing experience of playing a cricket match with your own selected virtual team.

  • Create your account
  • Select the team players with whom you want to play the match
  • As your team members win, you get cash prizes

The money you earn depends on the combined score of your team players. So, when you select your team members, just be sure about their professional backgrounds. This will increase the probability of you winning the match and earning huge prizes.

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Features that should be included in your Fantasy Sports App

To make your fantasy sports app a blast, you must include some of the basic and must-have features in your application. We have categorized the essential fantasy cricket app development features to simplify their addition to your app. These categories are as follows:

Gaming features

  • Profile: The fantasy cricket application must have an easy and simple way of managing the user profile. The profile part is a very important aspect of any application. This feature allows users to track their progress in the contest.
  • Home page: This is the page where the users land once they have registered and created their profile on the application. This should look attractive and have all the sections of the app displayed there. If the users find what they are looking for with great ease, then this encourages them to use your app. To increase your customer reach, you should include all the sections of the app on the home screen so users won’t have to look anywhere else.
  • Contests: This is the section where users can see the variety of contests in which they can participate. It is also the place where gamers can join contests of their choice. So, the contest section should be easily accessed and include the option of filtering their choice of matches.
  • Live match ratings: Your fantasy sports app should include the feature of viewing the scoreboard of live matches. This allows users to check the performance of their virtual team in the live matches. To make this feature more engaging you can add a video display option where gamers can see the live match in the app.
  • Payment method: Users will like your app when they can get their monetary prizes easily. You should make the method of payment simple to provide users with ease of getting their cash prizes.

Admin features

  • Registration: The usage of any app starts with the registration of the user. So, it should be simple and quick because this is the first impression of the app on the user and this is the moment that decides whether the user is going to stay or not.
  • Account management: This is the main control panel where users can manage their account settings. They can edit or even delete their profile. This is one of the major features which should be included in any application whether it is a fantasy sports app or not.
  • Contest management: This feature allows users to manage the type of match they are interested in as well as to coordinate the various ongoing contests. Here, users can manage the contest categories and add or delete their participation in any contest.
  • Dashboard: This is the main display screen where users can see the scores of the team players, they have selected to create their virtual team. This screen should be pleasant to the eyes and include all the information related to the scoreboard and earnings.
  • Push notifications: This is a highly useful and essential feature that has to be present in your application. It enables users to get the necessary information about any match. This feature gives notifications to users about the current score of any ongoing match, the timings of an upcoming match, ratings of the team players, etc.
  • Reports: The daily, weekly, or monthly report feature helps the users to track their progress easily. This is a very useful feature that can provide great assistance to users in maintaining their earnings.

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3 Key points to keep in mind during a Fantasy Cricket App Development

If you are looking for the ways for the best fantasy cricket app development, then you must include the following qualities in your application. These additions will uplift the output you are going to get from the development of your fantasy sports app.

  • Keep your app updated: An updated app with zero to minimum bug issues is what the customers want. If you can provide the users with this, then congratulations you have earned a great number of customers.
  • Make it attractive and engaging: If you can hold an individual to your app for more than 10 seconds, they can be a potential user of your app. To make this possible, you need to make your app engaging. People are attracted to the services which provide them highest satisfaction. This feature attracts a large number of customers and helps you increase your customer reach.
  • Add the NEWS option: Every cricket fan is crazy about sports news. If you can give them the option of staying updated with all the latest happenings in sports, then they will surely praise your app. They will encourage your fantasy sports application when they can find both the facilities, i.e., fantasy gaming and sports news, in your app.

Cost it is going to bear

The cost of any application depends mainly on its design and complexity. As the level of design increases and the app becomes more complex, your fantasy cricket app development cost also increases. Some other factors can also affect the overall cost of application development. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Level of UI design
  • Complexity of the application
  • Platform where the app is going to launch
  • Features your app includes
  • The design team you hire

These are some of the areas which you need to pay attention to while you hire a fantasy cricket app developer so you can set the minimum possible cost for your app. The average cost which you have to bear for a fantasy cricket app is $8k - $20k. This can vary according to the requirements you have in your application and the factors which have been mentioned above.

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Final words

If you have the dream of developing an app like Dream 11, then why not begin today? Now that you know so much about the fantasy cricket app development process, you can create the application as per your desires. And we all know that the craze of cricket is never going to decrease in India, so, it is a very great deal to launch your fantasy cricket app as soon as you can. But you have to do this by paying high attention to the special features to make your app stand out and attract more and more customers.

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