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Food Delivery App Development Business model, Advanced features and Cost 

Food Delivery App Development

Online food delivery app development has been gaining massive attention for the last couple of years as it offers convenience to the users/customers. The food delivery apps specifically are the handiest decision for ordering food for food cravings. The app gives you new ways to satisfy all users' needs more efficiently and adequately. Delivery excellent, perfect services to your clients is essential for every success in any business. All know that 80% worldwide, smartphones and mobile apps are increasing. Thus, having a food delivery app is crucial for marketing your business online.  

Do you run a food business and use a food delivery app like UberEATS or Swiggy? If you run a food business and use a food delivery app like UberEATS or Swiggy, then you might be required to give more serious thought. This is because the app help business owners and managers convert the current food lifestyle into earning more money. So if you have plans for your own food delivery start-up, then it's the right time to jump, but it really is enjoyable when enjoying your favourite meals sitting in the comfort of your home with your friends family members or watching a movie, etc.

However, it started in big cities today; these apps reach the town or cities and offer all services from every corner of the app.

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In this article, we highly provide you with the best business model idea to develop a food delivery app, features, and cost. Are you looking for the best food delivery application development company? However, our developers can build your single and multiple restaurant apps on both iOS and Android.  

Business Models for Food Delivery app Before moving further to the food delivery app development, anyone should understand the basic food delivery models that are lead in the market. The current food ordering market is highly based on the two prominent start-up business models. However, these two models have been developed by taking the care of customers and benefits to the food joints and restaurants into consideration.

The order-only business Model:

These are primarily second-platform apps that serve as a link between users and restaurants. However, the apps accept the food orders from the customers and pass on to the restaurants. They are not open to delivering the order to the customer, which is entirely the restaurant's responsibility. Because of the absence of logistic support, such apps are only suitable for huge restaurants with their own delivery system.

The order and delivery model: This model also allows delivery services. The model is highly involved in the transaction and communication between the restaurant. However, in this model, the customer places an order on the app, and the app takes the payment, forwards it to the restaurant, and handles the delivery to the customers. Customer view of various restaurant food lists is their price, review, and ratings. The main thing about the customer is they highly observe the time.

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So, if you wish to build into the development of the food delivery app then you must highly concentrate on these 2 models.  

Features of on-demand food delivery app development: -

The apps we build in such a manner that every time the customer is hungry, they tap on our app. Check out the features of our food delivery app from each perspective.

  • Features of Admin Panel: - Admin plays an important part in the food delivery app. The admin panel help the restaurant owner manages the complete process of the app.
  • Dashboard: - The whole part of the app is handled by the various admin. From first till the last as admin manage the payment, discount, offers, etc.
  • Restaurant management: - The admin manages the whole details of the various restaurants. Sometimes admin has to add, update or remove the restaurants from the lists.
  • Delivery Driver management: - However, these features, include the details of the driver, their profile information, license, and other various details.
  • Menu and time management: - Menu plays the best and most necessary role in the restaurant. Admin generates various menus for a different times and manages them on the admin panel.
  • User management: - The admin includes the details of the users, food, restaurant they prefer, and the orders they place.
  • Order management: As discussed previously, only that admin handles all the parts. Here is the order management from pickups to dispatch and scheduled orders.
  • Payment and Commission Management: The admin manages all the payment management; however, sometimes, the latest net banking adds the app.
  • Discount and offers: - It permits the admin to provide various app discounts and offers.
  • Analyzing and reporting: The admin manages each user and delivery driver's activity. The admin keeps all the food delivery reports, drivers scheduled or cancelled orders, etc. These features highly help to identify the growth and expansion opportunities.

Features of Restaurant Panel: -


  • Profile: - It permits the restaurant owner to register in the app and generate a profile including the complete details of the restaurant, menu, prices, etc.
  • Manage order: - The restaurant owner manages the whole order in one place.  However, the owner can look at the number of orders completed, pending, dispatched, scheduled, etc.
  • Accept or decline order: Sometimes, the restaurant owner declines the order due to unavailability, but they highly accept it.
  • Real-time tracking of Driver: - The restaurant owner can also track the drivers with the real-time location. They can also check the total driver time and routes.
  • Manage and offer a discount: - Sometimes due to the festival, all restaurants offer a discount. However, the new discount deal is generated or customized current one to benefit from ordering food.
  • Push notification: - Restaurants get various notifications about the new orders, the status they received or shipped orders, and the payment they received. One of the important things is the latest update about the app also.
  • Features of User panel: - A user panel is highly designed with ease to help the users palace their food delivery orders by browsing various restaurants and its menu.
  • Social media login/ Signup: - This permits users to login/signup for the app. The users have to fill in the necessary information, which is asked in the app. However, it also allows the users to sign up with their various social media sites, Gmail, etc. The whole signup process makes it easy for the new joiners to enroll themselves easily.
  • Search nearby restaurants: - The search option allows users to search or explore nearby restaurants with their locations and the food they offer. However, this makes ordering food extremely easy.
  • Restaurant menu: - However, all the signup process is over, the users search for nearby restaurants, and 3rd step is can view the menu of the various restaurants and compare and then select the best one.
  • Past order history: - This is highly helpful for the users and its time-saving features. It allows users to manage and view their past orders. However, they can also repeat their previous order whenever time they require.
  • Order tracking: - One of the essential features for the users is order tacking; however, users can track the exact location of their order and can check how much time a delivery man will take to reach their location.
  • Cancel order: Users can also cancel the order due to some emergency. However, there will be no extra cost if the users cancel the order.
  • Call/chat option: - Sometimes, the problem arises with the delivery driver not getting the exact location at that time; the driver can call or chat with the users to get the perfect location.
  • Payment option: - One of the important features is a payment option. The users can pay online in various ways like credit/ debit cards, net banking, etc.
  • Rating and Reviews: - However it is part of every app where the users give the ratings/review on services, pricing, and quality.
  • Push notification: The users get notification of order confirmation, cancellation, or various new offers and discounts available in the app.

