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Money Lending App Development Features and Cost

Money Lending App Development

The days are gone when all the records are kept in the books. The days when applicants were required to fill application forms and go back to banks standing in queue etc. The combination of the various technologies and the latest mobile phones made all the processes very easy. The technical world has made us dependent on multiple mobile applications to the extent that we request all that on the web, even on-demand services. Moreover, this app has not made our lives simple nor assisted us with figuring out our approaches to getting things done. Main things are more organized, and transactions are more timely and in a proper manner. 

However, many have faced the hassle of getting in long queues for loan approvals and several days of going to the bank for the same. All know how long a procedure is to get the loan approved by going through a bank physically. So, this saves a lot of time for the users and can receive money easily with the help of a few finger clicks.

Going on reading to discover the important aspect of working on the money lending app and how much it costs to develop the app. However, here we have also covered the features of the apps which were taken into consideration while money lending app development for iOS and Android. 

Working on the Money Lending app

Several questions come to mind when the words say how the money lending app works. Simple steps are involved in this. 

  • The first is that install a money-lending app. 
  • After that installation, the users must register a new account or log in with their credentials in the second step. 
  • The 3rd step is where users can enter the sum they require for a loan or the money they are ready to invest. 
  • Users can check the interest rate suitable for them 
  • In the last step, the users connect their bank accounts to their lending app accounts. 

Before moving further, users need to know how to deduct payments and acquire funds to their accounts to avoid late fees, overpayments, and other issues. There are very easy and simple steps to how the money lending app works. 

Features of the Money Lending App

 To have a successful money-lending app. It must provide the best journey both for admin and users, lenders and borrowers. Here now, after knowing the working of the money lending app, it’s time to know its features. Let’s have a deep dive and know its features. 

Money lending app User Panel

Registration and login with social / email id

 The first step of the app is that users have to register in the system by giving all their personal information. Users can also log in to the money lending app with their existing email id and password. 

Apply for a loan

 After registration, the user gets permission to apply for an instant loan. There are various steps to be followed like money amount selection, GST, fee structure, interest rate, and many more. 

Set Payback period:- Users receive the loan, but the users have to decide the payback period; however, according to the payback period, the interest and EMI will be shown. 

Payment schedule and billing:- This is one of the best features where the users will see all the details about the EMI schedule, due dates, and complete EMI bills.

EMI paid / Unpaid:- The features show you the ongoing EMI of the funds that have been borrowed. The whole information will be displayed like the total fund, EMI amount, monthly interest, etc. 

Transaction:- This will show the whole summary of the money that has been borrowed with all the details. It includes withdrawal, available credit limit, pending amount, etc. The complete payment transaction will appear here. 

Money Withdraw:- The whole amount is transferred to your bank account; from there, users can use the cash with the help of the ATM. 

Transfer money to a bank account:- Permit the users to transfer the payment to the registered bank account in a few seconds. However, the users can also withdraw cash. 

Bank account connection:- The users have also been permitted to connect their bank accounts to transfer money easily. 

Rewards point:- Users can use the reward points basis on their credential score if the users borrowed money and paid on time, then these features will be strong. However, the users will get rewards according to the performance of the users.

Online chat/ call support:- However, these features play a very important role where if any queries arise from the user’s side, these features are highly helpful. The support will be given shortly. 

Discounts and offers on credit card usage:- Permit users to pay by credit card for daily requirements. How many times the users will use credit cards will get more discounts and offers. 

Notification:- The users will receive the latest update from the app.

