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How to make Buy & Sell Used Car Mobile App Development- Cost & Features

Used Car Mobile App Development

Nowadays, technology has changed the life of every human being and all the required things to buy online. Look for nearby places and purchase every product online, like buying and selling cars online, etc. Various company nowadays deals in used cars, buy, sell and set up new buy/sell used car mobile app for the convenience of their customers. Various companies have already launched apps that connect buyers with sellers and look at the used car, which is available on the app with all specifications of the car, including price. 

Buy & sell used car mobile app development give them access to confirm the price of the cars along with the number of years it has been used. It also includes various specifications about the model, the km that is used, the average speed, etc., all the required things mentioned in the app itself.  Since this type of car buys & sell a used car, mobile app development works for both sellers and buyers, therefore, permitting sellers to look for buyers who are highly interested in buying a used car without going out.

Now it's time is easy; just with a few fingers, click pick up your cell phone and select the best car, get all the details of your favorite car, and buy the used car. If you are looking straight into hiring the best mobile app development company, you must have confusion about where to start and how much it costs to develop buy & sell used cars mobile app development. 

Here we’ve put up a full guide detailing the cost, features, and advanced features all the necessary to develop a mobile app.


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Working of Buy & Sell Used Car mobile app development

Now its time to know how the buy & sell used car mobile app development works. Current year the booming of the automobile sector. However, this has attracted customers by consistently giving the most recent item and services. 

There are various business models that help the organisation earn money we will go throw light on 2 commonly known models. 


  1. Aggregator app ➖The features of buying and selling bring both the buyer and seller on a common framework. The seller has to post an ad for his car along with its pictures and details. The car its specification is reviewed by the customers who make up his mind to either purchase it or not. 
  2. Dedicated app - This would not be only for one firm but rather an industry where the seller advertises their automobiles and purchase one from somebody. The same car is enlisted under the categories posted by the seller itself. 


General Features need in a  buy/sell used car mobile app development 

If you want to make buy & sell used car mobile app development, then you should know that it consists of 3 various models Admin panel, Dealer panel, user panel, and it is also good to know the advanced features of it.  Let fast look at the general features of buy & sell used car mobile app development.


User Panel 

  • Social sign-up and Sign in
  • Car Details
  • Compare cars 
  • Quotation form 
  • Exchange car
  • Contact Car dealer
  • EMI & Interest calculator 
  • Manage person information 
  • View message sent by buyers
  •  View Delivery status 


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Dealer Panel 

  • Registration login
  • Add/Delete car
  • Manage price 
  • Additional car services 
  • View messages sent by interested buyers 
  • Permit dealers to sell used cars as well
  • Manage review


Admin panel 

  • Car Listing 
  • Dashboard
  • Add and delete car
  • Manage Payment
  • Discount and offers
  • Push notification 
  • Manage upcoming cars 
  • Manage reviews and rating 
  • Real -time analytic
  • Manage Dealers account 


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Advanced features of buy & sell used car mobile app development. 

  • Sign up/log in:- Like all apps these, apps require the customer to fill in their information and make their username and password. However, these features permit the users to easily signup on the app with the help of anyone social media account. They not required to type their own details again once they login/signup with their social media account. 
  • In-built camera:- One of the advanced features of buy & sell used car mobile app development which allows the users to directly click pictures of their used cars from the app. A used car buying and selling permit a total of either 10-12 images which cover the interior or exterior of the car
  • In-app chat & Call - customers users can directly call or chat with dealers with various queries like car models, discounts, and negotiations. 
  •  Push notification:- Every application should include these features its a small feature but it does big things. It enhanced user engagement, keeping them always updated about all cars coming in on the app. The admin also sends push notifications to their users if they are offering any discount running any promotion, etc. 
  • EMI Calculator:- Before purchasing the car, users can use this tool to get an average estimate of the monthly EMI. Filling in the details like auto details, loan term, down payment method, etc., users can the overall details of the monthly EMI. 
  • Multiple payment options: People use various payment methods in the age of digitisation. The features allow the buyer to make payments through various multiple payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, pay pal and more. 
  • Real-time analytics:- App owners can directly access the insights of their business with these advanced features like the number of sales, active users, revenue generations, etc. 
  • GPS tracking:- Make sure that users can spot all the sellers near them. We have been working in the direction of building a solution that would make owning a car for your users easy and comfortable. With the help of this tracking facility the complete buying and selling process take a little time, and thus, the efficiency of the application is also increased. 
  • Schedule an appointment:- With the help of these features a buyer and seller can book an appointment and can meet at a common place for an appointment. At that time buyers also demand a test drive of car. This also for the certain condition of the car before making the purchase. 
  • Loyalty program:- For every organisation, customers is important. Therefore to retain and make them loyalty customers an app offers a special loyalty program to them. 
  • Car buys sell web application:- It’s possible that not everyone is accustomed to using the app or has enough space on their phone to accommodate it. As a result, the companies that buy and sell used cars should also have web applicationss that can be accessed from a variety of  devices. 
  • Used car valuation tool:- These features give the users with insight into the average cost of a car based on its condition to ensure that the money spent is worthwhile.  They can Use it to compare prices based on the car model, the number of miles it has covered, and the brand.  


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Cost of buy & sell used car mobile app development 

The average cost to develop buy & sell used car mobile app development major depends on the various technologies and app development team you have selected for the project. However, with the complexity of features and functionalities also brings a great difference in the app development cost.  Remember, the higher complexity leads to high development time and cost and vice-versa. If you want to create buy & sell used car app development, It is good to hire an app development team that includes UI/UX designers, project managers, app developers, quality engineers, and many more. 

It's fair to say that these are rough estimates before you make any decisions. A buy & sell used car mobile app development cost can fluctuate based on the app's complexity and business requirement.  Therefore it's a good idea to schedule a consultation with the experts and talk about the needs of your business to get accurate estimates. 

However, keeping the cost of app development nominal, companies then can also have another option for freelancers who are charged on a daily, monthly, and hourly basis.  This is only a specification for those companies that are not looking forward to offering a lot of features in their app initially. 

At coherent lab, we assure you to give you the best services at a nominal cost which also includes the post-delivery services of the application. Any new updates at any point in time will be suggested by our team of experts and will be taken into consideration. 


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Wrapping up 

In this article, you get the whole idea about how to develop a buy & sell used car mobile app development. One should keep in mind the requirement of the users before making any addition to the apps. As we see around us, people are buying and selling their household products on such platforms. The app includes various features and functionalities according to the client's requirements. A car buys & sells mobile app development not only helps the users to get a better picture of the car but the minute details of it in the form of images and Videos, which help them the better decision about the purchase. 


Hiring mobile app developers who highly understand the complexity of the application and how it would function. Coherent lab is hold years of experience in the file and continuously contributes to developing advanced applications. To know more, you can connect with our expert development team, who can help you enhance your business plan while planning advanced solutions. 




1. What is average cost to develop a buy & sell used car app?

First, no one can give the final cost to develop a buy and sell used car app. However, the cost highly depends upon the client's requirement. It includes the the size, features added, complexity, and performance built of the application. 


2. What are the major characteristics of well used car app?

The quality used car app always comes with faster loading time, superior user support, well-designed UI, and excellent data protection. 


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