Delivery Driver Panel: - 

  • Login: - Permit the driver to the signup/ login into the app. The driver can also permit their login through their social media sites like Facebook, and Instagram. Make the login processing easy by entering the necessary information which is asked and registering in to the app.
  • Profile management: - The driver can manage their profile which includes necessary information like name, address, contact number, photo, and other important information this way they can also update their profile.
  • Manage order: - The delivery driver can receive orders on the app and can manage the multiple deliveries using the app.
  • Realtime tracking: - One of the best features for the delivery driver, however, the driver can track real-time users’ locations and get the perfect route direction on the map.
  • Payment history: - This is highly useful for the driver. The driver can track and manage the payment for the day on the app.
  • Delivery information: - The delivery man can receive information about the various location of food deliveries.

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Advanced Features: -

  1. Social login and signup: - The advanced features permit the users to fastly signup for your app through their social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. The signup process should be fast, simple, and attractive it is an important part of customer loyalty.
  2. Book for others: - These features are highly beneficial; however, the app owners can book food for others just only by putting their address and making the payment in online.
  3. Push notification: - These features play a vital role in the food delivery app. The functionality highly sends notifications to the user to customers, restaurants, and delivery drivers. The app can send notifications to the users informing them about special discounts, offers, and the latest updates about the app.
  4. Order history: - These features permit the users to check the previous order history and even repeat the order with a few finger clicks. These features highly save a lot of time for the users.
  5. Multiple payments: - It is an essential part of the online app. Sometimes by integrating various amounts options into the app, you can allow the app users to make fast and hassle-free payments from different modes of payment. However, their various payment modes are available like Google pay, Paytm, etc.
  • GPS tracking: - These features keep the users informed of the status of their order. For example, they can check when their order is placed, processed, or on the way. This is one of the advanced and great tools to keep the customer engaged.
  • In-app calling: - Once the order is placed, users can free calls to their particular delivery driver to explain the location from within the app itself.
  • In-app chatting: - Chats further help the users and the delivery driver to be a common point. However, the users can initiate a chat with the restaurant or the admin in case of any issues regarding food delivery and many more.
  • Real-time analytics: - Real-time analytics gives the admin all the necessary operation data that offers insights into the business. For example, the apps create real-time revenue reports, projections, etc., allowing the admin to monitor the app's performance and business and help for a better decision

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How much does it cost to develop a Food delivery app?  

The exact cost of any online application depends upon various factors such as several features, platforms they choose, technology, etc. Therefore, multiple things must be considered while noting the perfect cost. For example, the expert developers now taking hourly rate charges, which is highly affordable. However, the mobile developer working on an hourly basis charge $20-$30 per hour.

  1. Features include
  2. UI/UX design
  3. Multiple payment integration
  4. Technology used
  5. App platform
  6. App maintenance
  7. Hosting and security

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The cost of food delivery app development also depends on the type of mobile app development you choose, your location, etc.  The best agency will be able to give you the breakdown of the total estimate so you can study the project in depth. One of the important things is also taken into consideration regarding the platform of development you select. It costs less to develop an iOS apps rather than Android apps. It is good to closely study the market and do research on the domain and industry.  

Wrapping Up: -

In conclusion, you want to develop a customized food delivery app development with a proper distinction, so not to wait to connect us today to receive cost-effective food delivery services at lighting speed. First, however, we shared food delivery app business model, features, and various other things which clear your mind about making the best food delivery app.   Thus, while on the verge of developing a feature-rich food delivery app, it’s essential to understand which food delivery market you want to focus on, the issues/difficulties to handle, and your goal.  

FAQ: -  

What type of food sectors can get started with food delivery applications?

Anyone occupied with a single restaurant, food outlets, restaurant chains, etc., much more can get started with food delivery applications.

How much does it cost to create a food delivery app?  

The cost of developing a food delivery app depends upon the complexity and features of the app. The price also depends upon the location which you choose for development.

How does the food delivery app work?  

The food delivery app permits the users/customers to order the food online from any nearby restaurant. The users can order food from favourite restaurants, pick it up themselves, or dine in. However, the delivery driver picks the order from the restaurant and drops at the delivery address.  

How much time will it take to develop a food delivery app?  

Have years of experience in developing the application for both users and restaurant owners and admin panel for managing everything in one palace. The time depends on the demand, features, and requirements, which may vary. 

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