Money Lending app Admin Panel

  1. Login:- The first step for the money lending app admin panel is that the admin can log in to the back end for handling the whole app.
  2. Dashboard:-  Admin can find/look at all the things going on in the money lending app. It provides the whole stats of app performance like a total number of the amount, total users, earnings, and many more. The whale process is manage by the dashboard. 
  3.  Manage rewards:- The admin will manage the whole rewards for the users who are utilizing the credit card.  The reward will be given to the user basis on the card score, gift or deal. 
  4. Manage the whole discount and offer:- Users swipe the card, it would be tracked and based on the tracking/ number of spending of card discount. All the discount offers to the users will be set here. 
  5. Management of users:- As all know, the admin plays an important role in the whole user managed by the admin. All the information like register date and personal information of users all thing filtered and viewed by the users. Admin can view all activity of the users and can edit/remove the users from the app. 
  6. Manage profile approval:- When users register in the app, the verification process will take place where all the details provided by the users will be examined by the system like pan number, city, and many more. 
  7. Customer KYC approval:- In the money lending app, the system will schedule a KYC system visit system and register with banking partners to collect the user’s KYC information for the final approval. 
  8. Loan management:- Admin plays a vital role where the admin handles the whole app. Here the admin will manage the loan type that has been chosen by the users as there are various terms and conditions, and the interest rate will be different for all types. These features are very important and should be added. 
  9. CMS Integration:- Admin manages the content in the form of text and in image form. Online support is very necessary for all customers today, where users can get help from the system.  Users apply for support; a team member will serve the customer. 

Advanced features for money lending app development

  • Push notification:-  To get all the latest activities of the money lending app and all the remaining amount of users’ EMIs, these features play the best role. It helps the users to get information about the latest offers and discounts being run by the loan lending application. 
  • Loan calculator:- This feature makes the user’s work so easy. The users will not have to take out a calculator to calculate the rate of interest they have to pay on the loan amount. The whole work is managed in the app that shows all options of loans available for users. 
  • Online support:- These features should be there in the apps where the online support team is readily available to talk with users. However, here users can receive the whole exact information about loans, the interest rates to pay, etc. The team member can instantly tell the users about their latest transaction and the remaining loan amount. 
  • Admin dashboard:- The dashboard permit the admin to look at the real-time analytics of the app. However, one can look clearly at the whole activities that are taking place on the app.  It also includes all important information like the money lent, interest rate, total money earned, number of users on the app, etc. 
  • Chatbot:- This is an important part of the system where the users can call anytime and the information where having doubts/ queries. This feature is the same as human support. However, chatbots are all maintained by machines and machines. 
  •  Loan calculator:- The users will not have to take out the calculator when the amount of interest they would have to pay on the loan amount for a specific period of time. The work is also managed by the app that shows all the options of loans available for the users. 
  • CMS Integration:- Adding these features, the app owners can manage the whole content, including the text, images, etc. 
  • Multiple language support:- First, it is not necessary for all users to know about all the languages. These features should be there in the app where the users can get their preferable language. However, if the users want to loan from some other country then he/she can use this option. So, this makes the working of the money lending app smooth. 

How much does it cost to develop a money-lending app?

The development of the money lending app may take a few months to a year. It depends upon the features you will add there. There are various factors that affect the cost of the money lending app development. The cost may depend upon multiple factors as follows

1.  The complexity of the app

2.  Location you select

3.  Design

4.  Development team you hire

5.  Time is taken to generate an app

6.  Choose the platform

Consider that you will have various stages for making a money-lending app where the primary requirement will be gathered. However, you are required to create and design an app for iOS and Android. The mobile app development team hired to build the app play an important role in deciding the cost of an app.

To get a money lending app, you must contact the best-skilled developers, other experts, and many more. Now it’s time that you can get in touch with the  best mobile app development company today itself to fill the missing spark in your business. If you wish to get a money lending app, you will need skilled developers, designers, and other experts, and many more than contact us. However, by keeping all the essential things in mind, you will receive all the benefits and develop a money lending app.

Wrapping up In conclusion, we have covered the all answered question about how to build a money lending app, features, its cost, etc. However, by following this guide, you will surely be able to create a customized money lending app successfully. The money lending app is really doing its best in day-to-day life. All you have to do is hire the best team for the development of the money lending app. You can contact us we can help you to develop the best money lending app.


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