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What is Backend vs Frontend?

Backend vs Frontend

In a world run by the Internet of Things, you would definitely be visiting lots of websites every day. Do you know that these websites work with an amalgamation of two different types of frameworks? One is called the Frontend and the other is Backend. The frontend is the part that makes the visuals of a website possible while the backend is responsible for the data and structure of the site which works in the background. There are different web development tools used for both these types of developments and in order to make a website function properly, these two have to coordinate with each other. But this coordination is not easy as these two developments possess various differences. There is a lot about Backend vs Frontend. We will move forward to those differences, but first, let’s understand what frontend and backend development is.

Frontend Development

The frontend is the side of the website that the user interacts with. The screen which you are seeing right now on this site is what you can call the frontend. Everything you see on this screen – the text, images, links, and menus – is all because of frontend development. These functions are created by a frontend developer whose task is to build a responsive design of the website so that it seems engaging to the viewers. A responsive website means that it has the ability to adjust according to the device, i.e., desktop, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Frontend development is about building elements like layouts, animations, images, buttons, graphics, organization of the content, and all the things that are visible to the audience. This is one of the reasons why this is also called the client side because the client is viewing it. The frontend developers handle the UX/UI designs to make the websites responsive and performative. The frontend developers use different types of computer languages and libraries to make the visuals of the website attractive and engaging.

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Frontend languages

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

The above three programming languages are considered the core technologies used for the World Wide Web. These three languages –HTML, JavaScript, and CSS– are connected to each other in some or another way and thus function alongside each other.

Frontend Libraries

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue
  • jQuery


Backend Development

As the name suggests, backend development is the opposite of frontend development. It is that side of the website which the viewers cannot see. What you are seeing right now on this site is the frontend and the elements like codes and database management fall into the category of backend development which you are not able to see. The functions of a backend developer include coding, debugging, database management, troubleshooting, utilizing frameworks, etc. The backend is that part of the website that provides background support to the site. The viewers do not interact with this part but it makes the interaction possible. It supports whatever is happening on the frontend. As mentioned earlier that these two developments have their differences, the backend development uses the following languages and libraries.

Backend Languages 

  • PHP 
  • Ruby
  • Python 
  • C++
  • Elixir
  • Kotlin

Backend Libraries

  • Django
  • Laravel
  • Flask
  • Express
  • Ruby on rails
  • spring boot
  • ASP.Net
  • Cake PHP
  • Koa


Frontend vs Backend 

The main difference between these two developments is that one is visible to the viewers while the other is not. Let’s go into some depth regarding the difference between frontend and backend.

  • Frontend development focuses on the visuals of the website while backend development provides the background support for it.
  • Viewers can see all the things which are going on at the frontend but they have no idea of what is happening at the backend.
  • The frontend is also known as the client side while the backend is referred to as the server side.
  • Frontend is responsible for the elements like color, fonts, graphics, layout, etc. which are visible on the website. On the other hand, the backend is responsible for the structure, codes, logic, etc. of the website which functions in the background.
  • Frontend development is based on languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML while backend development is completely handled by programming languages which include Python, Java, PHP, and Ruby.


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Languages and Libraries that work in both Frontend and Backend

  • Swift
  • Flutter
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Perl
  • Scala
  • Phoenix


Both frontend and backend development is necessary for building a website. These two have their differences but they go hand in hand in the website development process. Frontend and backend developers are high in demand and lots of people choose these as highly established careers. Frontend development can be easily maintained by HTML and CSS only. But in order to handle the backend development of the website, one needs to learn hardcore coding and proper programming languages. This makes people think that the backend is more difficult than the frontend. But on the contrary, some people believe that the backend is easier to manage than the frontend because the frontend changes frequently and takes time in giving results. So, it can be said that the answer to the question “Which is easier – frontend or backend?” depends on one’s abilities. Every person has a distinct skill set and a different perspective toward problems. So, it depends on you which one you can do better.


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