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Music Streaming App Development (Working, Features, Types and Cost)

Music Streaming App Development

Just remember those times when the only source of music was CD collections. And if this source of the collection wanted to listen then you can see the CD. So, now thanks to the music apps. Music streaming app development where you can have access to any track by any singer on the Internet.  

Now with the advanced technology, there are various apps available like music streaming app, dating portal app development etc. Music streaming app development out there as well as on the app stores for both iOS and Android platforms. Apps created new standards for music applications. They should be fast, consume fewer resources etc. People are very busy in their life these days; they hardly have less time to go through this entire list of available songs.  

Wondering, how to build a music streaming app development, how it works? The whole process is very simple and easy. The apps offer the very best access to their users permitting them to listen to their favourite music Moreover, mobile apps have changed the way they listen to music. There are various types of music streaming services available in the app store. A market leader like Spotify, Pandora etc have become famous because they’re simply convenient and give the best value for money. However, if you need to develop a music streaming app development then you need various factors like license, platform and others.

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How Music Streaming App Works:-

The Music streaming works are very simple and easy-going. People lead a very busy life these days; they hardly have time to go through the entire list of available songs and make playlists. This is all time-consuming and boring. Rather than this, all the people are preferring easy-going and get to listen to their much-liked music or tracks with just a few fingertips. The Music streaming application offers convenient access to their users permitting them to listen to their favourite music or tracks. A music streaming service delivers data to a streamer in very little amounts. The clients can get pre-supported music that has been pre-buffered a couple of moments or even seconds before playing a tune.  

In music streaming apps the music is available to stream that can be easily customized as per the users liking. The main thing is that any users only need an internet connection. Users can save the song and have the opportunity to hear offline songs.  

Features of Music Streaming App:-

Music streaming app has a variety of features that can cater to consumer needs. Various apps include a host of such features that define the services it provides. However, there are various basic features that you have to include for developing the music streaming app.

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Features for Music Streaming app User Panel:-

  • Register with social media or email
  • Generate User profile
  • Search and filter
  • Search for music by artist, title
  • Connect with speaker
  • Background change
  • Search covers, music, artists, albums and songs
  • Add tracks to the personal playlist
  • Download track to listen offline
  • Lock screen info
  • In-app purchase, add a playlist.

Features for Music Stream app Admin Panel:-

  • First Login to the dashboard admin
  • Manage users profile
  • Manage and upload tracks
  • Generate playlists based on the artist, category etc.
  • Edit/add track album style artist
  • Manage subscription and membership

Advanced Features of Music streaming Apps development.

  • Registration/ Login :- First when users install the app, they are directed to the registration page. Users can signup for the app by entering various personal information like name, age, contact number etc. and set the profile. Fill the all necessary information.
  • Social media signup:-Addition to the login process the users are also have social media signup. The users can easily login or signup into the app without having fill in the other details. Signup can also done through social media channel like Facebook, Gmail account etc.
  • Recommendation :-This is one of the best near features for the music streaming app. However, you can include a feature like a recommendation, giving users recommendations songs, music events, and suggests track that like to listen. Weather you are developing a music streaming app this features plays an important role. However, this features is highly found in the music streaming app like Spotify, and Pandora music.
  • Search for the music tracks and playlists:- One of the best functionality that permit the users to search and sorts the music on basis of various artists, years and more. It should also allow the users to easily navigate around the platform to search for the favourite tracks. However, this features should be include while developing music streaming app. So, that the users can easily get the favourite song without wasting the time.
  • Update and Notification:-  Another best-suggested feature is Update and notification. Keep your app users informed about the new release and music event nearby. In addition to that here you can notify them through push notification features that keep them updated about the latest music events.
  • Push notification:- One of the best functionality be useful for the app as it permit users about the new song releases, app updates, when available and lot more. It is the best way to ensure that everyone is aware of happening within the music streaming app. Besides, the app also can update the users regarding various other things also, like when the track is up from their favourite artists etc
  • Social Sharing:- Now is the time when social media networking is most famous among people. However, people are very happy to share with friends about their favourite song or love for the music. You can inform the app developer to share these features where people to people follow their friends and share their playlists with them. Integrate share options with each track so that social share becomes easy.
  • Audio streaming:- Special streaming software in the app, it allows converting audio into the streaming format to fastly deliver media to the listeners.
  • Offline music:- These are important features in the music streaming app development. Often the user's internet data may be over or poor network connection. In this situation, if there are no offline music play features in your app then the users are highly excited to see other offline music. Hence using the device cache and saving music for offline usage is more convenient.
  • In-app purchase:- The last feature is an in-app purchase. Sometimes various users are highly interested to listen to daily music. It allows the users to purchase subscription in a weekly basis, monthly basis etc.

Popular Music Streaming app:- There are various types of app available are Spotify, Pandora, You tube music, Apple music etc. Most of the famous music streaming mobile app are out there in a number of formats. However, this app offer different listening options.

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Moreover, there are various type of music streaming app like

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Pandora
  • Tidal
  • SoundCloud Go
  • YouTube Music
  • Google play Music

Spotify:-It’s not possible to discuss the music streaming app without Spotify. Because Spotify comes out on top of its music app competitors. The ration of 30 Million tracks available to listen to or add to playlist to free. Its available on the iOS and Android. However, this app is in line with two streaming giant like Apple Music and YouTube music. Spotify music streaming app services provides premium accounts to get unlimited access to music.

Pandora:- Pandora is also one of the music streaming app. Pandora a giant of the streaming world, has struggled in 2021 and recently faced pressure to find a buyer. The music streaming app is available on both iOS and Android. However, it has acquired the on-demand music services called Rdio and recover its title of being among the best in music streaming game.

Apple Music:- Apple created apps for iOS and Android devices offering different songs for users from all over the world. In addition to that users can listen to local radio stations using the application. The current version of the Apple music have extraordinary features including playlists made by people instead of algorithms. Apple created apps for iOS and Android devices, offering various songs for users from worldwide.

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How much it Cost to make Music streaming app development?

First thing to understand that we cannot predict the cost of any application development whether it can be music streaming app or others. The actual cost is highly depends upon it factors the client choose. There are various factors available in the app. However, the cost to develop music streaming app is tough. The development of required lots of time and efforts as there are various steps to be followed like testing, coding, designing etc.  

Various following aspects will prove to be incurring the majority of the cost involved in developing music streaming app.

  1. Various Technologies for app development
  2. Team for the App development
  3. Features and functionalities
  4. Hourly rate app development firm
  5. UX/UI Design
  6. Backend integration and Testing 

The cost of mobile music streaming app is not proper as the prices vary as per the features. However, music streaming app development costs on a per hour basis as per the timeline and complexity. The current standards the rate per hour range from $30-$40, while the cost include the payment for the app developers, testing, designers etc. Most famous music streaming app  like Spotify, Apple music is going cost somewhere around $40-$50 for both Android and iOS.  

To develop an app for a single platform with the all the basic functionality and features, should cost somewhere around $25000-$30000. However, if the app with an advanced features third party APIs integrated and for more number platforms and devices should cost between $40,000-$50,000.  

Wrapping Up:-

To conclude, with the development of a music streaming mobile app anyone should say that there is lot of potential in the app idea. Above, we had gone through various features available by using the music streaming app. If you want to develop music streaming app then you must learn the all aspects involved in it. In this article it also describes about the cost of music streaming app development.

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