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Top Mobile App Development Ideas for Travel Industry

travel app development

The travel industry is one of the most famous industries in the world. In recent years it has shown tremendous growth and has become one of the most important integral parts of the every individual. As it is said that every successful business highly depends upon the best creative idea. For this, all ideas and proper planning is the best result in a successful business. 


Around us, we are seeing that 80% of people are using smartphones and have access to a world of knowledge at their fingertips. As a result unparalleled rise in mobile app development. There are many people who are enjoying their travelling with these travel app ideas. However, as travel mobile applications become more famous there are many features. It includes easy payment, tour guide, lodging booking, flight booking, fast hotel booking, and many more. 


Numerous consumer research studies indicate that the travel industry is steadily moving toward mobile transactions. As a result, an android app is the best solution for attracting and keeping the mobile generation interesting. 


Here in this blog, there is a list of innovative functional travel app ideas. Before moving forward keep reading to find out what these features are. You can also select the concept that best suits your business and give the audience with best functional app accordingly. 


Best Travel Mobile App Ideas for Travel Industry 


If you are thinking or planning to enter the travel industry you need a compelling and innovative idea. Many well-known travel apps recycle their original ideas while adding some unique new features.


  1. Personalized Trip planner ➖An travel mobile app that creates a custom itinerary for a traveller based on their preferences and budget. 
  2. Tour guide - Travel app that offers interactive tours and information about famous destinations. 
  3. Flight and accommodation - Travel app that aggregates and compares flight and hotel prices to help travellers find the best deals. 
  4. Language Learning - An app that helps travellers learn the best languages or improve their language skills before travelling. 
  5. Travel safety - An travel mobile app gives real-time information on travel warnings and emergencies and tips for staying safe while travelling.  
  6. Food and Drink recommendation - An app that recommends local restaurants, cafes, and bars based on a traveller's preferences and location. 
  7. Transportation Navigator - An app that helps travellers find the best routes, schedules and modes of transportation for getting around a destination.  
  8. Local Experience Finder - An app that helps travellers find new, undiscovered places to go based on their interests and budget. 


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Now it is time to select a travel app as there are lots of factors to consider. There are various options on the market it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re a startup looking for some travel app inspiration here are some of the best ideas to get you started. 

To begin with, we will highly focus on top travel mobile apps to help you grow your business. . 


 1. Hotel booking app: This is one of the first travel apps that permit users to find and book their accommodations while on a trip. A hotel booking app is highly used to book a hotel in a few minutes. This feature is highly useful for the travel industry as it permits travellers to book their best accommodations with some ease at any time of the day or night.


This app can be quite convenient for all users as it gives them wide range of options and users can pick the property best matches their needs. Users can look for hotels directly from the various apps and use filter options such as reviews, facilities, photos, pricing, etc. You can also find a place as per their choice. Moreover, the app can serve for both the travel business and the users very well. 

 2. App for flight booking: The app permits its users to find the best flight to the location they wanted to travel. The app can also be useful for finding an upcoming flight to their locations, various seats available, flight fare prices, etc.  The app also permits tracking flights on a phone map by their number and airport or route. 


However, users can also check for condition like weather, delays of the flight, check-in boarding time, take-off and landing time. The app offers the necessary information. The flight booking app is also available on Android, App watch, and the web. Here is the list of facilities that are given by the flight booking app.


  • To give information on flight schedules
  • To give real-time flight status
  • To give flight tracking 
  • To give information on airport facilities
  • To give information on airport lounges
  • To give information on airports hotels


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 3. App for a Tour guide : You may consider developing these typical travel app ideas for your tourism businesses. An app would give through information about the destination.Often travelers faces issues finding the right travel guide for their trip and mostly they don’t know where to see. For this situations, the local guide finder apps comes around you to help. Apps have different functionalities like routes, timings the number of people in the group, next stop while exploring a place. However, finding local and popular restaurants and lodges at a tourist attraction becomes easier with these apps.


 4. Bus ticket booking mobile app : Like flight booking, you can also go for the concept of bust ticket booking. There are many people who highly travel by bus and this app helps them find the available buses immediately so they can reach to their destination. The bus ticket booking app shows ticket availability, arrival and departure time of buses and other most useful data. So, for these reasons there can be a bus ticket booking app that permits users to find available buses to their destination quickly, ticket availability, boarding time, departure time, preferable departure station, and a lot of more features that the app can offer. Therefore people no longer have to physically go to bus stations to book bus tickets instead they can do so in a matter of minutes using mobile apps. In short, it’s one of the best travel-related mobile app concepts. 


 5. City tour guide mobile app: One of the best idea is a mobile that offer a lot of useful, interactive and informative features to the users to be a useful companion while travelling to only the city. However, users have the best idea of having easy information using smartphones. The city tour guide mobile app will gain the best attention of the audience and serve them well. It is one of the great for customer satisfaction and increased revenues. 


The app helps users to move quickly around an unfamiliar city without any fear of getting lost through its great features. The app can also provide many extra features. It includes features like Calendars for shows, other local events, the latest news updates, and information regarding malls, hospitals, banks, nearby restaurants, etc. 

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Wrapping up:- In conclusion, we discussed the most effective mobile app development ideas for the travel industry in this blog. However, if you want to design mobile app development for the travel business you’ll need to employ a mobile app development company with the best competent app developers who can begin from scratch with some unique money-making ideas.  

Nowadays all require straightforward solutions as these solutions are the best ones to select. Make sure that the travel app has more improved features than competitors and has something unique to set it apart. 


If you are planning to build a travel app then contact us today. We are one of the top mobile app development companies that have been working on generating bespoke travel app development for our clients. 




 1. How much does it cost to develop a travel app development?


The cost for developing a travel app highly depends upon various factors like type of the app, the complexity of the design, functionalities, preferred platform, the country you select, developers you hire, and many more. If you want the exact cost then contact us with your requirements.


 2. What should the travel app needs? 


The best travel app development have many features like a trip planner, transportation services, booking and reservation, weather forecasting, waiting, payment gateways, and many more.


 3. How can we develop a travel app development?


To develop a travel app you should be do some research. Any most famous firm can be approached to develop the travel app as per your requirement.


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