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How to Develop a Home Maintenance Service App like TaskRabbit in USA?

Home Maintenance Service App

Do you also want someone to do your household tasks? Well, in today’s world, everything is possible. In the digital era, everyone is connected with a single element, i.e., the Internet. You can access anything from the internet, no matter what you want. Everything is nearby you. If you want to connect to a friend far away, use the internet. If you want your food delivered to our home, use the internet. If you want to study at a particular university miles away, use the internet. And now you can contact a handyman using the internet. Well, TaskRabbit is an app that allows us to make this possible. Let’s understand what this app exactly does and how to develop a home maintenance service app just like this one.

What is TaskRabbit and How does it work?

TaskRabbit is a popular mobile application used to meet the demand of a handyman. It has two types of users — Task Posters and Task Doers. Task Posters are those who post the requirement of their task to be done. This task can be any household task including, washing, cleaning, plumbing, repairing, painting, gardening, maintenance, etc. You can get every type of household task done with the help of TaskRabbit. The other users are Task Doers, and as the name suggests, these are those people who do the tasks. They are the specialized workers who make your tasks done on a freelance basis.

To get your household tasks done through TaskRabbit, all you need to do is post your job requirements on the app. The application will then recommend you some options based on your requirements and the specifications of the Task Doers. You can select any one from them and can also directly contact them to get more details about their work specifications. There is a long list of Task Doers on TaskRabbit categorized into different experience and qualifications requirements.

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How to Develop a Home Maintenance Service App like TaskRabbit?

So, we have seen that TaskRabbit provides various types of home maintenance services. Now let’s see what things to keep in mind while creating a similar application. Since TaskRabbit has a well-established market among its users, you need to work a bit hard to make an app to overrun it. If you want to develop an app just like TaskRabbit, then you need to understand the exact requirements of the project and all the stages in the process of app development. You and your development team need to consider the following points in order to create an app better than TaskRabbit.

  • Project planning
  • Assessment of the Requirements
  • Better UX/UI Designs
  • Attention to Details
  • Extensive Testing
  • Excellent Execution of the Plan
  • Outstanding Deployment in the Market
  • 24-hour Maintenance and Support
  • Bug-Free Solution
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Inclusion of Numerous Features

A development team needs to consider all these points to deliver an app better than TaskRabbit. You have to do everything in a better way to outrun TaskRabbit. The process of app development is more or less the same for every app. You just need to pay attention to details to keep up with the quality of the application.

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Features of a Home Maintenance Service App

In order to create an app similar to TaskRabbit, you need to add similar features. Following are the features which you need to add to your TaskRabbit-like app.

Price Control

Your TaskRabbit-like app should have the option to control the price range in which the Task Posters want their tasks to be done. They should have the facility to adjust the price range as per their budget requirements.

Customer Management

This feature allows Task Doers to understand the behavior and attitude of their customers so that they can deliver the services accordingly. Task Doers can modify their services as per the end user’s behavior and provide them with effective customer service.

Invoicing and Payment

There should be an easy way to make and receive payments from both ends. Along with that, there should also be the facility for detailed invoice creation once the task is completed. Also, the user should be able to view the list of invoices for all the tasks they have got done through the TaskRabbit-like app.

Localized Services

A home maintenance service app similar to TaskRabbit should have the feature to localize the services. This means, there should be the option to find the services nearby to make it easier for both Task Doers and Task Posters. The task will also be get done quickly and easily without any issue of excessive traveling.

Availability Management

This is one of the most important features to make your TaskRabbit-like app work better and deliver excellent services to its users. These features will allow the Task Poster to know whether the worker is available to work for them during that particular time period or not. The same case is with the Task Doers. They should also have the facility to know whether the customer is available at home for the service or not. This would help both parties in managing their schedules.

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Registration is the first process while using the application. It should not be a single-step thing. Since home maintenance involves great security measures like payment and visiting the customer’s house, it must have a robust registration system. It should have the function to verify the identity of the user by syncing the mobile number or the email address using the OTP (One-Time-Password). This would ensure the safety and security of both parties and the payment procedure.

User profile

The user profile should include all the personal details of the user to ensure its validity and further security. Task Doers must fill out all the data regarding their personal and professional details as well as their capabilities. It should include their work experience, their contact details, their full name, a photo for identification, etc. This would ensure their authenticity and make the customers more comfortable around them.


This feature eases the connection between Task Doers and Task Posters. This adoption of the internet in online modes of communication via text messages, voice messages, or even video messages, has made the communication process smooth. This would help the Task Poster to make the worksite more understandable for the Task Doer.


There should have an option for the users to search for the type of task they want to do or get done. There should be proper categories of home maintenance tasks to easily find the services nearby. This would enable the users to narrow down their search and get their tasks done quickly. This feature also has the potential to increase customer satisfaction.


This is the feature that allows the users to schedule the task for a particular time period. Task Posters can schedule the timing of the Task Doers to set the time as per their convenience. This schedule booking option can be an advantage for the Task Doers as well since it will allow them to further manage their other scheduling.

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This is also a very important feature for your TaskRabbit-like application. This feature will allow the Task Posters to rate the work and behavior of Task Doers. It will also be beneficial for other Task Posters during their selection of an appropriate Task Doer for them. Another advantage of this feature is that it will encourage the Task Doers to give their best to every customer to increase their ratings.

Filter-Based Search

Users should also have the option to filter their search according to their needs. This filter feature can include various filters like price range, area, task type, job specifications, time period, ratings of Task Doers, etc. This will elevate the user experience of your TaskRabbit-like applications.

Cost of Developing a Home Maintenance Service App like TaskRabbit

The cost of any mobile app development depends on various factors. These factors include the various stages of the app development process which vary in their cost. The following are some of the factors which affect the cost of your Home Maintenance app development.

  • Complexity of the Features
  • UX/UI Design
  • Charges of the Development Company
  • Location of the Business
  • App Launching Platform
  • Efficiency of the Development Team
  • Time taken during the Development Process

These are some of the factors which determine the cost of app development. But generally, a Home Maintenance app development can cost around $4000. This amount can go up or down as per your app requirements.

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Creating an app similar to TaskRabbit is not a big task, you just need to make every feature of the application better than TaskRabbit. In fact, you can create any application similar to any of the top applications in the market, like Uber, Swiggy, Netflix, Instagram, Tinder, WhatsApp, Spotify, etc. You just have to analyze the application deeply and deliver everything in a better way.

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