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How to Create an App in 6 Easy Steps

Create an App in 6 Easy Steps - coherent lab

Applications are becoming a common part of our daily life. There are applications for every type of activity. If you want to know what’s happening in the world, you have news applications. If you want your food delivered to your doorstep, you have food delivery apps. If you want to work out at your home, you have workout apps. If you want to buy something, you have online shopping apps. The point is that there are so many types of applications that have made our lives easy. The credit goes to the developers who have created the applications and the ones who came up with innovative ideas for these applications. Well, creating an app is a complex task that involves paying attention to a lot of areas. In the further sections, we will discuss the basic steps to creating an app to bring professionalism to the app development process.  

Steps in an Application Development Process

App development is an intricate task that has to be done with proper planning and strategy. The top developers follow a standardized process to create an app. This process includes some basic steps to utilize all the resources and create an outstanding application for the users. Let’s see what are these steps to create an app.


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Everything starts from an idea, and so does the application development process. The first thing any developer has to decide is the very idea of the app. If you do not have an excellent app idea, then how would you be able to create it properly? So, the idea of the application is the foundation, which has to be effective. The idea of your application can be a new and unique one or an improved version of something existing. If you are going to improvise an existing application idea, then you must include something impressive in it which can leave a good impact on the audience and they will consider your version to be better than the original one.


This is the step that requires extensive thinking as the entire success of an application depends on it. In this step, the idea needs refining to turn into a concept. The developers use their skills to conceptualize the idea and create a systematic list of features that can be included in the application. This step also provides the opportunity to revisit the idea and introduce new changes if required.


In this step, the developers convert the ideas and concepts into reality. Wireframes are templates that are created by UX designers. These are the slides on which the graphic designers add the graphic elements to make the app appealing to the users. Wireframes are nothing but the different screens which we see in an application. You can understand this as the prototype of the actual application. It offers a clear visualization of the resultant app.

Graphic Designing

This is the step that makes the application attractive to the users. Graphics make the app visually appealing and opens the scope of creativity. This part includes font size and style, app theme, motion effects, button size, etc. These decisions make the app presentable to the audience. Another purpose of graphic designing is that it provides coders and programmers with the exact knowledge of what they have to do. It gives them a guideline to define the codes and set the programs.


The most important aspect of any app development process is the programming and the coding. It makes the application work and brings life to the idea, the concept, and the prototype of the app. The real development task is here and it requires different types of coding. It is an extensive process and thus all the approval from the client regarding any app feature is almost done at the previous stages. Once the coding is done, the application becomes live.


The task of app development does not stop once the application is ready. A very significant thing is yet to be done — testing. Among all the steps to creating an application, this is the most significant one. Without testing, the app can not be made available to the targeted audience. This is the most exhaustive part of the app development process. But this is also the step that improves the overall quality of the application. Whenever an app fails in any test, it brings the opportunity for the developers to improve the errors and make the app more effective for the end users.


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Requirements of Application Development

It has been mentioned that app development is a complex process, thus it has certain requirements which need to be fulfilled. These requirements form the base of the application and make it functional. It is very important for the success of the app that these necessities are met appropriately. Following are the basic requirements of an app development process.

A Strategic Plan

Strategy is the core of any process. This defines the reason for your application development and provides you with the answer to “WHY?”. The answer to the question “Why to create an application” is as important as “How to create an application”. If you know the purpose of your application, then you can effectively implement a good plan and make your app a leading one in the market.

Tech Stack

A Tech stack is the combination of various technologies which are required to complete any web/app development process. It is a highly notable requirement of any app development process. This determines the quality of the app and its success in the market. The right technology takes the application in the right direction. Advanced technologies bring trendiness to the application. Thus, selecting an appropriate tech stack becomes important.

An Excellent Development Team

The application development process is completely dependent on the development team. If you have an effective development team who can give you excellent results then this ensures the success of your app. If your team lacks efficiency, then you may fall behind in the competition race. So, you have to select your team carefully for a successful app.


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Wrapping Up

We have seen the steps to creating an app and the resources required for its development. Following a perfect plan can make any task, as complex as creating an app, easy. So, it is advised that one must follow the proper procedure for completing any task if one wants to achieve something great from it. Each step is a stepping stone to the effective development of the app.

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