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How much it Costs to Build a Tabby-like App?

how to build an app like tabby

Have you ever wished you could buy any product and pay later depending on your convenience and satisfaction with the product? Well, there are several applications that provide such services and allow the user to pay after buying and using the products. These types of services are called BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later). Tabby is one such app that allows users to pay the amount of their purchase after a few days or in installments. The use of such services has increased particularly after the pandemic era. It has made it easy for the public to buy things without worrying about a refund in case they do not like the product.

In this blog, we will discuss the application “Tabby” and its various other areas. We will highlight how to build a similar app like Tabby and how much it costs to build an app like Tabby. We will also highlight the features which you should include in your Tabby-like app to make it attractive for the users.

What is Tabby?

To know how to build an app like Tabby, first, you need to know what is Tabby. It is a Buy-Now-Pay-Later application that allows users to pay in four interest-free payments to ease the purchase. It splits your payment into four equal installments and allows you to pay that over time without any additional or hidden interest. Unlike other payment apps, Tabby provides the best deals to its users on various top brands. You can buy a variety of things through Tabby belonging to a number of categories including fashion, beauty, kids’ wear, home décor, toys, etc. There is a long list of products available for you to buy with a Buy-Now-Pay-Later scheme. You can pay the entire amount either after 14 days of buying in a lump sum or in four equal installments, whichever suits you.

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How much it Costs to Build an App like Tabby?

The cost of an application depends on various factors ranging from its features to the team working on it. Do you know that the efficiency of the development team can also affect the cost of app development? Well, it is because many companies charge on an hourly basis for the app development process. So, if the team is efficient then it will complete the task in a short time and your charges will be low. But if the team is not efficient then it will not complete the task on time and will linger on it, increasing the entire cost of your app development. Not only this but there is a long list of factors affecting app development costs. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Factors Affecting App Development Cost?

The cost of any app depends on a number of things which are parts of its development process. For example, the type of software/language used to develop an app can also affect its cost as it differs from an iOS app to an android one. There are numerous other factors that affect the app cost in one or another way. Let’s have look at those factors.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Complexity and Number of Features
  • Testing Level
  • App Security
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Launching Platform
  • Third-party Integration
  • API Integration
  • In-app purchase Support
  • Location Based Services
  • Development Team Efficiency
  • App Development Company
  • Size of the Application

The cost of app building like tabby may vary from company to company and from app to app. On average, the cost for such an app may range from $30,000 to $70,000 depending on the complexity of your app. If you want an app with lots of features and a complex design then it may increase the cost of your app development process. If you want to make a budget-friendly application then you can go with a version of the app that has a reduced number of features and a simpler UI with amazing performance. This is one of the best options for any cost-friendly app development. But if you can invest a lot, like $150,000 or so, then you can choose the elite version of the application.

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Features to Include in an App like Tabby

The application which you want to develop will overrun Tabby when you would be able to deliver better features to your customers. There are so many features to include in a Buy-Now-Pay-Later app that it may confuse you as to which should be included and which not. So, here is a list of must-have features for your app development like Tabby.

Guest User

There should be a feature to use the Buy-Now-Pay-Later application as a guest user. This would help the new users to understand the app and explore it without providing any personal information. This feature would encourage users to get to know about the app without hesitation.


It is one of the most important features to be on a Buy-Now-Pay-Later app feature list. This would provide the users with ease to complete their payments. Also, this installment feature should be interest-free and without any hidden charges, just like Tabby.


When the payment is in installment mode, it is necessary to have an auto-deduction feature. This makes it easy for the user to pay on time without fail. It will also help the user in reducing the fuss for monthly installment payments.

Payment History

Every user wants to have a record of their purchase and payment. This is a highly necessary feature for any Buy-Now-Pay-Later app to satisfy users. It would help them to know about their spending and manage their funds.  

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Profile Management

The user profile is a very important part of any payment application. It holds the authenticity and reliability of users to gain the trust of the seller that the customer is not a con. It also includes the credit score of the users to make them more trustworthy.

Secure Transactions

It is very important for any monetary transaction to be safe and secure. Everyone wants their payment to be secure. The app must have a payment verification procedure to secure the transactions of users.

Referral Programs

To make the application encouraging among the users as well as increase its reach, there should be a referral scheme in the app. This would give users an extra credit score or a discount voucher or any other benefit whenever they refer the app to any of their friends.

Push Notifications

Notifications help the user to stay updated with all the important information like parcel delivery and payment process. This will allow the user to not miss any updates regarding their purchase and payment security.

Customer Care Support

This feature has to be in the Buy-Now-Pay-Later app to help customers solve any issue. If the users are happy with the services of any app this would definitely encourage them to increase their use of the app as well as to refer it to their friends.

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Buy-Now-Pay-Later applications like Tabby are getting more and more popular because of the facility of paying a few days after buying. Tabby allows the users to pay the amount of their purchase in a lump sum after 14 days or in installments of four equal splits without any hidden fee. Building an app similar to this one can be difficult because of its already established market but it is possible, but with better features, you can outrun Tabby and its market. You just need an excellent development team to build such an app for your business. This may increase the app development cost but the results will be worthwhile.

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